XI : Winchester Brothers Report : “I need him. He needs me.”

Season 11 is over, and it feels like the end of an era…

Dramatic, much?

Me? Always! This finale? Not half as much as the three that preceded it. Let’s talk, friends. Looks like The Veeness might need a chat with Dr. Phil too.

Team God and the fading light : “Looks like the sun is dying.”

team god and the dying sun by frozen-delight

In the aftermath of the fight with The Darkness, Castiel wakes up, freed from Lucifer. Chuck on the other hand is in terrible shape. His light is “fading”, something only Amara can fix. Outside, the sun is also dying. God is so weak he has to hold on to Sam to stand up, stay up, and walk. He still has enough juice to zap the whole team back to the bunker with a snap of his fingers. Good thing for Dean who was itching to get to his fridge and grab some beer. “Really?” Sam asks. “Really.” They gave it their best shot and Dean’s always willing to go down guns blazing but that’s not going to “fix the frickin sun”.

Team God minus Sam drown their sorrow : “No reason to die sober.”

In the bunker’s library, Crowley’s also looking for booze and rolling his eyes as Rowena turns on the charm for “Charles”. While she’s out making a cup of tea, Crowley warns Chuck that his mother has a habit using powerful people for her own gain. Chuck doesn’t mind. He has nothing Rowena can use, and she’s being “nice” to him in his last hour.

Dean’s half way through a six-pack when he realizes it’s not going to be enough. Time for a beer run. “No reason to die sober.” He invites Sam to come along. Sam wants to stay put and find their plan B so Dean takes off with Castiel.

Rowena and Chuck are trading stories while sipping tea. Fergus was bright, walked before he was one, but he hated pants, so he ran around with his “wee banger just flapping in the breeze”. Chuck can relate. Adam and Eve were the same. “Kids”. Meanwhile, Crowley, who’s kept his nose buried in a glass of booze, is “so glad that the world is ending”. “Samantha!” He calls when Sam walks in. Come join me.

Lady Toni Bevell, British Woman of Letters : “The bloody sun’s cracked.

Across the pond, Lady Toni Bevell notices something’s not quite right with the sun as she walks into the “boss”’ house. The call she receives while she’s sipping tea in the study informs her that indeed, “The bloody sun’s cracked”. She goes down to an office marked with the Men of Letters insignia and stands in front pinboard covered with information about the Winchesters: mugshots, FBI wanted posters, photos taken on various crime scenes, a family tree that includes Man of Letter Henry, “killed on initiation massacre”, documents about the brothers’ criminal history, and information about Castiel. She’s  been given a mission. “On my way”. Governess Anna’s packed her a gun, in case her “mumbo jumbo doesn’t work”. Toni leaves without waking her son. Only a kiss while he sleeps, “it’s easier this way”, and she asks Anna to tell him she’ll be back as soon as she can.

Sam in charge : “Amara’s out there eating the fricking sun and we’re doing nothing.”

Sam doesn’t accept Team God’s defeatist attitude. Amara’s “eating the sun” and they’re sitting  around waiting for death. They have to do something. “Anything’s better than this.” Chuck understands but locking Amara away would no longer do any good. He’s dying and with him, the cosmic balance needed to maintain the universe. Sam has another way of evening the scales. Kill Amara too. Crowley likes Moose’s plan. “Bingo”.

On their way to getting more beer, Dean asks Castiel how he’s doing after Lucifer. He tells Castiel that he wasn’t stupid, and that he “stepped up” to give the team its best shot against Amara. Dean admits he and Sam have a tendency to forget about everyone else when they have a lot going on but Castiel is always there and he always helps. He’s the “best friend” they ever had and their “brother”. Dean turns the car around when Sam calls. “Sam’s got something.”

Chuck hesitates when Team God asks him if it’s possible to destroy Amara. She might have a weakness, light. He didn’t talk about it before because he didn’t want to “murder” her, just trap her. They would need the equivalent of 10 000 suns and Castiel brings up the souls, each as powerful as 100 suns. Castiel will ask the angels, “Heaven is full of souls”. Crowley will raid Hell, “see what’s left” and Dean suggests ghosts, which are just “souls with baggage”, and a great place to find a “ton” of them, Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Then, Rowena will build a soul bomb. Sam is satisfied to see the team finally shaking off the blues and working together. “Alright, let’s get to work.” Chuck is the only one not rejoicing.

