Supernatural Season 11 Overview

I really enjoyed this season. I think the overall theme, one which was hammered home in episode after episode was the re-integration/reunion of broken families. From the re-establishment of Sam and Dean’s relationship and the  breaking, and re-institution, of other sibling units, such as Chuck and Amara. nearly every episode carried the theme of siblings, and other family members killing, or saving, each other.



I really enjoyed these episodes and would re-watch them many times. At least one of these has a permanent spot on my DVR.



This is one of my all-time favorites for the  season. I think I wrote earlier that the rest of the season would be graded on a scale of “Baby”. I love how, after shows have been on the air a number of years, the writers like to play around with the formats, giving us musical episodes, silent episodes, or episodes set entirely in one location. like Dean’s Impala. My favorite moment was the valet doing  donuts in an empty lot with Baby. At first I thought Baby might feel violated, but she rarely gets to do donuts,  so then I wondered if Baby thought that was a lot of fun.



Just My Imagination

This was a really sweet  and lovely episode, and almost as perfect as Baby. I loved it that Sam had an imaginary friend and that all the imaginary characters knew each other, and thought of themselves as a family.That the Zanna, looked on the children they were friends with, as their family too. I loved the little flashbacks of Sully encouraging Sam to be his wonderful self, and be happy. I liked that Sully still loved and cared for all his charges over the years, and like Chuck much  later in the season, he owns up to the mistakes he made, and tries to atone. My favorite moment was Sully’s little counseling session with an adult Sam. This episode was about the reconciliation of a broken family, and in the meantime, there was also a little fixing of Sam and Dean, because it wasn’t out of Sully’s way or anything.

Devil In The Details

I just liked this one because it had some sublimely silly moments as we meet Lucifer again.Somehow I didn’t picture Disco music would be involved. It was also genuinely scary as we weren’t sure if Sam would resist becoming Lucifer’s vessel again.


The Vessel

I thought this episode was brilliantly shot. Its  gorgeous, and Dean in a sailor outfit doesn’t hurt the eyes. I always like these historically themed shows. Its interesting trying to watch Dean navigating the social mores of the past. Now we need at least one episode where Sam goes into the past without Dean and has to try to save him. Something tells me, Sam would be more successful at fitting in then Dean.


Don’t Call me Shurley

This episode was all kinds of fun. It gets an A+ for the return of Chuck Shurley, and Metatron steps up and does a solid for humanity, which I wasn’t expecting.



Its Alright:

I’d watch these again, depending on my mood. They have some really good moments and aren’t bad episodes, they’re just not standout episodes compared to the ones listed above. I guess these would receive a B grade rather than an A.

The Bad Seed

This is mostly just okay. I like it more for the title which is from a 1956 movie about a little girl who happens to be a psychopath. I’m going to take a wild guess and say the title is a reference to Amara. We get some Castiel and Rowena action, which is always cool. Too bad Castiel’s arc this season was kind of directionless. Its s like the writers don’t really know what to do with Cas, anymore. What they need to do is make him fully a part of the Winchester family, rather than having him be separated from, or at odds with, the brothers, all the time.


This one was actually scary. We got some killer clown action in this one, which always creeps me out, and just the idea of haunted plushies is kinda weird. Its also more than a little sad. I really liked the return of Sheriff Donna Hanscum. Its always really nice to see Donna, because she reminds me of the Sheriff from Fargo, and I’m glad this show has some recurring female characters.This episode too is about dealing with the aftermath of a broken family, and its also a sibling episode, as Rita tries to deal with the murderous ghost of her brother Chester.

O Brother, Where Art Thou

This  is the lead up to the Lucifer episode. Its not great, but its okay and worth watching again.

Safe House

I loved the return of Bobby and Rufus. I really miss them and this was a good episode for everyone to be reunited with old family, including the viewers. We keep revisiting the themes of dead siblings, as Dean has visions of Sam dead or dying.


