Supernatural Linkspam

Here’s some links about some of the major plotlines of season 12 of Supernatural, which returns on Oct. 13th.

<i>Supernatural</i>: Jensen Ackles, EP Preview Dean and Sam's 'Happy' Reunion, <i>Taken</i> Homage


The creators have admitted that they are not going ot try to top the God plotline from last season. They plan on telling a smaller more intimate story that deals with the brothers family life, and the return of Mary Winchester.

This also includes Rick Springfield, (AAAAHHHHH!!!!!), the 80s Rock star, (Jessie’s Girl) as one of Lucifer’s vessels.

‘Supernatural’ Season 12: Stars Talk Mary’s Return, ‘Back to Basics’ Approach

Also I’m really looking forward to the familial dynamic that will be added with Mary, how she looks at their life, the British Men of Letters and how they work, and how Castiel fits into all of this. I love the idea of the creators going back to the basics, telling a more family oriented story for the season. Its all about the relationships, with some monster hunting, and action, thrown in. Exactly why I fell in love with this show in the first place.



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