Amara deads the roses: “So, you hate him.”

Amara’s enjoying the view in a park, even touching the flowers. She seems saddened when the vibrant red petals darken and die a few seconds later, and even more as she looks up at the dying sun. She’s sitting with her hands clasped together when a nice old lady who’s been feeding the pigeons for 20 years asks if she wants to feed them with her. “I shouldn’t.” The lady talks about her family and Amara asks if she “hates” the son who’s trying to send her off to a retirement community “to die”. Even if she does, “a little bit”, “you know family”, even when you hate them, you still love them.

Team God and Billie build a bomb: “You’ll be the bomb.”

Sam and Dean make quick work of the ghosts of Waverly Hill. With Rowena’s magical word, “Haggis”, they siphon the lost souls into a rock and bring them back to the bunker. Castiel and Crowley weren’t so successful. The angels are sealing Heaven and “dying with dignity” because they believe all is lost now that God is dying, and the King’s stash was robbed while he was “indisposed”. Good thing Billie the Reaper saw the boys in the sanatorium. She crashes the party and demands to know what they’re up to. She’s about an hour away from reaping God himself so sure, she’ll help. “Little tip. You want souls, call a reaper.” With the couple hundred thousands souls Billie raids from the veil, Rowena has everything she needs. Chuck will track down Amara. She’s no longer warded since she won. Castiel points out that the bomb has to be carried by someone who can get close, someone with a “personal connection”, and all eyes are on Dean. Rowena informs Dean he won’t carry the bomb. With all the souls inside him, he will be the bomb and he has about an hour before he goes boom. Dean’s sadness is visible but he accepts his fate. “Okay”. “Dean’s Theme” plays.

At Mary’s graveside: “I want a big funeral. Alright? I’m talking epic.”

The boys are at Mary’s graveside. Sam tells Dean he doesn’t have to do it. “Of course I do.” When  Sam mentions what will happen if the bomb goes off, Dean winks at Mary’s grave and simply replies, “I know”. He gives Sam a comforting pat on the shoulder and walks towards the rest of the team, who’s waiting at a respectful distance. Chuck (closely flanked by Rowena) is not “cool” with Amara dying. She’s still his sister, but, he understands. Castiel hugs Dean and offers to go with with him. Dean asks Castiel to look out for Sam instead, make sure Sam “doesn’t do anything stupid” because he will be “a mess”, and he thanks Castiel for everything.  Dean plans his funeral with a touch of humor, a big one, “epic”, open bar, choir, Sabbath cover band and Gary Busey reading the eulogy. And his ashes, “here”. Sam is shaking his head no when Dean hands him the key to the Impala. “Come on, you know the drill.” They can barely look each other in the eye. “No chick flick moments.” “Yeah, you love chick flicks.” “Yeah, you’re right I do, come here.” They hug and Dean’s ready to leave for the mission. “Let’s do this.” Chuck zaps him to the garden.

Dean and Amara in the garden: “I’m here to give you what you want.”

Dean tells Amara he’s ready to give her what she wants, himself. She notices he changed his tune and he says he says he’s doing it to save the world. Amara isn’t buying it. She can sense the power of the bomb he’s holding within. She also reminds him he’s never been able to hurt her. This time he has no choice: “What you’re doing to the sun…”, but Amara is not the one doing it. With God weakening, so is the light. Everything will die when he does, her included, and it looks like Chuck sent Dean to “execute” her.

Dean insists that Chuck doesn’t want any of this, but is this was she wanted? “No.” “I just wanted revenge.” Dean knows all about that. The satisfaction it procures is fleeting. He also knows about sibling fights, and no matter how bad his and Sam’s got, they always made it right because they’re family. “I need him. He needs me.” And it’s the same for her. “You simply need your brother.” She doesn’t want to be alone. Maybe that’s why she wanted him, but deep down he wasn’t the one she really wanted, “because I’m not him”. Dean urges Amara to consider that “maybe there’s a different way”.

