Getting to know Mary?

Well, season 12 is back in full swing. Over the Summer I seemed nervous about Mary’s return and how she would fit in to the boys daily routine’s. Those doubts soon dwindled as I found myself connecting with her on screen, and thinking what was I ever worrying about. Samantha Smith reminded me of Ellen Harville, her grit, badass behavior and determination to get a job done. She could feel out of her depth, and a bit of a lost in the woods feel. But with interactions with Dean then Cas those early fears of hers soon deminished. Dean was there as a guiding light, a shoulder to cry on which I loved.

At first I desperately wanted John Winchester to come back, I have waited years to see him and guess my feelings over shadowed Mary’s reunion with her boy. Dean and Mary soon clicked and you could see they still had a spark, a mother and son dynamic that soon melted out hearts. Dean’s feelings for his mom were clear that he still deeply loved her, and that never wavered throughout the episode. He shone like a bright diamond and Jensen know’s how to cry. The hug over the shoulder and those dewwey dripped eyes make it all so real that Mom Winchester has come home.

The boys needed a lift like this, particularly after Bobby dying and the loss of so many close friends. Dean’s memories of his mom were over 30 years ago, so were faded but were soon bought to the fore ground when she made an unexpected return.  Mary new her son loved her, considering what little time they had spent together. Four years isn’t long when you think about it. What memories would Dean have stored in his brain, that still remained and are still at the fore front of his mind?

Mary’s deep thinking flashback made it  all to clear to us that those thoughts remained clearly imprinted on her mind, and she knew she died in a brutal way, pinned to the ceiling above her infant son burning. I bet that was jarring for her. Our minds can play tricks on us, I wonder what she must have been thinking, is this really, really real? Did that really happen to me? Am I really here? How do I deal with this?

I have to give it to Andew Dabb. I had my doubts thinking he’s been one of my favourite writers on this show, some thinking that he is a Sam boy and just writes for Sam. But I don’t see that debate in my mind at all. I think Dean did have a role to play and rocked. He cared for his mom and showed her affection and was very attentive eventhough perhaps in deep shock himself. Writing such a reunion script can’t be easy, and when you see peoples work act out on screen it must be such a reward for a writer to see it pan out. A mother and Son scene is draining to act at the best of times, and I think Dean and Mary have natural chemistry, nothing false, nothing forced genuine as the day is long. Some still think young Mary should have come back because of the age difference between the boys and Sam Smith but that doesn’t over bother me, if the acting is up there. It sure was!

Image result for young mary winchester supernatural

One final section about Mary and Cas, I loved their intro, and how they interacted. How one bounced off the other and both being in similar situations. Cas understood Mary, and tried to guide her the best way he could. Using the word ‘difficult’ to express how she must be feeling. Modern day America to past America in her day 33 years ago. Cas too felt an outsider, and we could see how there interactions and story telling were falling into place?

So what did you feel about Mary?

What were your first thoughts about her coming back, and since after you first saw her on screen last night?

Do you think she will fit in, and be around for the long haul, or something might go wrong down the line?

Written and Published by: Bella

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10 thoughts on “Getting to know Mary?

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  1. Surprisingly I loved it. I was really dreading it-I thought for sure the writers were going to screw her up-but they did a great job. So did the actress and man oh man can Jensen wring tears out of me with a look or a word. My Dean is 4-he was when you died.

    Dean knowing their whole relationship was so sweet and Mary’s reaction to the Impala was great! OMG was Dean conceived back there? I’m pretty sure that’s where they were going with it. It makes sense as when we find out Mary is pregnant she is still living with her parents so where else would they have done the deed?

    So far I think they are doing a great job with Mary-lets see when the other writers tackle her storylines. Im looking at you nep duo!


    1. I do have to admit, and I didn’t say this before. that I really like the actress who plays Mary. I thought she was just great. Her wonderment when she looked at Dean, her skillz at combat, her astonishment at the sight of the computer. She was “cool beans”, as a friend of mine used to say.

      I cannot wait until her first meeting with Sam. I’m probably gonna cry.


      1. I like her too Ikeke, first time I’ve liked a female since Ellen Harville. I think Sam is doing a real good job. Her hunting skills really surprised me, and I freaked at one point thinking WTF where did that blow come from. She is on par with her sons without a doubt. I loved that computer scene, that was so well done, her acting was superb, so soft, so moving you really felt her concerns.

        B xx

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    2. I have got to re-watch that bit because its not registered. I hadn’t taken that bit in, that Dean had been concieved in the back of babe. No wonder Mary has such vived memory. Its on in the UK on Monday so will double check that bit. I think with the new team of writers they might just get away with it. I think Mary will work out!

      B xx


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