We Happy Few: Awards and commentary

“We Happy Few” could  be the season finale as far as the Amara/Chuck battle but it would have been somewhat anti-climatic. Instead, it is a bridge episode to the finale with several open ended possibilities as is the way of “Supernatural.” And I ask myself, “who is happy in fandom?” It is a heavy episode.

Sam and Dean play family counselors to Chuck and Lucifer. There is much dialogue with a few God snaps of Sam and Dean around the bunker when HE thinks they have crossed the line. Casifer and Chuck have it out with each other and the scenes are humorous at points and then somewhat poignant as we hear how Lucifer was indeed Chuck’s favorite and how given the MOC it destroyed the relationship. There is an apology after some self stroking of Chuck’s ego. The dialogue is well written and both Rob and Misha hold character adroitly. At times( to me) the dialogue becomes too lengthy but then again, this is a long standing break in the family and it is not repaired quickly. (Robert Beren’s humor and pathos are all over the script here).There are obvious parallels to the Winchester family dysfunction, but the brothers sound like the most functional of all the characters at this point.

No surprise:This repaired brotherhood  between Winchesters has been evident all season.Dean treats Sam like an equal.Banter, side looks.

The plan to cage Amara hatches.

Most interesting side bar: Chuck has insufficient time to re-create archangels such as Raphael or Gabriel.

It will take the demons, angels, witches,the Winchesters, Lucifer, Crowley, and Chuck to carry it off.  Rowena plays it coy as she engages a coven to cast a spell on Amara.

Most unwanted solution:Sam will have to take on the MOC and Dean agrees to the sacrifice. Robert Berens saves us this trope-done and done.

Most yes we knew that moments: The MOC changes people but only by bringing out the quality the person already had and Dean says he is sorry to Sam all the time and doesn’t mean it,(how does Jensen make it funny and sad at the same time?)

An episode divided: .The first half of the episode is dialogue as each group works out its dysfunction. The second half is full of action- spells, smoke, skewers,angel clouds, demon smoke. The action almost makes you forget about the endless first half. Yes, it is necessary to  put the second half into motion, but I am impatient with it. Yes, it shows how Chuck can apologize and in contrast HE cannot when it comes to Amara, even if it might save his creation. There is such a balance between the halves.

Highlights: Sam asking Chuck to be less lordly.Chuck- I am the Lord. Dean- there he goes again. Other quick lines within the episode- worth the listen. The speech is super-fast- trying to squeeze so much dialogue in so little time.

Most difficult to comprehend:the survival dialogue with another witch is cumbersome and does not work for me. The witch speaks in an accent that is suppose to resemble creole- it just makes it hard to hear. Suddenly there is a coven available to Rowena. She does have a back up plan but sees the bigger picture.

Biggest waste of talent:Crowley has lost his minions and joins the plan. There is a scene in Hell which shows just how much Crowley has lost through this season. Dean appears in Hell to convince Crowley to sign up. Demons disrespect Crowley since the end is nigh. Crowley is over his bromance with Dean,”that ship has sailed.”

Best show of talent: Misha as Casifer convincing angels to join the plan. Misha as Casifer talking to Chuck- facial expressions and tone of voice. Rob Benedict as Chuck all the way -both humorous, serious, emotional. Rob as God talking to Emily as Amara. Finally Emily Swallow shows her hurt at her brother’s rejection. She would rather die than be locked away again. Betrayal in her eyes and love of her brother. J2 are superb.

Shortest role as a prophet: Donatello- we hardly knew you!

Best tantrum and use of music: Lucifer holding up in the guest room with music blaring and refusing to come out and talk. Dean and Sam parenting a “teenage rage”.Petulance . Good tunes.

Most use of blood: Amara  tortures the newest prophet, Donatello,as to the whereabouts of Chuck. She is off to Kansas…

Existential question: Can there be light if there is no darkness?Chuck tells the group that he cannot kill Amara as his existence depends on her survival-ying/yang. There is a convergence of all groups that wounds Amara. We do get to see Crowley smoke out in that crimson trail as he attacks Amara. Casifer uses the God spear to pierce her being, but she wipes Casifer out. Rowena ends up on the ground outside the warehouse, the Winchesters end up on the ground, the coven is destroyed, and Chuck appears to be dead but Amara says he is dying but not until he sees his creation totally destroyed. HE cannot apologize to her and suffers her wrath.

Most anticipatedSam offers to sacrifice himself. It’s his turn at bat.  The MOC appears briefly on Sam’s arm, but Amara re-claims it. Sam need not be sacrificed to save humanity. So does it shift to Dean? Methinks this is where it has been pointing since 11.1 and the Amara/Dean connection.

