Season 11: A different type of season finale

Andrew Dabb changes the expectations of a season finale  by presenting the end of s11 and the beginning of s 12 in a tight script. In fact, it is the last installment of 4 episodes that serve as the finale of season 11. 11.23 is not action packed or full of visually stunning scenes of angels falling, eyes turning black, or black fog encompassing Baby. It does close the s 11 arc and manages to turn the page season 12 It is after all the Alpha and the Omega. Definitely the mark of a new show-runners Dabb and Singer.

The attention to detail in props, fx,and dialogue stand out as well as the director’s choice of camera angles. The opening montage takes us through the season as we remember that season 11 has been a solid entry into the Winchester lore. The center themes of family, revenge, loyalty,redemption, and bravery exude in quick paced dialogue with all players present.There is a  new beginning with Lady Blackwell as she leaves her child under orders of the MOL UK chapter to bring in the Winchesters,as she says to Sam,you are”jumped up hunters playing with things you don’t understand…” Leaving a child behind to “hunt” feel familiar to anyone?(Rowena?Fergus   John?two young sons)

Season 12 appears to have a different focus. Are the Winchesters the “bad guys”? Can they truly become Men of Letters or convince the other MOL that they are worthy. If this episode is anti-climactic with action aside from the ghost busting scenes, it certainly contains many memorable moments and pieces of dialogue that will go into the permanent fandom memory. Admit it, you know those lines already!

Delightful details:(not in any order) Check out the label of the beer as I believe it is Jerry Wanak’s mom’s name-MargieKeugal.(He is set director).

Cas back to his not getting metaphors- “I didn’t know dogs had breakfast” in response to Crowley’s comparison to how plan A failed so badly. A return to the original Cas?

Dean: “No reason to die sober” Sam: “No”. So Winchester. The last call.

Beer run in Baby. Great camera work inside the car. Dean’s knee hardly fits. Dean tells Cas he is the best friend they ever had and that Cas is a brother.  180 degree turn when Sam calls with plan B. Baby is truly a character of her own….still.

Rowena to Dean,”so that is a gun you have in your pocket?” Rowena’s other memorable line is a description of Fergus running around without pants as a child”his sweet banger flapping in the breeze.” And her magic crystal to catch souls with a spell from the book of the damned leads Dean to speak in a Scottish accent as he imitates Rowena on their quest to collect souls. Can you hear Rowena’s voice? Sam’s glance of disbelief at Dean.

Of course, Crowley has a great line in response to his Mom’s detailed description of Fergus,”Thank God the world is ending!”

Dean’s cynicism at Rowena’s spell,”Give the magic word a shot because we’re six” brings us back to the innocence lost of two young motherless boys.  Sam goes to “piss of the ghosts” as Dean prepares the room: salt, iron, shot gun, crystal. I’s a hunt that is now so routine for us. Of course, the magic word is “haggis” which is a Scottish meal consisting of sheep intestines stuffed with oatmeal. The ghost busting scene-thank you makeup and fx – reminds us of Winchester bravery as Sam up against a wall shouts for Dean to say the magic word. What a team!

There are 3 centers to this work. One is the scene at Mary’s grave. Dean forever the protective brother, gives Cas the job of watching over Sam, “Sam’s gonna be a mess. Look out for him. Don’t let him do anything stupid.” Cas-Dean hug building up to the Dean/Sam hug with Dean admitting he likes chick flicks. The quiet emotion is so powerful on screen and then it gets a dose of flavor from Dean about his funeral”open bar, Sabbath cover band, Busey to read the eulogy.” Quiet acting instead of physical, but J2 do it so, so, well. They are brothers. The glassy eyes and the hug tell the story.

The last round of drinks is on Sam at the “Lazy Shag” tavern-insert your own joke here, as the “don’t let the sun catch you crying” vintage 1960’s song plays on.Gorgeous camera shots of a dying sun punctuate the seriousness andt he non-choice the Winchesters have to make. Sacrifice.

