“The Chitters” gave me…

“The Chitters gave me a complete life story of  is another hunter. It is a monster of the week episode to sit and watch before the final 4 entries of season 11 arc. A fan can choose to sit this one out and not miss a beat of the central arc.The MoWs this season are  more interesting and this one doesn’t quite live up to that high standard. Still worth a watch as a throw back to season 1 when it was MoW every week. This one is more X-Files in the woods type episode.

If you are familiar with the Colorado Rockies you might notice the difference in the slopes, otherwise the mountain shots are a beautiful contrast to the  otherwise stock scenery of cabins, police stations,dirt roads, small town frontage, caves, tunnels,and forests.

The opening montage is a tribute to other hunters we  have encountered over the years with a reminder of the Amara/Casifer situation. Won, the writer takes us through the beginnings of a hunter, his revenge quest, and  the possibility of surviving the life. She boldly makes the hunters a gay couple. She doesn’t allow Dean to make any rude comments. His focus is more on how it is to settle down with a hunter.( Has he been thinking about Sam’s comment in episode  4?) The small town has more to fear from the monsters than same sex couples. In this respect the episode has more gravitas than other gay couples that have been played for giggles.

There are a few good lines for Dean about orgies, copulation, and he does use the word penis. Sam’s reactions to Dean are classic. The conversation about Sam smoking weed/oregano at college is a saver. Sam’s face, when Jessie and Cesar talk about how great a brother Mattie was to Jessie with his acceptance, lets us know that all is forgiven between the Winchesters.

The monster of the week is a Malaysian cicada spirit called a Bisaan which emerges every 27 years to re-produce using human hosts. This is a new one for the Winchesters and the viewers. It has green glowing eyes, sharp teeth, and “goes at it” while being “junk-less”so that human females incubate the eggs although the human dies. The prosthetics may have been good, but they did not show up well. All I could think of was the cheap mask used for the Rugaroo in season 1. The special effect of the green glowing squirming embryo in the rotted corpses is great, but more is needed.  The monster’s eyes glow green with lust.Then I remember Dean has green eyes-well not related.Sam admits that Dean’s labeling the monster as”junk-less” is a new low even for them.

The explanation of what a chitter is holds a few cute moments for the Winchesters, but the exposition is not subtle. We do learn that Sam knows his herbs-white sage for purity. Past memories of episodes gone by….

The Winchesters pair off with the set of hunters giving us less Sam and Dean screen time. The hunter, Cesar. makes a comment about how he hates to lose his blade(fill in your own connection here) and Dean chops off a head with a shovel saying a line has used before with Sam.”you could have jumped in anytime.”

There are the usual set of witnesses that nobody believes and the witness from the past who after having killed his turned daughter, chooses to sit out the rest of his life rather than take an active role or become a hunter. Choices.

Jessie identifies his brother’s remains. The four hunters burn out the nest/maternity ward with 5 gallons of gas from Baby. huh? The social conscious speaks as we hear that there was a fire extinguisher so the entire mountain would not burn. Jessie gives his brother  a proper funeral pyre. Sam ruminates how he used to worry about Dad and Dean when they would leave him behind on a  hunt(wtf is that all about?). Dean always returned. Premonition?

Sam and Dean contemplate asking these hunters for help with Amara.  Dean does not have it in him since this hunt was to be the couple’s last. Dean asks them what freedom looks like.The couple plan to retire to New Mexico to raise horses. Nice shout out to Texas as well.  “The two hunters make it to the finish line, you leave that alone.”  And while not all hunters die on the job, it is rare and Sam and Dean have much work to do to finish  this season.

“Chitters” can stand alone as a MoW episode. I am so used to higher quality performances from guest stars, special effects, that it just lacked that quality. The production seemed cheaper. The actors less involved. I heard Jared and Jensen talk about being free to raise their kids and nourish their family relationships. Maybe they needed an easier episode. Chitters could have been better, but who knows what BTS went on. It’s good but not great. That’s okay-holding on the the feels for the last 3 episodes.



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  1. “I am so used to higher quality performances from guest stars, special effects, that it just lacked that quality. The production seemed cheaper. The actors less involved.”

    I have to agree about the actors. I didn’t enjoy the performance of the one who played Jesse one bit and it completely sank the episode for me.


    1. Visiting Hunter couple in about being ‘gay’ was not necessary, did not advance the characters, they were comrades in war, an obvious given, did nothing for the plot, both men went separate ways on their retirement, filler being politically correct. Like waving to mother during a scene.


      1. Perhaps it was a nod to killing off characters who were interesting and strong who happened to be gay- Charlie. And other shows that have played gay characters for giggles. Even Dean has had his eyebrow, uncomfortable moments”everyone hates Hitler”. I thought the orientation of the couple was interesting but not the crux of the story. It could also be that homage to wanting a domestic life that neither Winchester can pull off- emphasizing the hunter’s life rather than the sexual orientation. It also may feed that corner of fandom that loves to play with the subtext- “there is no subtext without S-E-X” . Interestingly enough, the only sex in this episode was between the monsters and the humans they impregnated against their will.


  2. C H I T T E R S ?

    Malaysia and neighboring countries, have a beastie that will get you if you wear bright colors in the jungle. Someone is walking along and BAM–vanished.

    A Western jungle visitor going on an expefition showed up wearing yellow socks. The local expedition members informed him he WOULD take off his yellow socks. Was being thrown down and having the socks jerked off by force going to be necessary? He took off his yellow socks.

    Have our writes gotten too lazy or busy to research? Besides that, just go on line and ask a crypto searcher real or arm chair for a Far Eastern Monster and a couple of dozen creatures will roll in with details of legends, location and past sightings. How weird to you want it? Like ordering off a Chinese menu.

    OTHER HUNTERS: sight them a mile off if you are part of the herd, including fan watchers.

    Built like a brick wall, dingy work cloths, plaid always a fashion statement, looking natural in a bar, the two of them seating protecting each other’s back, bad hair cuts washed with soap in the sometimes shower (sorry Sam, your hair rivals Apollo ‘s and Thor’s) hard faces and always eyes that suffered Auschwitz.

    Can I stand to see another other brothers ripped and the youngest caught in terror, horror, loss-loss-loss, mockery and a sheriff that let him suffer? How close to insanity can you go? The razor’s edge.

    We overplayed again that tranquil home seeing all of it again. Read 411Missing, or see any day of the week some real tragedy being played out on the news or Amber Alerts or forbid, know from experience. “I just turned my back for a minute!”

    I did not think chitter toast would bring closure and healing with manageable scars. I was wrong. But, Dean and Sam had their sync-thought–first comrade since Bobby and more muscle. Maybe neighbors in the bunker. Plus, new Hunter’s had heard of The Winchesters legend.

    Will we forgot the billfold still holding the buffalo head nickel, so like the bronze price Sam gave to Dean?

    My hope took a leap–friends. Disappointingly, near grief, Dean set them free in one gesture to the Apple Pie Life and Sam gave his brother a startled quick look.

    Remember when Dean found out Bobby knew Sam was out of Hell and had been on earth hunting for a year? Dean surged with fury at Bobby at his ‘father’s’ betrayal and Bobby told him more than once–“Dean, you where out of it.”


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