Late thoughts on, “The Chitters”

Sorry that I almost forgot to write about last week’s SPN episode, “The Chitters.” It wasn’t that the episode was forgettable, but in this age where people are trying so hard to come up with something new and original, (as if there’s really some such thing,) this episode decided to hold up a mirror of our two heroic hunters. One of my fellow blog contributors wrote that you could have missed this entire episode and not missed anything pertaining to the main story arc of this season. I agree.  At the same time, I found it refreshing to see two other hunters who argued like Sam and Dean, but instead of brothers, they were indeed a couple.SPNChitters1

One of them, Jesse,  was the younger brother of his sibling whom he witnessed being snatched by one of these human-like Cicada’s who come onto the scene every 27 years to mate and find human hosts for their eggs. Jesse was out for vengeance, much like Sam after he lost Jessica.  Jesse found some redemption because what he said turned out to be true. Apparently, these ‘Chitters’ enter the host through the mouth and make them crazy! The host starts having indiscriminate (one witness called it ‘diddling’) sex, uncontrollable shaking, and a host of other things unsavory. I found it interesting that in this episode, Jesse and his partner Cesar appeared to be more accomplished hunters than Sam and Dean, even though they seemed a tad older.  It made me feel like the brothers were losing their touch, getting ‘long in the tooth.’ It seemed like their asses were saved one way or another by our two new hunters.

Initially, I thought, or perhaps I hoped, that these would be two recruits needed for the army that would try to take the battle to Amara. In fact, Cesar even asks our boys if they need help with something else! But we saw a rarity among hunters. Jesse and Cesar could retire, run a ranch and live out a normal life instead of dying the usually horrible deaths reserved for hunters. They were allowed to ride into the sunset after the main nest of the creatures was destroyed.

I felt a sense of dread in seeing before my very eyes that our favorite show has to be winding down. Sam and Dean are simply running out of creatures to fight and defeat. They have beaten demons, angels, devils, leviathan, monsters, dragons, vampires and all comers! They have matured and seem to handle their issues a lot better now. (Who wouldn’t after 11 years on the road together?) Perhaps they’ll pull a stunt like the X-Men movies, where they went back and everyone who had died is now alive and well because of an alteration of the time continuum, I think!  How can they beat Amara? Will this story line carry into next season? Unless GOD enters the building, it almost has to! In the meantime, I was entertained by seeing two guys mirror Sam and Dean and NOT die!

(Photo: The CW and Supernatural. All rights reserved.)



One thought on “Late thoughts on, “The Chitters”

  1. No need to worry–cryptids are alive/or not waiting for Sam and Dean:

    1) AHOOL: enormous carnivorous bat
    2) AKKORKAMU: gaint Japanese octopus
    3) ALTAMAHA-HA: 20 foot long river monster near Darlen, Georgia
    4) DOBHAR-CHU: water hound of Ireland

    Jersey Devil on to Killer Worms


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