Best use of FX: Kudos to the FX  and makeup departments as they carry the episode. The attack on Amara leaves her previous perfect body, battered and bruised. At the moment of Lucifer’s “goodbye” I think I see Mark Pellegrino’s face on Misha’s or maybe it is my imagination.Lucifer is ejected from as’ mouth as a red/orange flame. The smoke. clouds, witches’ destruction are beautifully presented. Amara twisting in the angel/demon smoke is like a ballet. Chuck floating in mid air is symmetry-they are ying and yang. The lightening coming from Rowena and how it backfires on the coven.

Cutest editing/Worst editing Chuck tossing the Winchesters from place to place in the bunker during the family talk and ongoing action in different places at the same, time creating the overwhelming sense of time before order and difficulty following events. 42 minutes.

Best/Worst Costume: Rowena dazzles in bright blue gown with her trademark eye shadow. Amara shows more breast in this episode than ever before. Yes, Dean arouses feelings of creation within her, but the “sisters “practically have roles of their own- you decide if that is worst or best.

Best brother moment: Sam sacrificing himself as the taker of the MOC and Dean agreeing to it. All the moments as Chuck/Lucifer’s counselors- facial expressions and the look on their faces when all seems to be lost to Amara.

Best don’t know what to call it: Rowena’s verbal snap at Lucifer when they come face to face in the show down scene- ” you’re not the first man who has tried to kill me”

Surprise: Why does Amara’s argument with Chuck make sense and the viewer feels for her?(at least I did). Writers who make the Big Bad empathetic make it so hard not to see the universe in shades of grey. Berens does this for both Lucifer and Amara.

Notable lines: Dean: “This is the worst episode of Full House ever.” Chuck’s line about creation just had to happen and the potential. Apologies. Dean: “I tell Sam I am sorry all the time and don’t mean it”- side look nails it.

Best questions: Chuck poses the question of Dean’s inability to hurt Amara as a choice. 2nd runner up- must Chuck and Amara co-exist to avoid the END? Will show go there and kill God and if so, what of Amara? 3rd Is it enough to love just one other? Cas? How did the characters ally so quickly-oh wait- this is t.v.  Are apologies only words and are they more important than being correct about an issue?

Best camera angles. Shots from above of Winchesters looking down at Chuck and Casifer. Chuck looking down at his army of a few soldiers. Amara and Chuck facing off. Last scene shot from above: Sam, Dean, and Chuck on the floor helpless.

Best lighting: Rowena looking at the warehouse after Amara knocks Chuck out.

Endpoint: Amara survives the attack. Rowena survives the plan. The Winchesters are left befuddled as to what to do about Amara. Chuck is “dying” on the floor. Amara tells Lucifer goodbye and he lands against a post. Cas?The fates of Crowley and Donnatello, the prophet, are nebulous. In Crowley’s case-literally. Does not look good for the prophet.Dean is still connected to Amara and he feels he cannot harm her-he has tried.

Now we are ready for the finale. Dean, “the chosen one,” is the key to conquering Amara, saving Chuck(maybe not). and the universe. But he he has a G.E.D. and a “Give ’em Hell attitude”.

As a penultimate episode of the season, it is a heavy hitter on the feels as well as a set up for for the finale and sacrifice to come. Only “Supernatural” makes the viewer feel ambiguous towards the evil character(s). It seems to be one of the more human shows to watch- such irony! Like most of the penultimate episodes of this show, I always wonder how so much is squeezed into 42 minutes.

Biggest complaint: Commercials, commercials, commercials.There seemed to be more towards the end of the episode. Maybe it just seems like more because of the intensity of show. Supernatural is like watching mini-movies every week. Sponsors do pay for the show, I know. Necessary evil. One that has no empathetic response from me.

11.2 is a must watch episode.

The coming attractions sort of spoil the finale unless it is a fan distractor. Are there many or a few in fandom that are happy today with 11.22?






2 thoughts on “We Happy Few: Awards and commentary

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  1. Chuck knows everything that was, is and will be. He also knows Dean’s reluctance to engage Amara. Dean has never been comfortable in the role of “the chosen one”, but it fits with the blood line theme, n’est pas?


  2. I liked it but I need to rewatch tonight. I have a lot of questions. I have a theory though -I think Chuck knew all along that this wasn’t going to work. I think this was all a set up for Sam and Dean to realize they have to get it done without relying on Chuck. I think Dean is going to have to fight his feelings for Amara (maybe she will hurt Sam and it will free Dean?). Not sure but I sure can’t wait!


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