Hell’s Angels: Now we’re getting juicy!

So Amara was slightly damaged by the angel blitz, but not nearly dead and gone! Rowena keeps a powerful life-preserving spell inside her upper thigh just for moments like when Lucifer snapped her neck several episodes back. Personally, I am happy to see her again, as conniving, self-centered and uncaring as she is. It’s good to be alive…and Rowena has lived for several hundred years! Makes you wonder how Sam was able to get a hold of Lucifer for long enough to jump into the hole, as powerful as Crowley found out he is when he jumped inside of Cas’ head to try to get him to expel the devil! That didn’t go very well.   Misha Collins has been excellent playing Lucifer, adopting the mannerisms, and even some of the voice inflections of Mark Pellegrino, who we saw for a brief moment inside Cas’ head. This episode confirmed a lot, but as usual, the producers and writers here leave us with more questions than answers.

Sooooooo, if Lucifer was kicked out of Heaven by dad millennia ago, why wasn’t heaven warded against him ever returning. You’d think God would have easily figured that one out.  Instead, we find “Cas-fer” murdering an angel , and even recruiting in heaven, pondering the thought that he might take God’s place!  And where is the scribe Metatron in all this? He could really regain some big props if he were to come up with ways to rid the world of Lucifer and Amara. And Metatron probably knows at the very least, the direction our heroes should go towards.


I really enjoyed the way the story zipped from one challenge facing Sam and Dean right to the next adventure: All of our characters trying to achieve their own ends. Crowley had a God weapon, The Horn of Joshua, to give to Sam and Dean in exchange for them killing Lucifer first, then Amara. Problem is that they need Lucifer (or so he tells it) to wipe out Amara. Lucifer wants the weapon, but doesn’t really know what he wants to do from there. He certainly doesn’t seem to want to share the destruction of earth with Amara, and plans to use the weapon, which he steals from Sam, Dean and Crowley, alone against God’s sister!

Amara wants to draw God out of hiding, but isn’t strong enough to withstand another major attack of angels, for which Rowena is slowly healing her body and playing the role of ‘Let’s suck up to the front-runner.’ Sam and Dean want to try to save Cas from the clutches of Lucifer, then destroy ‘The Darkness.”  It is one big entertaining MESS! Lucifer is the one who ends up having a bad time. He is trapped for a short time by Sam and Dean, who try to reach Cas. Eventually, Crowley tries a repeat of the feat he pulled getting Sam to expel the angel Gadriel. “NOT!” In fact, the devil was kicking his ass pretty good when he was distracted by an anti-possession spell so Crowley could smoke out of Cas before he was smoked! HellsAngels1

Alas, Amara tracks Rowena to the spot where all of this is going down, and saves Sam and Dean from the death grip of Lucifer. Lucifer uses the God Weapon, which had the effect of expired pepper spray on Amara. In keeping the tradition of GW’s, it had only one shot in it! Amara then takes Lucifer to a private location and deduces that he must be valuable to God, since he was God’s first creation and his ‘favorite.’ This usually means “If I hurt you bad enough, God will come to your rescue!” We end with a Star Wars-like scene when the Emperor is burning Luke with lightening bolts, forcing Darth Vader to return to his paternal senses and save his dying son!

We left with Lucifer, and Cas being burned pretty severely by Amara, so it doesn’t look too good for either. I saw angel juice beginning to escape from every orifice, so unless something good happens when the show resumes in a few weeks, God may go to work and bring Cas back once again. By the way, when Dean died last week, who brought him back? Reaper was ready to pounce! Sam was gone as well, murdered by the vamp. Who brought him back? Is God just in a private part of the building? We’ll have to wait a few weeks to learn more and build up to the season 11 finale.  One final question…Wouldn’t we need God to tame God? Just saying! (Photos Courtesy: The CW and Supernatural: All rights reserved)


Eric Yankernatural Clemons


One thought on “Hell’s Angels: Now we’re getting juicy!

  1. Show explained the medical reason Sam survived the choking/bleeding in last weeks “Red meat”. Corbin, the soon to be werewolf, chokes him. His body goes into shock. He stops breathing deeply and thus pumping blood- so for a while he is not bleeding. He was “mostly dead” but never died since the reaper would have heard about it. Here is where we as a fandom have to take a deep breath and accept this explanation. Perhaps, the holy oil from episode 11.1 is still helping Sam to be cured of physical illness. Dean comes back from the over dose because he had the saviness to have Michelle get the doctor(poor MD who gets her heart ripped out) and administer an antidote. She has the training to pull him back from the Billy’s grasp. He hadn’t quite crossed over as Billy disappears out the door with a bit of a glow. Dean knew about the temporary cross-over and its risks as referenced in “Sumara” episode back in season 5 and season 2 finale “Time of Dying”.
    Dean has seen “god’s work” but mainly thinks he has left the building or as Casifer says,”took the last train out.” Dean relies on his knowledge of near death experiences to hope to bring him back. His statement that if it doesn’t work, it is okay too is troublesome as to his mind set. God has saved the brothers before as well as saving Cas a few times to do his work. Dean relies mostly on his free will theory to survive.


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