So do you think Sam is Dead or not?

We never saw his death on screen, so I am putting this question to the vote, as you all know I love the old ballot vote. So share your thoughts with me. Do you think it was just a surface wound, like Bela did back in Season 3 over the scratch cards, or do you think the bullet wound was way more permanent, and Sammy is dead as a dodo! Who is Toni, we know she is from the British Men of Letters, but why is she here. And why does she want SAM dead?

Also whilst polling, do you think Mary Winchester will last. Do you think this long time coming reunion will end bitterly, and in disaster. Is Mary all she seems. After all a Supernatural being bought her back. So who’s to say, she isn’t just some figment of Dean’s imagination? Was this a nice, kind thought on Amara’s point, or will this turn out to be something rather more sinister? Would love to know what you think about both points.

Written and Pubished by: Bella

Photographs: Courtesy and Property of ‘The CW’

Poll: Courtesy of Polldaddy.



4 thoughts on “So do you think Sam is Dead or not?

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  1. Interesting that Jensen is up in Vancouver shooting and Jared was in Austin at the birthday party( a bit early but he will be in Vancouver filming on his birthday) Gen insisted on making for him. Maybe Sam is not ever present in the premiere or has less presence at the beginning. Just speculative.


  2. Production of season 12 is up and running in Vancouver. Jensen and Misha and Baby have been spotted. It is obvious from the finale that Sam and Dean and Castiel are in separate locations, so not so worrisome that Jared is not visible in the outside Misha videos. Lady Blackwell, I am sure, shot the gun at Sam. Now exactly where the bullet landed, is the cliff hanger. Has she taken him back to England? Is he being held her prisoner and recovering in an unknown spot? Did Sam disarm her despite being wounded? Was it only a warning shot? (Insider joke-maybe she hit him in the process). Since we know that Billie is not going to allow any re-dos, Sam is not dead.
    Is the season going to be one where the Winchesters evade the MOL and then flip their minds on their stance? Will the Winchesters lose the bunker and go back to on the road trip and musty motels? It appears that Misha is working episode one, so Cas may have a larger arc for a while. As far as Mary, it could go in so many ways. Is she Dean’s partner as they look for Sam? More as soon as I find out from sources who might know.

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    1. I saw a sneak peak from I think Comicon-and Sam is alive but in trouble-looked like torture!

      They say Dean is going to do a Liam Neeson like in Taken-now that I a on board for!

      What does everyone think of Rick Springfield as one of Lucifer’s vessels? I love it!


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