The road so far…this summer.

Many of us find ourselves spending leisure time away from home with later sunsets and pleasant weather during the traditional summer months of July and August. For the cast and crew of Supernatural, the production of season 12 is well underway with work on episode 3 about to start his week. J2 are well coifed as they  resume their roles as Sam and Dean.

What do we know about season 12 so far? Reports from the San Diego Comicon panel*, the NerdQ* panel, and  Pittcon* (just prior to filming) reveal that J2 and M2 are grateful for fandom and are  committed to representing their characters with all their talents.  Jared’s comment about “milking the pig for as long as …can”is in context to a photo of Thomas and J.J. posing as the next generation of hunters, flashlights in hand, as they go down to the basement. And why not a next generation?  Studios love a good franchise, e.i. Star Trek.But, first lets let the Winchester brothers carry on for as long as good stories present themselves and our actors stay focused.

By all accounts, s 12 is going to be a more intimate story of the Winchesters in sharp contrast  to the big arc of Chuck and Amara. After God, how do you go bigger? New show-runners, Andrew Dabb  and Robert Singer tell us at Comicon that the story is smaller. There will be an exploration of the dynamic between Mary and her now adult sons with many monster hunts. Mary is the Mary from the ’80’s. She finds her sons living the life she wanted to escape but, she is after all a hunter. I expect that she will fill Sam’s seat in Baby while he is held by the MOL. Dean’s idealized Mom might lose some of her shine on this journey and it might be a bit too late in Dean’s development to change his outlook on life. This could be an interesting dynamic if canon is respected. Buy her a pair of jeans for the 21st century, put away that white, iconic night gown and have at it Winchester! One hopes that Mary lasts long enough so that Sam gets to know her as well. He always seems to lose her just as he gets to know her. She has sacrificed herself for him before(S1)  but also might need to atone for trading access to him as an infant to YOD. Yes, this trope has been used before, but maybe it can be fleshed out a bit more in season 12. And of course, Dean and Mary will look for Sam. That’s what family does in the SPN universe.(Except s 8).

Sam was shot, perhaps in the leg, by Lady Blackmore. He knows that the Darkness was stopped but has no clue that Dean is alive. He has no idea that someone will come looking for him. Jared jokingly said he must have pissed off one of the writers as they have him being tortured again. Jensen says to look for bits of Liam Neeson’s “Taken” film in Sam’s rescue. Ready for conflict between the idealism of the MOL and the reality based legacies that are Sam and Dean? In a way, the MOL are a dysfunctional family. Again, family as center-point.

Castiel will have much of his angel mojo back although Misha says the wings are still broken. Rumor has it that Cas feels he was duped by Lucifer and wants to follow up. I liked s 4 Castiel ,but hope he does not lose his ability to hug the boys. His brother Lucifer is out and about. Yes, it is about family.

The biggest news came when Robert Singer announced that Lucifer will be played by Rick Springfield. First, let me say that Mr. Pelligrino will forever be iconic in that role. (He is filming another project and is unavailable). Using a different vessel, and there may be more than one this season, intrigues me. Hoping it will add to the canon that was revealed in s 11 about Lucifer’s motivations. Mr. Springfield’s entrance into the Winchester universe is early in the season(ep2?). Another bit of family lore.

The second big reveal is that the family dynamic between Crowley and Rowena will continue to misfire, as Gavin re-enters the family. Crowley set him free a few seasons ago. Haven’t we been wondering when the writers would pull him into our universe? Rowena is not the grannie type. And she admits that if she didn’t hate her son, she would have to love him. Mark Sheppard jokingly begged Singer to kill off Crowley, but at conventions, he genuinely loves the role. The writers could go far with parallels to the Winchesters or go in a completely different direction. As Dabb says  about the s 11 finale at Comicon, (I paraphrase), sometimes you go in a different direction than fandom wants; sometimes it works, sometimes not. (See my comments on a different kind of finale s 11 on this blog).

Neither Dabb nor Singer are new to Supernatural. Both have produced great scripts and Singer always delivers strong directorial efforts. As show runners, they have to maintain the essence of Supernatural while keeping it creative. Executive Producer, Jim Michaels, has tweeted that it is too early to know about season 13 pick up. So, lets go for a terrific s 12. However, we have to wait until mid October.   Until then….

Carry on.

*Youtube has versions of these panels and interviews should you have the time or desire to watch.













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  1. I am so looking forward to season 12! Bringing Mary back is a great idea. Her character needs to explain and atone to her sons about her demon deal that caused unbelievable heartbreak to everyone that she loved. Being a hunter herself, Mary had to have known the consequences to her actions, so this should be a very interesting storyline. I’m glad that the show is returning to a more intimate storytelling format and foregoing the huge story arcs. How many times can the boys survive apocolyptic circumstances and how often can the boys save the world and remain interesting?


    1. And the storyline remain interesting and FRESH? I am also hoping for an AU storyline as well. I think Sam should wake up beside Jessica with 2.5 kids and a dog but he still possesses his memories from the past 11 or 12 seasons but no one has heard of Dean Winchester. Everyone thinks he is losing his mind because Sam is frantically looking for a brother that doesn’t exist to anyone else.


      1. What if Dean has been the one with ptsd after the fire and Sammy never made it out and Dean has been hallucinating the whole time. Both scenarios, this one and the one you put forth are the it was all a dream endings or the St. Elsewhere ending where the characters were figments of an autistic boy’s inner thoughts. Writers would never go there. Sam and Dean are both real fictional characters in the minds of writers and in the spn universe.


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