Amara zaps Chuck into the garden and opens up. “Brother.” It was just the two of them in the beginning. She loved him and knew he loved her. Chuck says he still does. Amara admits she hated him for needing something else, something that wasn’t her. Chuck understands her reasons for wanting revenge after he locked her up. She admits his creation is beautiful, something she took a long time to see and wishes they could be family again. Chucks holds her hand. Amara heals him and the sun rises again. Chuck removes the bomb from Dean and tells him that Earth will be fine. “It’s got you, and Sam.” Before she leaves with Chuck, Amara tells Dean she’ll give him what he needs most because that’s what he did for her.

Bunker under siege: “They sent me to take you in.”

Sam and Castiel arrive at the bunker. Castiel tells Sam he’s sorry, and he’s here if he wants to talk. Sam answers with a curt nod. “Hello, hello.” Miss Toni Bevell banishes Castiel and draws her gun faster than Sam can get to his. She introduces herself. Men of Letters London Chapter-house. They’re very traditional. Keep out of the way, to their studies, but after the damage Sam’s caused, archangels, leviathans, darkness, they sent her to take him in. He’s just a “jumped-up hunter” playing with things  he doesn’t understand and doing more harm than good. She asks where Dean is. “Dead.” Sam ignores her warnings to stay back and keeps walking. “You and I both know you’re not going to pull the trigger.” She does.

Dean in the no-signal zone: “Where the hell am I?”

The last time we saw Dean, he was in a garden, with the sun high in the sky. Now it’s dark, he can’t find a signal on his phone and doesn’t know where the hell he is. A woman is asking for help. She has a white nightgown and long blonde hair.


Overall grade :  8/10

sam and dean visit marys grave by sasquatchandleatherjacket

Salt gun! Iron! EMF! I didn’t expect a good old fashion hunt in the finale but they went full “Asylum”… in an actual asylum. My, how our boys have grown. It used to take them a whole episode to clean up an abandoned mental hospital and now Soulless Terminator and Knight of Hell have the place Febreezed in less than 2 minutes, with Smart!Dean even having time to use a ghost-trapping device filled with salt. It’s homemade (like that old EMF), and you can tell our ghost nerd was proud of it.

Other blasts from the past, that Winchester Wall of Crime. Oh what fun it is to see bits and pieces from some of the best episodes the show’s ever made. The Blue Steel mugshots from “Folsom Prison Blues”, the police sketch from “Skin”, the camera stills from “Nightwalker”, “Slash Fiction”, and even a cameo by Porn Guy, aka, the incomparable Demon!Dean from “Black”. Memories…

billie gathers the souls by frozen-delight

Here in the present, it looks like the bunker’s turning into a soup kitchen. God, Rowena, Crowley, Billie, Toni. At least Billie brought in some souls, dazzled the crowd, made Crowley blush (what was that? ooh-wee) and went about her business. Important reaper (gorgeous too, my goodness), places to be, millions to reap. Did I mention I was happy to see her again? Always happy to see her, and when she said she was an hour away from reaping God, I screamed, make her a Horseman, now! Lisa Berry, please come back in season 12.

chuck clinging to sam by mooseleys

Back to the others ‘guests’. Chuck. How do I love thee. He was so endearing, clinging to Sam like a babe, humoring Rowena and talking about his children with her, hesitating to give out the recipe that would kill his sister and sitting in a corner clutching a bottle he never drank because he was so very sad Amara, and everything he loved was about to die. He’s just the cuddliest little God ever, and I think it’s adorable that Sam, the one who always had faith, got to take care of God for a bit… before Rowena snatched Chuck’s arm and refused to let go.

crowley gagging at rowena and chucks flirtation by veryamooseing

Speaking of, she and Crowley, two other ‘guests’ of the soup kitchen bunker, were the funniest members of Team God. Crowley raiding the bunker for booze and standing in a corner, defeated but not so dispirited that he lost his sense of humor. Even in the darkest hour, the King doesn’t drink any old rotgut. He didn’t approve of that first bottle of liquor, and he went and found something more suitable to his tastes. He was also gagging at the way his mother was flirting with Chuck and finding that the silver lining to the end of the world was not having to hear her spread any more embarrassing childhood stories about his “wee banger flapping in the breeze”, or that time she told a roomful of demons that he was a chubby child. When Crowley mentioned that Rowena liked to cozy up to powerful people, I was struck once again by how similar they are. Like mother, like son. Survivors, who will align themselves with whoever they need to in order to maintain, improve their station in life and avoid sliding back into the obscurity from whence they came.

