My predictions on the Finale?

I remember recently seeing a photograph on IMDb which triggered my thoughts on to this current path. Sam and Dean were hugging in what seemed to be open woodland. I have for ages kept thinking that Dean will be too weak to defeat Amara and will decide to join her. She at present has way too much hold over him, and he knows it now. This makes me think that Amara will be strong when Dean joins her. Some extra supernatural juice to empower on her path to destroy her brother. What plan does Amara have once Dean if Dean accepts her offer of eternal bliss. Does Dean want to go because he loves her, or because he has NO other choice and felt like Sam all those years ago over Lucifer. Does he think this is his only option in locking her back away. We have some idea that Dean is the lock in defeating Amara, is it that simple? Once his body envelopes in hers, will it end her days and put her away for all enternity and as she says, eons. Does Amara have a plan B?

I think several characters will die in the battle to help God defeat Amara, and this will build into some heroic path for Dean, just as Sam did in ‘Swan Song’ jumping in the pit to put Lucifer back in the cage. Only this time Sam could be topside seeing his brother end up back in the cage. Will Dean survive if Amara is killed? Or will she be simply locked away as before? If so, Dean will be in a dark place once again as our summer helatus looms. Dean is used to being in the dark, and this leads me to believe what will happen to Chuck? Does Amara end up killing Chuck her brother? We know how this show loves to copy its past?

Chuck said he resuced Dean from hell the last time, ordering Cas to rescue him because he had work for him? If Amara kills him, that will decrease Dean’s chances of escape and Sam will have to think of another method in getting Dean back topside? Will Rowena fit into this plan once again to bring him back? Who will bring Dean back? Will there be a time jump after the summer?

So what do you think will happen in the Finale. Alpha and Omega means the beginning and the end in Greek alphabet, so who’s end will this be? one or several deaths? So who will live to tell that tale?

Drop me a line about who you think will survive, and if you think season 11 will end with a Swan Song parellel ending?

Written and Published By: Bella

Photographs: Courtesy and Property of ‘THE CW’



6 thoughts on “My predictions on the Finale?

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  1. It’s about the souls Amara ingests. She becomes one with them. A soul bomb delivered by the only character who can get close to her: Dean.


  2. While I agree that Dean will have a pivotal role to play, I’m going to go out on a limb and say I don’t believe it will involve sacrificing himself. Neither do I think Amara will be successful in killing “Chuck”, although locking him up is a district possibility. I’ve actually been fearful of Castiel’s fate in all this.😒


  3. I like the way you look at this season Dean and Amara. I have another idea on how it could end. I noticed how “All in the family” ended and I thought about it after. To me it seemed like God and Lucifer both wanted to forgiveand forget put the past behind them once and for all. So my idea is God and Lucifer joins forces and end Amara once and for all.

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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment and for posting on this blog.
      I think Dean has a huge role to play being the key to Amara and the connection they share with the Mark of Cain from the jump. I thought about God and Lucifer joining forces, too as this show loves to suprise us? It could of course happen. But then Dean could still end up inside Amara couldn’t he?

      Love B xx


      1. “This makes me think that Amara will be strong when Dean joins her”
        I don’t think he will join her. Unless Sam dies and then he has nothing to live for-even then I can see him fighting it. I think Amara will be defeated this finale but Chuck will be in danger, or caged, or something else that he needs saving from-and that will be next seasons story line. I may have already said this, but I think saving Chuck will be the last seasons aim-how else to end the show than saving God?


      2. Everything can happen and none of us know what connection Dean and Amara has except for the mark. Dean won´t leave just like that but he is drawn towards Amara, question is can he resist her. With S12 could it start with Sam trying to get Dean back then and what will Dean be then a demon again or could Amara possess Dean. Many questions but no answers. All we can expect is everything


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