Red shirt in “Red Meat”

This thought occurred to me after I submitted the review of “Red meat” so I wondered if any of fandom caught it as well. Did you notice Dean is wearing the read shirt….again? In a previous episode this season, he showed of a scar from a bullet hole in his leg. In “Red meat” he has a concussion and broken ribs. It just feels like the writers are expressing more of his injuries this season. On the other hand, Sam, the big W- gets a rabid virus in the premiere and cures himself with a bit of help for a vision and holy oil. He saves the day in “Safe House” and other episodes. And in “Red Meat” he is ” mostly dead” and manages to kill 2 werewolves, drive 2 cars, make a call, and save Dean at the last minute,”It took you long enough!” before receiving medical aide.A few quarts of O negative, professional grade stitches, antibiotics and he is ready to roll again with that doubting look towards Dean. Any time Dean sports that red shirt, the story goes very bad for him.  Sam seems almost superhuman…again. Did he gain back some of that resilience when he burned holy oil on himself? Is he the solution to Amara? Is the shirt a hint from the writers Dabb and Berens that things are about to go very bad for Dean or is it just my gut? Is Dean red meat for the monsters?Thoughts?  He does look great in red shirts.

Next episode”Hell’s Angel” re-ups the Cascifer story line along with Crowley’s assessment of how to gank Amara which comes with a price I am sure. Then it is off to hiatus land…again… until the final episodes of season 11 string us out.

Speculate. In any event, that red shirt just keeps showing up on Dean.

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  1. O K

    I am going to ask this about Dean and red shirts. It is weird, even for me. So weird I blush to ask.

    I have got my nerve up. So–here we go…

    Do you remember the person in the red cape who was going to grandmo’s house and was stupid or naive, or innocent enough to listen to the talking wolf and ended up deceived, going off the path and eaten by said wolf?

    Is there any comparison?

    The image of glimpses of red cape/shirt seen moving through the haunted wood between trees keep popping about in my head.

    That brings on an even more bizarre question. Was Dean Winchester ever or even now on some level innocent?

    Word origin: LATIN ‘in’. Not. +. ‘nocere’ to hurt

    Dean in not to hurt the innocent/victim. Does that qualify him as ‘innocent?’

    Being pure? Of murder? Yes

    Is Cornin the betraying/lying Big Bad Wolf who gobbles up the innocent?

    Who is the Big Bad Lying Wolf who ate up ‘grandma’ because the person in the red shirt/cape was separate from grandma-kinsmen picking up sticks instead of flowers?

    To do what with sticks/flowers? Take to grandma/brother/kinsman.

    Is Dean out of place away from Sam and Sam is always attacked as a direct cause of Dean’s absence every time Dean wears a red shirt?

    What season did Dean start wearing red shirts?

    This all gets scary or gives me a headache.


  2. On my last comment, I wrote that Dean seems more vulnerable (psychologically). However, I didn’t pay much attention to the references of his scars or his injuries. So, Dean’s vulnerability isn’t only psychological but physical too. Also, I didn’t realize Sam’s ”superhuman” strength, though, throughout the season, he seems more optimistic than his brother and when he was trapped in the cage with Lucifer, he remained strong saying ”no” to him.

    In the first half of the season, it seemed that Sam had the solution to their problem. He thought that God had answered to his prays, but Dean said to him the opposite. At the end of mid-season finale, it turned out that Sam was wrong and Dean was right. Now, in the second half of the season, Sam is strong and he is constantly saving the day and Dean is vulnerable thinking that Sam is the ”key” for battling the Darkness. What if Dean is wrong this time.

    I agree with you, things are about to go very bad for Dean. I think that he is the solution to Amara. Maybe it’s his turn to sacrifice himself for the greater good and Sam is so strong because he has to support his brother as Dean did for him in ”Swan Song”.


      1. It seems that Dean is back to normal (his behavior), but, as you say, maybe there are still traces of the Mark in him. His connection to Amara confuses me and especially the fact that it hasn’t been explained yet.


          1. I don’t think that there are remains of Gadreel’s grace inside Sam’s body. Castiel took most of them out of him and told Sam that they had been worn off with time anyway.


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