Supernatural moving air time

Just released from the CW network. Supernatural is going to move to Thursday nights next season. It will face tough competition from “The Blacklist”. The network is giving the coveted post “Arrow” position to a new series. Maybe the thinking is to focus on the new shows, fandom will follow the Winchesters anywhere, or Chuck forbid, Supernatural is not a priority and its new positioning places it against heavy hitters on large networks in an effort to let it slip into ratings graveyard. Feeling a bit like Dean at the moment: Having to face the big bad next season or go off into the emptiness of a world without…. I can’t say it.

Maybe my skepticism of network choices is misplaced. Long time shows get expensive. Network looks at bottom financial line. What is the demographic and will sponsors buy time to support the show and make money for the network? Arrow and Supernatural are high in the ratings for the CW, but the traditional networks have power houses on Thursday nights. Is it a deliberate attempt to bring about the demise of said show or is it a vote of confidence in show?


15 thoughts on “Supernatural moving air time

  1. NBC must have been frightened by the move. NBC is moving “Blacklist” from Thursday @ 9pm to 10p.m. New show to debut @9pm. Fandom will follow the Winchesters. I’ll take it as a vote of confidence. Networks are aware of fandoms. Look at what happened to “Castle”. Co- star not renewed and fandom went crazy. So rather than continuing in a new format, even though Fillion had been re-upped for another year, ABC chose to cancel the show. IMHO “Castle” was running out of creativity, but might have re-invented itself with a new focus. “Supernatural” finds ways to stay fresh. Good writing. And in those years where the arc was not so creative or interesting, SPN family stayed loyal. Season 11 is like fandom’s reward. So, let’s go with confidence in the show and I’ll let my skepticism sit on a shelf. Just letting folks know. Also, if you tweet before or after “:Supernatural” ratings are counted. There is a time frame when the tweets count. Just informational.


      1. Tweet within the hour before, during the show, and an hour after! If you get lucky you can live tweet with the cast and most answer or acknowledge the tweet. EProducer is quite good at it. @thejimmichaels.


  2. “Maybe the thinking is to focus on the new shows, fandom will follow the Winchesters anywhere, or Chuck forbid, Supernatural is not a priority and its new positioning places it against heavy hitters on large networks in an effort to let it slip into ratings graveyard.”

    Supernatural has been moved half a dozen times and been on every day of the week except Monday. The fans always follow the series. I believe it was a huge vote of confidence from the CW to have placed Supernatural on Wednesdays up against the top show on broadcast TV, Empire. The CW knew we could take them on and survive.

    If we’ve survived Empire, nothing will hurt us on Thursday, a time slot we’ve occupied several times in the past. The CW president has declared at least 4 times in front of the press and many more times in interviews that HE’s not cancelling SPN. Jared and Jensen are. I really don’t believe there’s any reason to worry 🙂


    1. SUpergirl is elsewhere on the line up. New show called “Frequency” is going into the 9pm slot on Wednesday. Netwrok wants to give it that Arrow lead in. The only reason I had Arrow on was that it came b4 SPN.


      1. Yeah, that was usually my only reason to know what was going on in Arrow. Where will Supergirl be. It has a fan following already, so doesn’t need a lead up. Maybe it’s the lead up to a different show? I’m of the opinion they should put all their superhero shows on one night.


        1. CW only has 2 hours of air time Monday-Friday for shows. Supergirl will air on Monday night before Jane the Virgin. The new show, Frequency takes the Wednesday spot after Arrow.
          Frequency is a creation of wait for it……. Jeremy Carver. former show runner of SPN. It is about a female cop who connects with her dead cop father through a radio frequency that parallels the separated decades. The information she gives him about events changes the future, including her own. No comment on the premise as Carver has been creative. Take a breath and wait and see. On Thursday, it may be Legends of Tomorrow followed by Supernatural.
          The only super heroes I am truly invested in are called Sam and Dean. And they have no special powers other than being Winchesters.

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          1. I will watch Legends of Tomorrow, because that show is unintentionally hilarious, but SPN, I’m definitely there for that. I’m actually going to try to like Supergirl next season and The Flash, which I really want to like but have trouble with.


  3. I have to believe they make very good money with the reruns on TNT, so the more episodes/seasons they get the more they have for reruns.

    I personally liked Wednesdays. I would watch the episode alone and then Thursday night watch again with hubby and then next thing you know its Friday LOL


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