The beautiful change to the Amara/Dean scene in a garden that was built on a sound stage is impressive as serves as another center for the piece. The beauty of the naural world is overwhelming for Amara and the viewer. Amara’s revelation that her brother’s creations are things of beauty. She suddenly appreciates it all and Dean has been an agent of change for her. Her discussion of hate/love of family with a grandmotherly character change Amara into a more vulnerable character…at last. Dean’s approach toward Amara, still optimistic that he can convince her to tap into her human part and forgive Chuck, is central to the themes of “Supernatural.” All the while a squeeze of his fingers can end it all- Dramatic, tense, quiet and so effective.

The third center is the restoration of balance in the universe as Chuck and Amara unite into a beautiful whirl of white and dark smoke to have that family meeting. Chuck takes away the soul bomb. Dean: “What about the Earth?”  It will be okay as it has Dean. And Sam. says Chuck. Amara has what she needs most-Chuck- who restores to his glory. Amara repays Dean with what “he needs the most” The characters are staring at a bright , restored sun while Sam’s face reflects the cost of this salvation. Quiet and beautiful shot. Sam returns to the bunker- distraught.He ignores Cas’ offer of being there for him, when Cas is sigiled away. It echos the end of season 7 when Sam thought he truly lost Dean.  Sam and Lady Blackmore confront each other. Is Sam being reckless when he dares her to shoot or does he deflect her bullet- she shoots but does she aim a him as we hear the bullet casing drop to the floor- dramatic.

Honorable mention: Billie’s entrance and exchanges glance with Crowley. Rowena flirting with Chuck. Crowley- anything he says is so pointed and his facial expressions are just so spot on.

And we close out with Dean emerging from greenery unable to get a signal as he hears someone asking for help. Last word of the script,”Mom” as Mary Winchester appears. Is this what Dean wants? Family, yes, but hasn’t it always been Sam? Is this Earth or another realm somewhere between? End of “Mom”- where it all began. The Alpha and the Omega.

How long will show let Sam think Dean is dead?

So, yes a quieter end from past seasons in terms of action but just as full of impact on the direction of the show.  Some think that the writers boxed themselves into a corner by tackling the God/Amara story. Perhaps it could have been a series finale, but lucky for us, it is just a change in direction. The change in show-runners is evident. Which direction “Supernatural” goes will be answered in October. Until then, I’ll just stay here..

I got a lot more from the episode on second watch. Recently watched 11.1. In retrospect, I heard Amara say to Dean that he doesn’t want to kill her not that he cannot. Makes for an interesting interpretation of the season.




















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  1. Thoughts on whether or not, now that God has come and gone and Armageddon diverted, will Castiel and the crew of angles and devils be out of the picture ? Hopefully, Crowley will remain.


    1. Now might be the time for the angel/demon war as the angels need leadership and the demons are rebellious against Crowley now that he has once again helped the MOL. Then there is Mary’s return and Sam’s abduction. MOL might need some convincing that the Winchesters are not just “hunter apes”.


  2. The only let down is the God appearance – Amara is indeed a Goddess, but the little jerk they had portraying God was a real let down, he would have made a adequate Loki – but not the Big Guy. I couldn’t understand half of what the feminized version of James Bond was saying due to her thick British accent but the final scenes look promising nonetheless. The genius of Supernatural is the combination of unique characters and generally very good writing (most of the time). There was no real reason to bring in the new prophet (the Chemistry professor) as the story went – just of minor assistance and then destroyed by Amara – I think it would have made a much better story for the new prophet to have been been a go between the gang and God, keeping God a more distant, unknowable and powerful character. I mean, Dean shedding a tear before this dubious looking little character they had playing God was weak.
    Looking forward to next season.


    1. “What if God was one of us?” says the song. According to the Judeo-Christian system man was made in his image and besides He doesn’t let folks see him in his true form, so Rob Benedict plays nebish well and he was the actor used at the end of “Swan song” and quite popular with fandom-they went with that. Not sure how anyone can portray the character of HIM with any accuracy. Besides Metatron only a few have seen his true visage(in the show that is), so I go with it. Swallow’s Amara is of the goddess nature-yahoo females- but then again she was inhabiting a human child that grew into that body. As for Dean’s tear….Did he and if so, was it for humanity or for Chuck? Yes, I agree Toni Blackmore’s accent was heavy and her dialogue difficult to understand- was it a sound issue? “Cause I heard the casing fall after the shot pretty clearly. Twists and turns.


