Supernatural news!

Good news or bad news? Jeremy Carver who has been the show runner since season 8 is leaving his role in Supernatural. I would have cheered this change earlier in his position when the Amelia arc popped up and did not work, and Purgatory was cut short with Dean’s PTSD and alcohol consumption a bit out of control with little address, but certainly season 9,10 and now 11 have redeemed him in my opinion.

Okay he did leave for a bit to pursue another show which did not last. He had Supernatural as his home and he did return with a flash. Now, he is going to another fledgling show. Best of luck, Mr. Carver.

So who picks up the role of show runner? Earlier this year, I tweeted that Andrew Dabb really gets the Winchesters as characters and would make an excellent show runner should Carver depart.

Andrew Dabb is now the new co-show runner with Mr. Robert Singer. Singer has been with our show since season1 I believe. He has directed many episodes as well. He stepped down as producer and assumed the title of consultant this year. Not sure how involved he will be with the show but rumor has it, Singer is co show runner with Dabb.

So what do you think of Carver’s departure and Dabb’s ascendance? Has Carver stayed to long? Is season11 so good because Carver wants to leave a Swan Song of his own? Thoughts?

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  1. Singer has been co-showrunner since the beginning of the show, with the exception of season 11, so it’s business as usual. As for Dabb, IMDb speculated that he’s been the unofficial showrunner for a while and it was especially obvious when we found out that he, instead of Carver, is writing the season finale.

    I loved season 11 so I don’t anticipate any major problems for season 12. I’m also glad Singer’s back because he’s the last of the Kripke era and he’s always been adamant that Sam and Dean come before anyone else.


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