That Battle that never happened!

Another season as passed us by, and what a year we’ve had. Its been a real journey trying to defeat Amara who was pissed at her brother for locking her up for eons. I loved Amara and what Emily Swallow bought, and even thought about Rob Benedict as God. He wasn’t what I imagined GOD would look like in our Supernatural universe. But hey, guess we can’t have it all. I love Rob as an actor, but still feel I wanted some actor with a bit more umph to play him, like Julian Richings.

I have enjoyed season 11 very much, and just wondered now what your thoughts are on it, and how you have felt about Monster of the Weeks and the Mythology side of the story. I have loved God and Amara combo, but felt a bit disappointed in their ending, considering how big in our universe these guys are. It felt a bit lame, and a bit deflated. All that hype of bringing back Lucifer, I was expecting some HUGE battle between the darkness and the light, but alas the writers didn’t make that happen. Instead we were privy to a hissy fit from Gods nearest and dearest. I wasn’t over keen on how God was portrayed on this show, seeing him as a take away geak scoffing food as fast as he could and watching porn, REALLY?? Is that something our GOD would be seen doing? I probably over thought his whole hype, and didn’t envisage this saga.

Had there been a massive battle, with all cast on deck I think it would have been amazing. Bringing back a whole host of Supernatural cast memebers to play in the gory, blood shed that might have ensewed. I often thought about Lord of the Rings, and how many men were used whether CGI imported or not, that whole image on screen was just mind blowining epic. Budget is the order of the day, and get this. But could they have even simplified the battle but still had one. Would this have made it more interesting? We knew Dean had tried to stab Amara, and that did jack squatt she merely felt a little twinge. A twinge that she managed to over come and defeat him in some way. Amara never wanted to hurt Dean, and Dean ended up being the soul bomb to blow her up. Would this if it had blow up been that more dramatic. But then what would be come of DEAN? Sam still thinks his bro is dead, so had that happened would his sacrifice have been worth it? To have put himself through that shit to rid the world of her.


So does the show see Amara as normal, not that evil bitch out for sucking souls where ever she could? Was she worth putting down and going through all that planning to defeat her since we see her disppearing off to heaven with her brother in a beam of light and dark smoke. Was that battle have produced any more of a big hype than both of them going up to heaven and being on a level playing field having sorted out their differences with the usual sibling, I’m sorry. Amara returned that favour to Dean by resurecting his mother, but was that the answer? Bringing back Mary after all this time is she the same person?? Will she fit in with the premise of the show now after 11 years of not having her around? How will the boys react knowing Mom is alive and kicking!

I had at one time thought Amara was totally evil, but have I got that wrong. When we see her acts of kindness sparing Dean, and bringing his mother back. Was she wrongly miss-informed and just wanted to be seen as a good being with a heart who wanted just to be part of that big family?

What did you think to the finale, did your thoughts come into play on screen throughtout the season?

Would a huge battle between The Light and the Dark have been been much more dramatic?

Dean being addressed as the Firewall, what part did that really play??

Billie addressing the EMPTY, has this finally come true, is that where Sam is at present?

How did you originally see Amara ~ Good or Evil??

How did you portray God in your own mind, were you happy with the writers portrayed him?

Were you happy with Mary being resurected as a thank you to Dean?

Is she really Mary?


Drop me a line in the usual way, would love to here from you, and what you thought of S11?

Written and Published By: Bella

Photographs: Courtesy and Property of ‘THE CW’








3 thoughts on “That Battle that never happened!

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  1. Remember, how Amara is worse in understanding how Dean, a human being, functions and leave him a shred of sanity than Cas, an Angel of the Lord once labeled as a baby in a trench coat and was thrown out of a brothel for unlicensed mental health advice to an employee.

    Remember that Dean had just not only ran out of beer at a critical moment in the history of the universe and had to try driving under a red sun to a beer joint where the owner was undoubtedly in shock finding himself in the END TIME and has probably fled, or fainted and will probably not have the wits to make change. Was zapped full as a tick of unhappy souls who wanted OUT. Has had to endure once more dying in front of his brother, hurrying up on his funeral planning before his mother’s grave, friends and enemies, and probably just remembered all the wards on the unbreachable Bunker where violated and any passing trespasser could just stroll in.

    Added to this, Dean, the elder son, had quit and the child he diapered had stepped up and maintained the Winchester honor.

    Remember, Dean had to face down a female consort no male ever created could resist; who he had lied for; nearly deserted his little brother for; and resisting of made the Mark seem no more than tearing out of wet tissue paper.

    Now, still reeling from reconciling a divine family feud, given charge of the universe he just saved, having his chest unarmed from a bomb designed to eradicate a Female Principle, finds himself not recovering on his memory foam accepting a beer from this own baby brother, but stumbling around in the pitch dark, lost and blundering into his mother, long dead, once roasted on the ceiling talking to him like she is his mama.

    Now! I have to wait months to find out just how insane I am pondering it all summer to Season 12.


  2. Sam is here on Earth, perhaps wounded, perhaps over powering a gun slinger from the UK, but most of all he believes Dean is dead and we know he comes undone at this belief. Check how he acted when Dean was in Hell and Purgatory-which leads me to wonder where is Dean? In a cemetary with poor reception or another realm as the writers often send him to for a bit.
    Cas as Lucifer: We have the option of Lucifer returning as a character since there is no assurance he was destroyed by Amara and he was Chuck’s favorite.
    There couldn’t be a big battle unless it was the end of the series, so I am more for re-unification of family and redemption as is the show.
    As far as Benedict as God, I am good with the choice. Bible says we were made in his image- well he showed all the vulnerabilities as well as the power. Alaina Morriestte’s song”What if GOd was one of us” buzzes through my head. R.B. does an amazing portrayal. After all there are no role models for the part in reality.

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    1. Excellent point on the state Sam is in and without Cas’ support. Remembering Ruby while Dean is in Hell and Sam is alone, this time without his brother’s body to burn, does not set well.

      Now my agonizing weight has increased 10 fold, foreshadowing Dean’s warning to Cas to look after his baby brother knowing his death would not set well with Sammy. ‘Not set well,’ such a small reflection.

      God was born one of us–Jesus of Nazareth.


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