Most unwanted guest was Toni. Lady Bevell is every bit the “traditional” member of the order of the Men of Letters. The kind of stuck up librarians my favorite homicidal MOL, Cuthbert Sinclair, gave the finger to in “The Werther Project”. The ones who do nothing but “moulder in their stacks”, and look down on the hunters who put themselves in the line of fire. Like Henry when he met his grandsons, the first words out of Toni’s mouth where insults, for the hunters who make a mess, even when they manage to uncrack the sun. So far, Little Miss Triggerhappy isn’t all that warm and fuzzy but I find the actress interesting enough that I want to give Toni a chance. I had this feeling Lady Bevell wasn’t a love interest when I first heard about her. Now I’m not so sure. She’s a single mom. You know who has a soft spot for those? Dean. She was abrasive, insulting, and she antagonized Sam the first time she met him. It breaks my heart to say this, but every since Sam stopped feeling worthy of pursuing the living goddesses that are the Jessica Moores and Sarah Blakes of this world, he’s ended up falling for every boundary-challenged harpy this show has to offer. Toni’s probably his.

I might have massive issues with Sam’s current taste in women but I’m very proud of the hunter that he is. I was clapping “Hercules, Hercules!” when he refused to roll over and play dead, and cracked the whip on all the depressed mooches in his library. God, a powerful witch and the King of Hell were singing the blues in his house and he wasn’t having it! That’s the Sam I like. No one’s whining in my house, capiche?

amaras listen to the lady in the park by frozen-delight

Amara. So much to say about her. I love Emily Swallow. I miss her already and while I’ve always loved the way she portrays Amara, this episode had to be her best. I would pause through some of her scenes just to see her eyes and they told a million tales. I’ve always seen the lost, lonely being under all the power and anger but she was at her most vulnerable there. My brain was running ragged trying to register all the emotions on her face while she was talking to that sweet old lady: confusion, sadness, surprise, “Hello!”, loneliness, anger, and even her fatigue at carrying all this anger she no longer knew what to do with. Her sense of wonder upon discovering the subtle beauty of nature and her discouragement over the fact that everything she touched died were especially poignant. She looked like a little girl who’d done something wrong and was hiding her hands in her skirt because she didn’t mean to. I’ve always been deeply invested in understanding Amara and last week I finally did. This is what I said about her in the “We Happy Few” Report.

Her obsession with Dean makes even more sense when you look at her past. That softness in her eyes when she looks at a picture of him with his mother. She just wants someone, in her corner, and by her side.

And Dean finally saw it too.

In that same, Report, I also said this.

I find myself rooting for both. For Chuck, a character I’m falling in love with more and more, and who of course, only wants to protect us (his creations). On the other hands, I also understand Amara, and don’t want to think of her chained up, scared and alone again for another billion years. There’s an easy way out of this. Compromise, but it’s incompatible with an epic finale…

amara and chuck holding hands by timetraveldean

I actually didn’t believe both of them would survive and I’m grateful that Chuck is healed and that Amara doesn’t have to be alone ever again. I also I really liked the way the episode tied God with the sun, to the point that by dying, he was taking the sun with him.  What better way to represent the light and its importance to every living thing. Well done.

dean trying to keep it together no chick flick by mooseleys

Jensen’s performance was outstanding. He shone in the emotional scenes and hit every note, perfectly. It starts when Rowena tells Dean he’s the bomb. He’s not given much time to wrap his mind around the information (no one is), but this is where the episode went from simply okay to good. Of course they started playing “Dean’s Theme” to really drive that emotional dagger deeper into my chest. People go on and on about “Carry On My Wayward Son”, and I’m as emotional as the next fangirl when it starts playing, but it’s “Dean’s theme” that leaves me curled up in a corner and hiding my eyes, waiting for the moment where my heart is going to be ripped out of my chest, for the hundredth time. I also loved Jensen’s performance in the cemetery. His little wink at Mary’s grave, his amusement at the desperation in Castiel’s hug, his organizing of the most awesome funeral ever and his difficulty looking at Sam in the eye when he was saying goodbye. Believe it or not, I thought he was even better in the garden. There was zero chance fellow Dean!Girl Amara was going to resist that speech when I was on my feet, waving an invisible flag, yelling, “I volunteer”, “I’m enlisting”, “where do I vote!” And, that slightly broken sound Jensen makes with his throat, “What do you want” just brings me to my knees, EVERY TIME.  It reminded me of his, “I’m begging you, say yes” in “The End”.

