Maylasian Cicadas

Geek that I am, I researched Malaysian Cicadas on line. The video revealed a rather large, winged, bug that shakes and lets off a chitter sound as it flaps about. It has a cyclical emergence, but chooses when to emerge based on weather conditions. It emerges for the purpose of re-producing.

The cicadas in the southern states of the United States are also cyclical although much smaller than its Asian cousin. When they emerge, they are know to cover entire neighborhoods- think “BUGS”. It begs the question why Nancy Won chose a monster from Malaysia that seems to have invaded Colorado.Think snake-head fish eating up the fresh water fish in our Great Lakes. Think large boas introduced to the Florida Everglades. How did these Malaysian cicadas get to Colorado? Were they in the weed?

Also, there are superstitions that bright colors attract the spirits of these and other insects. Perhaps the red coin purse or the yellow fishing tackle that Matty had with him made him more attractive. Hunters stick with plaids in earth tones for a reason perhaps- there is that red shirt Dean wears at times which often means trouble ahead- Just thinking about monster choices, fashion choices as I get the tissue ready for episode 20.


One thought on “Maylasian Cicadas

  1. There is one thing about being wrong– I learn new stuff.,

    So, Chitters are a bad beastie after all!

    Good research, Winchester worthy!


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