      1. That’s my point re God. Shouldn’t have shown him at all, other than very obliquely with the new prophet as a go between, then maybe the teary Dean scene would have been more palatable. Oh well, thank God they’ve scraped by with this rather shallow and disappointing conclusion. I just hope the James Bond in a dress isn’t too much of an obnoxious feminist.


        1. I wonder if the backlash from fandom about doing away with strong females has resulted in this new character? Be careful what you wish for, fandom, it doesn’t always come back the way you want it to- Read “The Monkey’s Paw”, a short story. This character can open a whole new path for the show as far as the definition of villains, decisions that are truly not black or white. My hope is that Dabb knows the characters well enough to not deviate so much that it does not work for the show, otherwise it could make us beg for a finale, finale. I would prefer show go out, when it does, as intact as possible in that it stays true to who the Winchesters are as characters. Part of me still hears Sam asking Dean if he might want a relationship perhaps with another hunter. Now does Lady Blackmore as a WOL who hunts, now fall into that category? I really don’t want a soapy arc. Clearly, she and Sam are going to spend time together over the summer months until October, and someone shooting at a Winchester is sometimes the beginning of a relationship-even a twisted one. There are many ways Dabb and Singer can go… we have to hope it is one that works for our boys and fandom.

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          1. Were fans wanting a “stronger” female character ? The British female character that was alway scamming Dean and Sam was entertaining and I hated to see her get ripped by the Hell Hounds. The butch fems are generally OK if not overdone, so we’ll have to wait and see how Jane Bond works out.


            1. Well our show most often(save Jodi Mills at the moment) ends up killing of strong female characters. In the third season, Bela Talbot was going to be a love interest for Dean but the season was cut short due to the writers’ strike, so the season was truncated. It did work for me that she was the product of a x-road demon deal and that she could not escape her fate to parallel Dean’s fate with the Hell hounds. The difference was that Dean made the deal to save Sammy. She made the deal to save herself- although maybe from a bad situation, but she had her parents killed. It was not detailed due to the shortened season. The actress grew up in England, but is American. She has a major role in “Walking Dead”. I liked the chemistry she had with Dean but it never developed as it never does because fandom might take a fit if one of the boys had a permanent relationship. I still hear Sam’s question to Dean about having a real relationship in 11.4, This introduction of Lady Blackmore can go in several directions- we shall see.


        2. As a writer, one has to make choices as to how to portray Him/Her. If Amara is shown as a female vessel, then the writers had to balance with a male vessel. Since Kripke agrees that Chuck was Him, then the writers were boxed into that visage. Whether it should have been or not, I still think Mr. Benedict played it well. And it really cannot go much farther with that arc- He restored our central players, even Lucifer, so we are essentially back at onset of the saga where He is absent again but has faith in humanity, especially the Winchesters. Re-set.

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          1. Umm, I still think using the new prophet to keep the mystery of God would have been better. If not, at least a more Aryan looking God would have been more palatable.


  3. How many tv programs, or for that matter movies, that you can watch more than once and ‘get more out of them.’ Not just relish scenes and dialogue you like, but see into them more, more that is actually there due to such acting and depth of character and story.. Even watching a third time, even seeing a set of three the click is made.


  4. Dean is all about family. How many times has he taken Sam back after a really bad mistake?”It’s about getting him(Sam) back, not pushing him away”- Bobby season4.


  5. “I got a lot more from the episode on second watch.”

    Every time I watch it I like it better. I like to watch the last 3 episodes without commercial interruption. They really are 3 parts of a whole.
    I loved the ending-that Dean knew it was a family squabble and knew how to explain to Amara about brotherly love and forgiveness, thereby saving the world

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