An end of season thank you.

I am as a person very lucky to have such a talented bunch writing for me. So the usual thank you goes to all of you who have worked hours and hours on your articles without pay, is just wow. My blog wasn’t doing that well, and then  I thought ,after “Supernaturally Devoted” closed down, what would those writers do? I asked Debbab to come and write for me which spurred me on to write to others to come and join me. So several months down the line,  and end of the season I just want to say from  my heart, ” THANK YOU!”

We all love this show, and are passionate about where the stories take us, and the Winchester Journey inevitably leads, each season finale is so painful to watch wondering what will happen to our famous brothers’ Winchester! This season was no exception to that rule. Is the youngest brother DEAD with one bullet? What has happened to the eldest Winchester? These thoughts will drag us along to next October when all the summer hiatus hype from Comic-Con will give us those first juicy tastes from our new fourth Show-runner Mr Andrew Dabb. I enjoyed what Carver bought as he wrote some of my all time favorite episodes, so has Andrew, so I am pleased he is now the big boss up stair,s with Singer’s help of course. What a team!

I am so proud of this space on the web, that I can call mine. My very own Supernatural space which all of you have helped develop and make your own too. As writers you each bring something different and add a spark to this space which adds real flavor and imagination. This site, I hope, invites strangers to come along and be part of this natural Supernatural space.

A huge thank you to; Debbab, Ikeke, Vee, Eric ‘Yankernatural’ Clemons, Southeast, Susannah Taylor, Monsterblood. (Sorry if I’ve forgotten you) Also to my guest authors whom have occasionally imputed hours of work onto this blog. This Supernatural space owes you all so much and  I adore every one of you. I am thrilled you have stuck with me and this Supernatural space….


Thank you also, to those of you who leave comments for me and my writers every single day  and who help this blog chug along nicely. You make this space worthwhile too and are so very important.

If you know of anyone or even yourself think you can write an article on this show then please do not hesitate to contact me. Look through this library of articles from writers here for inspiration and see where it leads you.

Written and Published By: Bella

Photographs: Courtesy and Property of ‘The CW’


7 thoughts on “An end of season thank you.

  1. Hi everyone! I did not participate nearly enough this season but I promise that I continue to support and read as much as possible. This is a safe place for SPN Fandom because all opinions are respected and valued. Thank you Bella for creating this space and encouraging your readers to become writers. I might offer an article this summer to prevent myself from going through SPN hiatus withdrawal pain. Seasons 10 & 11 was written for the fandom and they kept me from yearning for the Kripke years. I really hope that the Brothers Winchester have a few seasons left before their story comes to an end. As long as we, the fans, stay focused, keep the writers engaged and challenged and watch the show every week, tweet, Facebook, etc. all the time, then Sam & Dean should be around for a long time to come.

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    1. Its always great to hear from you and what you bring as a poster. I still yearn for those Kripke years too, but also think that Gamble, Carver and now Dabb have all contributed to the pot and still made this show something rather special to keep watching. I love these boys with a passion no matter who writes and helps bring them to life.

      Love you …
      B xx


  2. What would I be doing if not writing, reading such marvels of writing from others, planning writing future ideas? Checking our WRITING every hour or half hour, or pushing it to three while asleep unless I happen to wake up.

    Worrying about writing! Will I have to E N D U R E a new season with the brothers apart? Will I continue to compare all brothers real or fiction, to our brothers? Will I worry like Dean, about plane crashes when the real boys are traveling? Will I look, study and lip chew for any article about Bobby’s return and search the roads for another Impala?

    Will I leave my estate to Sam and Dean? Possibly, but my funeral will be a dull affair compared to Dean’s, even with full size Sam and Dean cut outs at the head and foot of my coffin.

    Thanks for adding my articles and tolerating my commits Bella.


    1. Southeast you are special with all your mussings and thoughts that you throw at me. You often ispire me and I’ve picked up so much from you. Keep that candle flickering and your inspiration ticking along. Don’t ever put that pen down!!

      Love you
      B xxx


  3. Hi Bella!
    Thank you for the kind words. I do wish I’d written more stuff, but I’ve enjoyed everyone’s else’s writings very much, and look chin up, I have things in my queue that I’m working on and I’ll get them done this summer, I hope.

    😆It makes me giddy to think that we have a real Supernatural community forming here! And it’s respectful, open, and pretty smart about the show, too.

    Thank you for opening this space so everyone can join in.


    1. Ikeke honey, it doesn’t matter how much you write, don’t ever concern yourself with such small details. You are all valuable to me and am so lucky to have you on my team sharing your supernatural knowledge. I am so impressed that you started your own blog and that in itself is a huge reward and a bonus for me personally. I love your writing style and how you piece together words for your articles. Don’t ever change!

      Love you
      B xxx

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