Red Meat

This episode is also about killing and saving family. Michelle has to kill her husband when he’s infected by a werewolf, while Dean tries desperately to save Sam again, as he believes Sam is dead. We even get a visit from Billie the Reaper

Alpha and Omega

I think this season ended very well, and actually made me happy, in a way, with the reconciliation between Amara and her brother. I thought it was touching how it played out, although I realize some fans were disappointed. I’m one of those people who loves it when a show does the unexpected, so I wasn’t bothered by the ending. It was very different from most seasons in which at least one of the brothers dies horribly,and that was refreshing. Yes, the show has changed a lot from the first five seasons, but one thing the writers have never seemed to forget, is the focus on Family. The focus may not have been specifically on Sam and Dean, this season, but the theme of Family still remains front and center.





I don’t actually hate these becasue they’re not awful, compared to some episodes I could name. I’m just not particularly interested in seeing them again. Some episodes you only need to see once.

Thin Lizzie

As much as I can remember, this is  your standard Monster of the week episode. The whole Amara eating souls thing was a bit of a Red herring. I thought there’d be more to that.The antagonist, who has her soul eaten by Amara, craves the oblivion that Amara has to offer because of her past abuse, and kills what’s left of her family, so there can be no reconciliation there.

Don’t You Forget About Me

I’m just never interested in Claire or what she’s doing. I don’t dislike her, really. I just think she’s kind of boring. Its always nice to see Sheriff Mills again though. This is another episode focusing on the re-integration of a broken family and had some really cute moments. I like Jody’s interaction with the guys, which is always fun to watch.

Beyond the Mat

Okay, I confess, I didn’t even watch this one.  I didn’t even review it and I wasn’t particularly interested in watching it when it aired. I must have had some other concerns at the time, but I can’t for the life of me, remember what those concerns might have been.


I left out quite a number of episodes, but not because they were especially bad or because I didn’t like them. Most of the ones I left out were mythology episodes, that were written to further the main plot of this season, which is Amara trying to find and kill Chuck. This wasn’t a great season, but it had some spectacular moments, some merely  good moments, and the usual duds. I dont generally like to number rate seasons but I’d give this one a 7.5 (very close to an 8, just for the Baby episode) out of 10.


5 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 11 Overview

  1. My problem wasn’t with God and Amara reconciling. I don’t mind the out of the box lower key ending. My problems were that so many emotional thread got dropped. Sam ends up championing Lucifer? Sam spent the entire first half of the season believing in and praying to God for guidance and then doesn’t get one scene with him, while Dean gets two? Castiel, who has had an entire journey devoted to finding his father God, becoming Godstiel, etc doesn’t get a scene with God? Dean’s “bond” with Amara never really went anywhere? Those were huge gaps for me.

    I generally liked this season and I enjoyed all the episodes you liked. I even liked most of your meh episodes. Then they blew a lot of the goodwill by leaving out any Sam or Cas interactions with God AND completely ignoring any emotional reaction of Sam toward Lucifer.

    I will say that it felt to me like when Carver left, the writing staff looked at the story and decided they just wanted to get it over with and clear the decks. Maybe it was always intended to end the way it did, but it felt messy and unfinished.

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    1. There’s a lot of stuff I didn’t mention exactly because those plot points just didn’t go anywhere, and I really am confused about what the writers are doing with Castiel. His story arc is not really going anywhere, and I miss the bad ass Castiel from earlier seasons. I’m not a fan of this repentant Castiel

      Plot wise this season wasn’t very strong, but I do give the writers credit for staying on point all the way through it. The season was filled with a lot of really nice, feel good, moments that I’m okay with, plus add the stand out episodes (which I really enjoyed) and that gets the season a B grade.


    2. I read somewhere that there was a scene with Sam and Chuck talking about Lucifer and that Chuck wouldnt let him hurt Sam which would have explained Sam not being scared of him. They never should have cut it.

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