dean the firewall by mrsfitzgerald

Speaking only of Dean, I was glad that he was the one who ended up disarming The Darkness. It’s been his storyline since the beginning. She chose him, and God chose him to be the one who would fix her, and even with all his doubts and fears about his ability to defeat Amara, he went in with his heart and brains, understanding that brute force wouldn’t be the solution in this case, and he won. The Divine Firewall prevailed, and disarmed the most powerful opponent the show’s ever seen (doesn’t hurt that she liked him a whoooole lot).

Another lady I love. Mary. So many questions. When Sam talked about Dean’s death, Dean winked at Mary’s grave. That looks to me as if he might be joining her sometime soon. He did. But where? No cell reception and something that looks a lot like ghost Mary in the night? Please tell me this isn’t Heaven, or worse, the Empty. Amara wouldn’t, would she? But then why no reception? It’s always bad news in Supernatural. I’m very anxious to find out what’s going on there.

As for Mary’s youngest son,  he better not be in The Empty. Billie was talking about reaping somebody tonight, maybe. Problem is, based on “Red Meat”, the chances that this one shot took Sam out? Slim. I have no idea what happened there, especially since we didn’t see Sam get shot on screen.  Wish I could be more excited about this but the idea that Sam could wake up in London is my worse case scenario so I’m not thinking too hard about it. You know you’re a fan of Supernatural when, you’re more upset that a character might end up in a plane rather than lost, floating in the void. But, hear me out. Dean would jump into The Empty in a second to find Sam, but planes… Just kidding. He flew for Bobby, of course he’d fly for Sam. Just, please, keep Sam in Lebanon, Kansas, Vancouver. Thank you. Those brother separations are always a drag and I’m really not looking forward to another one.

A couple of head scratching moments. I wonder why Castiel, the one who spent seasons searching for God had no reaction to finally seeing his father and why God, who had all the time in the world to sip tea with Rowena didn’t have two words to spare for his “fave”. I also thought Sam had a very strange reaction when Castiel came back. Was he angry? Because I don’t understand what Jared was told to convey in those curt glances and pinched lips. I thought Misha played a tired, still depressed but always eager to help Castiel well. It was also smart to have Castiel be the one who brought up the souls seeing as he had first hand experience with using them as a source of power to god himself up (to borrow Dean’s expression) in season 6.

All in all, the episode was good, enjoyable. My problem is, I found it was flat. I’m usually revved up and excited after a finale and I was like, oh, okay, see you in October, I guess. After the build up for Amara and Dean, something about the resolution of, you didn’t want me, you wanted him, felt unfinished and a bit like a cop out.I’ve always been highly vocal in my criticism of Jeremy Carver (the what do you mean Sam didn’t look plot), but also in my praise (season 10, season 11, Cain!Dean).

Carver was a king of the epic finale, leaving my world tilted off its axis after “Sacrifice”, “Do You Believe In Miracles” and “Brother’s Keeper”. “Alpha and Omega” left me with…eh, okay. The rushed Winchester discussion about Dean’s mission and the complete lack of tension around Dean becoming a suicide bomber were disappointing in how non-impactful they were. In a finale no less. I know you’ve been killing these characters for a decade, but it should never come across as a formality.

Best Dean moments

“No reason to die sober.”
He’s in denial and completely giving into his alcoholic instincts in his hour of trouble, but would you look at that face? It’s a national treasure. On its own.

dean no reason to die siber by subcas

“I want a big funeral, alright, I’m talking epic.”
This is how he says goodbye, still trying to make them smile, and silently begging Sam to just roll with it because it might hurt a little less if they can all joke about it. They’re all so strong, dignified and selfless. I’d be choking on an ocean of tears and clinging to his shirt, completely useless. Mercy.

deans epic funeral by hellsbells91

Did that boy really wink at his mother’s grave? Such a Dean thing to do. It shouldn’t be cute at all, given the circumstances (young man, you’re in a cemetery), but it is. It also looked like a peaceful acceptance of his impending death, like, see you soon, Mom.

