Congratulations to Jensen and Daneel Ackles

Its been confirmed by professional sources that Jensen and Daneel are having ‘TWINS!’ A boy and another wee girl to keep JJ company.

The blog here would love to congratulate the couple and reports are hinting babies will be born this DECEMBER. Lets raise a class and say WOW!

Ackles Twins 1

Written and published by: Bella

Citing Source: courtesty of IMDb poster gonzosgirrl, and Celebrity





3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Jensen and Daneel Ackles

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  1. Remember when Jared raced up to Jensen all excited and Jensen thought, ” Daneel is pregnant and she told Jared first!”?

    Come to find out all the excitement was Supernatural had been renewed for a 12th season!

    Warmest Congratulations to all the Cowboy Boots lined up in a row!


    1. Of course if it is true it is great news. Jensen had mentioned that the “formula” for making babies hadn’t worked yet at a convention earlier this year so, I thought to myself,”They must be working on it”. He is basically a private person when it comes to his personal life as he has the right to be. Family first.
      And of course the Jensen and Dee would have to have time together to work on this project, so that would coincide with the end of season 11 and the due date of December. And also explains why he would want more time to spend with family and opt not to direct an episode. Jensen, Dee, and JJ are all spotted together in Vancouver so far this filming season. If it is true, of course.


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