“The Chitters” a rewatch, rethink

I feel the need to follow up  my critique of “The Chitters” after a several re-watches and commentary. With more careful attention to the parallels of paired hunters, there is much for which to applaud Nancy Won,the  writer. Cesar and Jessie are a vehicle to flesh out the Winchester relationship. J2’s acting is so convincing as they voice the dialogue, it takes several re-watches to pick up the nuances. The drama of the MoW has so much of that X-File mojo and tension I forgot for a while the brothers are the center of Supernatural. For a writer to pull this feat off shows how she can make  secondary characters mirrors for our favorite pair of hunters.

The actors who played Jessie and Cesar said the dialogue and performed the fights, but the performances still do not register on the feels scale for me perhaps because I am spoiled by J2. The reactions of Sam and Dean are stellar and perhaps over shadow the others. Or I don’t like obvious attempts to be socially conscious. The song that plays”things are changing” overkill?

The  uncomfortable Sam as Etta talks about her diddling husband brings back the Sam point of view in other episodes when the talking about sex become flirtatious. Won actually  has Dean say the word “penis”in another scene. At least her writing is true to the characters development over 11 years.

If anything, Won is overly ambitious. She creates parallels between hunter pairs,  inflects humor and gravitas and brings a social consciousness to the story. She brings up the choices that drive people to act or to retreat. Jamming  so much in one episode in the middle of a paused arc required re-watching. Won gets it and I hope she sticks around for a while.

As I said in my first entry, you could skip this episode and not lose a beat in the major arc. If you want more assurance of who you think the Winchesters are as characters this episode does that. I still can’t push it beyond an 8/10.

Won’s decision to show us hunters surviving the life to retire to a farm to raise horses.” You don’t mess with that”. What do we want for Sam and Dean and yet we know the Darkness awaits. One of the most heart wrenching moments. And that put the MoW aside and reminded me of why I care about two fictional brothers. And why Supernatural works beyond a genre show.

Post script: I figured out why an episode that has so many deep parallels and reveals Sam and Dean’s emotional composition through other characters doesn’t hit me so hard. The brotherly chiding does bring a smile. However, the Monsters of the Week, the chitters, are not that frightening. The FX is not outstanding other than green eyes and a few made up faces of extras.The way to dispose of these beings is straight forward. Combine Windigo, The Bugs from season 1 and you get the chitters. Yes, this is timely as the cicadas are about to emerge in the southern states. Yes, I will never be able to listen to the chirping of the evening bugs and frogs in my backyard without getting an episode flashback, but Jeepers, Creepers it’s not. Again, this one won’t stick in my memory as a scary episode, but it does express the innards of the Winchesters as they face another Big Bad.


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  1. I enjoyed the show and the parallels between the hunter pairs. IMO, the only difference between Sam and Dean and the other pair is the absence of sex. The brothers are so co-dependent and the running joke that they are mistaken for a gay couple really underscores the similarities between the Winchesters and the other hunter couple. I just hope that Sam and Dean will be allowed to retire from hunting and have some happiness and peace in their lives.

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  2. Nancy Won is a good writer. Like you said, maybe she was overly ambitious-or maybe we have been spoiled by a few great MOW episodes in a row. 🙂
    She writes Sam and Dean well-she gets them. I liked the episode, I just wasnt wowed. Maybe I shouldn’t expect to be wowed every episode?

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    1. As a group we are spoiled by such stellar writing for a network show. Have you seen some of the shows in this genre? The character development on SPN has had time to go deep and we really do care about these boys. So when an episode is less than the rest of the season for any other show it would be a great one,. We are used to excellence. Not that this episode is bad, just that we have such a high standard. I agree.

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