This show is maturing and growing some BALLS!

nd I am loving season 11 and think it’s the best that Carver has produced so far. I think this week’s episode just goes to prove what a great writing team we have on board. I found myself once again on the edge of my seat thinking back to Appointment in Samarra S6. I have always found that I really enjoy Dabbs episodes. How he interacts both brothers on a harrowing journey. He knows how to plot a story and show us those much loved parallels. When Beren’s came on board, I fell in love with him almost straight away. His writing just oozed character, depth and humor. He knew the shows back history which to me impresses me because he goes back and re-visits previous episodes to find out the shows canon. I was itching to see this episode once I knew this pair were finally writing together. I wasn’t let down and it lived up to my expectations. They are not just great individual writers solo but when put together their writing shines. They are so much stronger together. I love it when my predictions come to pass. In so many ways like our own brothers journey.

Billie the Reaper is beginning to show signs of a strong female character. I was stunned to learn that Dean never learns his lesson about making deals, even after he killed Death wants Billie to bring Sam back, using Sam’s role in the hunt as a reason to bring him back. Jensen rocked over his grieving brother as he presumes he lay dead on the cabin floor. How could a Werewolf kill such a hero after he saved him, begs this question? What was so wrong with this monster that he couldn’t see past this?  Dean is also hit by that police officer and ends up in hospital. Did we see that one coming?? NO??? What Dean must have been going through knowing his brother lay dead on that floor and not being able to go back and help him. This so reminded me of All hell breaks loose and Appointment in Samarra.

I also thought all the female leads were terrific, I really felt empathy as Doctor Kessler lay on the floor and that Michelle rallied around to help. She also assisted in serving the Doctor to help Dean live because he had saved her. I kept thinking how on earth are the brothers going to get out of this alive when one is deeply wounded and the other brother is fighting off a werewolf. Would Michelle step in? But some how knew Sam would stab the guy.

There were some gruesome scenes as the plot developed. I am with some that how come a badly wounded Sam managed to do all that and still save the day. How he got to the car and drove that distance, into the hospital and found that inner strength to kill that beast. Perhaps posters here might shed some light on that one??

I awarded this episode a full 10 because it had everything to offer and gripped me from start to finish. It felt mature and felt that the show is beginning to up its game in terms of gore and roughness. Since the boys are hunters the show needs to make it feel this way, and for once it’s heading in this direction. Powerful fights, which lead to near fatalities. Adds a sense of fright and natural suspense wondering WTF happened there. It was gritty and well paced. The direction was seamless as it went into one scene from another. I really felt for the boys, and wanted to see them home safe. They felt like heroes.

Let me know your reactions how you felt about the writing, acting and directing…

Bella xxx


Sorry for not entering posts so often, as I am puppy sitting Fergus and am having some personal health problems of my own. Nothing serious, just fighting women’s problems. Just incase any of you were wondering. Thank you writers for soldering on.I read every post with pride.

Bella xx


Written and Published By: Bella

Photographs: Courtesy and ~Property of ‘The CW’






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