dean winks at marys grave by sasquatchandleatherjacket

Best Sam moments

Sam’s expression after Dean tells him he knows what will happen to him when the bomb explodes. I can feel it, the life draining out of him. Sam, he who usually fights, has nothing left.

sam dean shoulder clap by frozen-delight

“Come on, you know the drill.”
But he’s so tired of the drill. And he can’t believe it’s happening again. He let her out to save Dean and now Dean has to die to put her back in? It just sucks! Jared, man, I feel you.

sam you know the drill by timetraveldean

He’s “dead”. Uh oh, I know this Sam, and he scares me a little. There’s something missing in his eyes. He looks empty, like the robot from “Mystery Spot” who no longer feels, and metallic, and icy like the desperate shadow who yelled “Where’s my brother?” as he was slicing a crossroad’s demon in “Black”. He also looks like he’s two seconds away from doing something stupid… and he does. Jared, man, I FEEL YOU.

sams empty eyes deans dead by out-in-the-open

Best broments

“I need him. He needs me.”
And that, can never be said enough. Thank you, Dean. I love how matter of fact he is about those things. My hero.

dean i need sam sam needs me by itsokaysammy

“He is gonna be a mess.” “Look out for him.”
He’s got one foot in the grave and what is he worried about? This is Dean Winchester we’re talking about, so we know the answer to that question.

dean asks cas to look out for sam

Sam looking all of 12 while he was hugging Dean. My sweet boy, I’m so sorry. He’s still trying to process everything, I can tell. The “Pilot” callback to chick flick moments that preceded that hug was adorable too. My babies…

sam and dean hug by itsokaysammy

Final verdict

sam and dean walksynching by timetraveldean

“What about Earth?”
“Earth will be fine. It has you. And Sam.”

I really loved the way the long quest for God was concluded in this episode. Sam got to be the shoulder God clung to in his time of need (this is a big deal for a believer) and Dean got to see that, yes, he was the man for the job. When the Host of Heaven was given his duties, he asked Castiel to find someone else in “On the Head of the Pin” and told Chuck that this burden was above his pay grade in “All In The Family”, but Kevin was right, and Dean proved capable of doing everything God needed him to do. The Divine Firewall stepped up, and defused the Amara bomb.

chuck gives sam and dean custody of earth by mooseleys

As for Chuck, he showed his confidence and pride in the Winchesters, basically handing them custody of Earth, saying it would be fine, in their hands and under their watch. I’m also proud of Sam, who refused to roll over and play dead when everybody else decided it was time to start imbibing copious quantities of alcohol and wait for the end. He whipped the team back into shape and it’s thanks to him that they came up with the plan that saved the world. I wish he could rub that in Toni’s face, and also tell her that the British Men of Letters can suck it, this hunter’s got the only stamp of approval that matters, God’s.

“What about us?”
I thought it was sweet that Dean looked like he wasn’t quite ready to let Chuck go. The man who no longer believed has come full circle.

Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone…

I too, will miss the Sun God Chuck. I’ll also miss the Dark Goddess Amara. Thank you so much, Show, for these two wonderful, unforgettable, iconic, and exciting characters.

I miss what could have been but never was in “Alpha and Omega”.  I like my finales heavy. There was something so incredibly light and fleeting about this one that it made me sad, like a fading period at the end of an epic tale that leaves you dangling on the edge. The most important parts felt rushed and lacked tension, like Dean finding out that he was the bomb, and he and Sam’s dry, graveside conversation about his impeding death.

Emily moved me and Jensen blew me away. They were both the shining lights of the episode, and I will very much miss the amazing chemistry they had as a duo.

