Season 11 Finale’ long on symbolism and mystery

By Yankernatural

Okay! I was right about at least one thing. The ‘sacred feminine’ is roaring loud and clear over the final three episodes of Supernatural here in season 11. In the Finale’, we’ve got Amara, God’s sister, and equal, demanding respect and seeking revenge in order to finally get it. Rowena casts the spell to get all the souls into Dean. Cute Reaper gets the majority of souls needed to create the bomb that could destroy Amara by getting them from the veil. The MOL sends a stuck-up blonde female to travel from Britain to Kansas to finally “clean up” Sam and Dean’s messes. We finally come full circle with Amara telling Dean, “I’m giving you something you always wanted.” (His Mother, Mary Winchester). DeanAmaraFinale

Did a male do anything worthwhile in the finale? Well, Dean did a pretty good job convincing Amara that all she really ever wanted and needed is her brother, God! That about does it! Am I angry? Not at all! Was I thinking it might be a little more “tooth and nail”? Yes, but this was still a very clever episode and obvious cliff-hanging finale’. I admit, I was wrong about God’s and Amara’s inability to kill each other. I guess, given God’s grave condition after Amara zapped him, they could kill each other! But such an act would effectively wipe out the universe!  I loved how Amara was in the park and saw the fading sun, only to admit to Dean later that if the sun faded out, (meaning the death of God) the entire universe would cease to exist, including her.

Again, they alluded to the need for universal balance. One entity could not exist without the other. The key is that God could have killed Amara, (I guess), but he didn’t want to. He loved her. Amara had to admit that her brother’s creation was pretty cool. “Beautiful” was her word. Let’s not get into the metaphor of “The Sun of God!” It (God/Sun) IS the light of the world. Without it, this planet, our universe would go “poof” into oblivion. WE NEED GOD’S SUN OR LIGHT…(That’s what they say about that other guy who was never mentioned in this story line!) Okay. I’m done there!reaper

I enjoyed some of the funny moments and dialogue between our band of world-savers as they plotted their next move to defeat Amara. Rowena to Dean: “So that was a gun in your pants.” God and Rowena: “Kids” which Crowley says, “I’m glad the world is ending.” Crowley to God: “I ‘m not calling you Dad!” Reaper and Crowley exchanging looks like they knew each other in a much more intimate sense!
spnrowenasoulsintodeanShe even addresses him as she leaves the bunker, “Crowley.” It left more than a few in the group wondering what their relationship is/was.


I am still left wondering was God so weak that he could offer nothing, or did he just wait and see what his boys and this band would come up with? Perhaps God knew that Dean would attempt to talk some sense into his sister regarding that all important ‘family’ unit.

Seeing our boys back in gun slinging mode as they got souls from the many ghosts in the asylum brought back memories of many episodes gone bye. And in several ways, the show came full circle. Dean is always talking about family. He assured Cas that he is now a part of theirs. He assured Amara that no matter how mad she is at her brother, they are still family…and as much as I wanted to take myself back to a traditional understanding of God and the roles of males and females in this existence, the show kept telling me, OH NO! YOU’VE GOT TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE FEMALE AND THE FEMININE PRINCIPAL AS EQUAL! God needed his female sister to restore him back to health…restore balance. Restore the sun.

Before closing, I ask, what has this show always been about? It’s been about the female: the ultimate female in the case of Sam and Dean Winchester: THEIR MOTHER, MARY! John got into hunting to try to kill her killer. Sam got into hunting to try to avenge the death of his fiancé and mother. Dean wanted to pick up where dad left off! Samuel made a deal with Crowley so he could get his daughter back. You get my drift? Mary, Mary, Mary! (In my Brady Bunch voice.) What do we see at the end? God and Amara take some time away together to continue to mend old wounds and co-exist. But Dean is sent somewhere by Amara??? He can’t get a phone signal. Is he on earth? Well, he has been trapped in hell and purgatory! Why not some other outer-dimensional place? He sees his mom, who has been calling for help. Where is Dean now?samanddeanguns

Sam goes back to the MOL bunker, where snooty blonde blows Cas away with that angel repellent spell….and may have shot Sam in an effort to recover him for the big bosses in England. My question here is why did they just sit back and watch all of this and not offer their help earlier? I think Sam and Dean did okay without their input. Why now?

Is Lucifer dead? Sure seems like it to me! Does Crowley now have extra juice as the undisputed King of hell? Will all the hell hounds and demons seem to pale in comparison to what Crowley has witnessed? Who will control heaven now, Cas? We’ve got a while to find out in what I think will be the 12th and final season of our favorite show. What a ride it’s been! While this finale’ isn’t quite what season 5 was or even season 9, I still quite enjoyed it. If something else comes to mind. I will hit you back. (Photos: The CW and Supernatural. All rights reserved.)



2 thoughts on “Season 11 Finale’ long on symbolism and mystery

  1. ” am still left wondering was God so weak that he could offer nothing, or did he just wait and see what his boys and this band would come up with? Perhaps God knew that Dean would attempt to talk some sense into his sister regarding that all important ‘family’ unit.”

    I think he knew and wanted The Winchesters/humanity to save the day. I think all that shock and awe was just a front. He knew it wouldn’t work. This was his way of showing Dean and Sam that they are fine taking care of the world themselves. Thats my headcanon 🙂

    Im not sure I like this Mary storyline. Where can they go from here with it? Is it just a visit with her and then hes poofed back to his own world? I can’t imagine she has been resurrected? So that she and Dean can hang out and hunt together?? NOT! Or she was resurrected “wrong”…that would suck. I hope its just a one off but then why would she have been asking for help?
    Is Sam dead and in the empty? Did she just shoot a warning shot? How long will the show let Sam think Dean is dead? Or will he find out when Billie comes to reap him. I have so many questions and no answers!


    1. I have to think Dean’s reunion with Mary is only temporary. Heck, he was only 4 or 5 when she died! I think Dean was sent by Amara to ‘that other place’ to reconnect with his mom, just like Amara and God have gone away to reconnect. I can’t see Mary being a regular part of her boys’ lives in season 12. I do however, think that a great ending would be to have Sam and Dean reunited, ‘someplace’ with all the friends and loved ones they’ve lost in battle. You are also correct in your summation that there are so many questions and so few answers. Now, it’s ‘wait ’till next season.’


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