Call, “Don’t call me Shurley” Brilliant! By Yankernatural

From the very beginning of the episode, with Metatron reduced to the level of a homeless man digging through the Garbage bin for food, to the very last line, this was one of the most brilliant and anticipated SPN episodes I can remember in quite awhile. It seemed they were leading up to a God appearance, but I wasn’t sure whether he would show up as someone we knew, or a new character. Things fell into place and it all came full circle, in a way.SPNShurley1

Metatron gives a pastrami sandwich he finds to his stray dog pet, “Toto.” God finds this gesture worthy enough to zap ‘Tronny’ to his special place, a bar that God himself designed. Metatron suspected this when he arrived, but all he got was Carver Edlund, whom he referred to as a ‘hack writer‘ among other not so flattering things.  Of course, his tune changed dramatically when Edlund revealed who he really is, GOD! GOD! GOD! Carver responds, “Just call me Chuck.” It was great news to see a representation of God that isn’t cryptic or comedic, and that was special to me, but the parallels established throughout this episode were even more special. While all this is going on in God’s place, Dean is ironing Sam’ shirt and using beer to provide the steam as they prepare to go off to a case of fog causing craziness in some nearby town.

What I found very interesting was that whatever Sam and Dean were trying to do, it was so insignificant in comparison to what was going on in God’s place. While Metatron was told he could never be an angel again, God wanted his input on the latest book he was writing, his autobiography. Here, we find out some small details about who God is, how he feels about humanity and why he left his post for so long. Metatron, who probably deserves to be destroyed on a sub-atomic level, is actually spared, and assumes the role of God’s motivational speaker, life coach and amateur psychologist! He actually won me over with his real display of anger and disappointment over his father’s abandonment!

We find out that God has been “hiding in plain sight” as Carver. God loves humanity’s creation of music and nacho cheese. But in his early writings, he lacked details and didn’t really reveal his true feelings. Metatron opines that God is in a very real sense, still hiding. The two go back and forth with some great dialogue that parallels other episodes we have seen in the past.  We saw a similarity to when Crowley told Deanmon to, “Pick a Bloody side!” In fact, God later reveals that the world would have kept spinning with Deamon Dean in it…but Sam wouldn’t let it go. (We humans can dictate the course of things here on earth.)  Meta told God to choose between an honest book like, “Life” by Keith Richards, or nice like Brian Wilson. Dean once told Crowley he had gone soft. Metatron said the same to God. Perhaps God had let some of his vessel, Chuck seep into his psyche.

We also found out as God was becoming more relaxed and reflective, that he still has a massive ego, especially regarding his sister. “I’m being! She’s nothingness.”  He reveals he created humanity because he was lonely. Lucifer wasn’t his favorite and wasn’t always a villain. Nature fixes its own self and selects what comes and goes. (God does not oversee every aspect of everything in creation.) Oh! I almost forgot Sam and Dean. On earth, a small town is being overcome by the A-fog, which gives whoever breathes it the same disease we saw Sam cure with angel fire earlier this season. The two are held up in the sheriff’s office and trying to keep the fog out. They can’t. The fog is getting to Sam, and has killed dozens of people already. All seems lost. But Dean and humanity in general, is better than God in this aspect; we never quit. Dean would not leave Sam, even though the fog didn’t seem to affect him at all.

At the same time, we’re getting Metatron’s great speech to God.  Metatron isn’t crazy about humanity, but defends us at risk of his own destruction as he spills his true feelings to “The Father.” God first defends his position, saying he left because everything was such a disappointment to him. (How many of these types of conversations have Sam and Dean had after one made a choice that was extremely disappointing to the other? ) God then takes pause, especially after Metatron calls him a coward, (he also threw the former angel through the bar’s double doors.) and goes back to work writing. He’s doing the “rewrite.”  In fact, we’ve found out God is on deadline because he knows Amara’s destruction has begun. “Every time I’d build a new world, she destroyed it.”

God grabs the guitar and belts out a rendition of “Fare thee well.” In the meantime, Sam is telling Dean with his dying breaths, “We were never gonna make it. You would always choose her (Amara) over me.” Metatron is reading God’s rewrite, and the look of satisfaction and surprise comes over him. Dean realizing Sam is dying, again,  looks skyward and says, “Stop, you dick!” Dean sees a glow in Sam’s jacket pocket. It’s the amulet that he threw away after Cas’ failure to locate God with it many moons ago. (It glows in God’s presence, but we find out that God simply turned it off while he was away.) Now we all find out that God has returned! The Old Testament miracles written of are back in full force, BECAUSE GOD IS BACK! The fog is gone, everyone who has dead, was now alive and well, yet Dean knows what this all means. He has the glowing amulet! They hit the streets and meet Chuck…I mean God, who says, “We should probably talk.”sam and dean walk with the amulet by mooseleys

What will they talk about? God will likely face some humanly wrath from both the Winchesters, and he wont like it one bit. Ultimately though, can God beat back his sister with such a motley crew? (All the arc angels, save Lucifer, are dead! Right?)best--supernatural-- The last time we saw Cas, he (As Lucifer’s meat suit) was being burned alive by Amara. Will God bring back some of the friends and angels lost? This has got all of us fans thinking. And that people, is a great thing!


(Photos: The CW and Supernatural. All rights reserved.)




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