About Lady Bevell. I don’t dislike Toni. While her first meeting with Sam wasn’t the most  pleasant, I sense she has the potential to be an interesting character and she opens up a lot of possibilities for a Men of Letters-focused season 12.

sam walking towards tonis gun by out-in-the-open

I’m not worried about Sam getting shot per se. Now I love that boy to pieces, but after “Red Meat”, I have a hard time believing Terminator Sam was bothered by that one little shot from Miss Toni. What worries me is how reckless he acted, actively antagonizing someone who was pointing a gun at him. Usually when someone’s waving a gun in his face, Sam’s answer is “Hear me out”. This is exactly the kind of “stupid” Dean feared Sam would be up to after his ‘death’ and judging by that icy, metallic, Mystery Spottesque look Sam had in his eyes when he said Dean was “dead”, he might manage to get himself killed before Dean can get back into the bunker, and still end up in The Empty, Oy.

dean seing mary by timetraveldean

My other big worry? Where is Dean? I can’t relax and think about all the sweet “What Is and Never Should Be” Mama’s Boy Dean moments coming our way, until I’m reassured that both he and Mary are alive, in this dimension, and on their way to the bunker. Okay maybe I’m not completely meh about it all. I’m just used to getting mini heart attacks from every Carver finale and I kept waiting for my heart to give out on me (temporarily) after this one. Never happened.

So end of an era? Yes, no? Did you feel like me, a notable difference between Carver’s style and Dabb’s style?

Tell me which finale was your favorite here! Season 8, 9, 10, or 11?



XI : Winchester Brothers Report
11.01 We Broke It, We Bought It”
11.02 That Giant, Crazy Fart”
11.03 And I have a fake badge”
11.04 We’re home”
11.05 “That whole sensitive verbal massage”
11.06 “She overpowered me, end of story”
11.07 What do you mean, killer bunny?”
11.08 The family that showers together”
11.09 “If Sam’s not safe, it’s not happening”
11A Midseason Report Card “So, lock and key?”
11.10 “Sam can’t talk cause he’s waxing…”
11.11 “All that’s ever mattered is that we’re together”
11.12 And when you mix it up with the potatoes and the beans”
11.13 “I can’t help it if I’m a hopeless romantic.”
11.14 “Non, je ne regrette rien.”
11.15 “Groupie, much?”
11.16 “I got ya.”
11.17 “You got him, I need him, let’s make a deal.”

“We geteth it.”
Two hunters who make it to the finish line.”
“I’m not leaving you. Ever.”
11.21 “You’re the firewall between light and darkness.”
11.22 “This is the worst episode of Full House, ever.”

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    1. Lol, Southeast. Do you think Sam is really on danger? Or that Dean is in trouble?

      I don’t really see the show revisiting Soulless Sam or Demon Dean in season 12. I foresee a lot of storylines involving the Men of Letters however. I’m open to that. I like that element of the show, and the fact that Sam and Dean are “legacies” * chuckles because always Dean looks so proud when he says that * lol.


  2. ” but it’s “Dean’s theme” that leaves me curled up in a corner and hiding my eyes, waiting for the moment where my heart is going to be ripped out of my chest, for the hundredth time. ”

    Oh yes -me too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent breakdown of the finale.
    I agree, I don’t think Sam would be taken out by one bullet, that’s if she was trying to kill him at all, which I doubt. I like the actress just fine actually, and yeah she does seem an intriguing addition to season 12, but I still hope Sam and Dean destroy the London chapterhouse, solely because of their bs decision, to go after the brothers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, lkeke 🙂
      I noticed that Toni didn’t move her hand at all which leads me to believe she shot him in the chest. Those kinds of details don’t really matter in terms of continuity though so it could very well had been a warning shot. I don’t want Sam and Dean to destroy the London chapter. That would make them as bad as Abaddon. They’re Men of Letters after all. They can go the Cuthbert route of mooning their fellow MOLs on their way out but destroying them would make them bonafide villains. Even Cuthbert didn’t go this far.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooooh, alright, I guess. I’m just mad because really, they have a lot of nerve to be passing judgment when they could’ve come to offer them some help as soon as they learned the American chapter was back online.

        Like a lot of characters they leave the brothers to their own devices, and when the brothers make decisions they don’t like, vilify them for it. I dont like that.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Lol! I understand being heated about that.

          “Like a lot of characters they leave the brothers to their own devices, and when the brothers make decisions they don’t like, vilify them for it. I dont like that.”

          Exactly! All those hypocrites! I have to say, I don’t know why they insist in introducing female characters who are supposed to become recurring this way. I can see through the facade, but they did Miss Toni no favors having her come after the Winchesters like that. She’s gonna get that Bela treatment from factions of the fandom I can feel it lol.

          Signed, a Bela Talbot fan.

          Liked by 1 person

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