Supernatural Season 12: Keep Calm and Carry On

This is going to be a short one for me. I’m going to be blunt.

I really didn’t like this episode much. I was really hyped to see it, but there were a few things that bothered me about it that I find hard to get over. This is going to be a much shorter review, and not a recap, because not everyone has watched last night’s episode and its a two-parter. I won’t actually know how I really feel until I know what the end game is.

It wasn’t a bad episode. It was actually pretty well written and the action scenes and humor were spot on. There were a few scenes I liked, and I reached some conclusions about Sam (and his threshold for pain) that were illuminating. I  liked the scene where Mary Winchester sees the Impala for the first time in years, and where her thoughts seem to go, while Dean is assuming something else. I liked the couple of moments of pathos between Mary and Dean, and her realizing that its little Dean, all grown up, and thinking about how they have to establish a new kind of relationship now.

There were some problems with this episode, and I hope its not an indication of the future of this season.

  1. I didn’t like Cas’ characterization here. I understand that after being banished by Toni, he might be just a tiny bit salty, but knocking out some guy on the road and stealing his car is a dick move, Cas! Also he seemed rather overly hostile for most of the episode. A little too ready and willing to hurt people. Is he overcompensating for his mistake in allowing Lucifer to possess him? Is that why he’s experiencing his new zeal to harm humans? Or is it the aftereffects of Lucifer possessing his body? This is why I need to know the outcome of the two-parter, and if Cas’ new attitude will ever be addressed.
  2. Sam being tortured again! Didn’t we just start off season ten with Sam being kidnapped and tortured by somebody? I’m pretty sure its happened at least once more since season ten, although it happens so often I wouldn’t blame the viewer for not being able to discern which episodes. I also thought the first part of the torture scenes were kinda lame. C’mon Toni! Cold water! I get it. Its pretty uncomfortable, but that’s just weird, and mostly came across like a gay porn scene. Don’t get me wrong. Wet!Sam is awesome, but its not the scariest, most tension filled moment I’ve ever seen on this show.
  3. And it was all pointless anyway. I mean really! Toni  would have had much better luck sitting down with Sam, over a beer,, and just asking him questions, because the kinds of things she wants to know are not secrets. I don’t like the way the British Men of Letters came on so hard. To me, its a total miscalculation on her part, and I think less of her for it. I understand that she knows their history, and considers them dangerous, but antagonizing the Winchesters wasn’t the smartest move she could have made, and now she’s lost a henchwoman, too. Toni  severely underestimated Sam’s ability to escape restraints during a crisis, and his high pain threshold. He did try to warn her, that he’d been tortured by the best and the brightest, and you’d think she’d listen, “Miss I  Know Your History”, but apparently Toni is pretty hardheaded.
  4. I don’t like that Dean spent most of this episode getting his ass kicked. First by his Mom, although that’s to be expected because… Mary! And then by Toni’s torturer later in the episode. Seriously Dean, I’ve seen you fight much much better than that! I do wonder why his skills were so shabby. Is he still in a befuddled mental state because of Mary’s return? I did like the rather stunned look on his face as he was hugged by his Mom for the first time in 33 years. And I was in tears at Mara’s reasoning for doing this for him because it was beautiful. I will even forgive Dean if the reason his fighting skills were so shabby is because he’s still greatly discombobulated by his mother’s presence back in his life.
  5. Both Dean and Cas getting their butts kicked had the unintended side effect of making Toni’s henchwoman look superhuman. In fact she was doing so well against the two of them, that I started to seriously question if she was human at all. Writers, don’t do that again! Bad writers! Luckily, Mary was there to save the two incompetent fighters.
  6. Sam got his butt kicked too, but at least he had a good excuse, as he’d been tortured and drugged. I still didn’t like watching it though.

  7. I was disinterested in Crowley’s activities this episode. I know he’s on a mission of vengeance. I’m just not interested in missions of vengeance, and hope his story deepens beyond that. The demons stopped being scary years ago, but now its reached the point where they are just,   comedy relief and I really  don’t like that, although they are pretty funny.  Are these the only kind of demons left after the various shakeups in Hell?

It wasn’t  a bad episode, as  there were moments to like about it. Mary Winchester’s continued wonderment about Castiel, the discussion about British hunting techniques, and the realization that America doesn’t have anything nearly like it. It will be interesting to see Toni get thrown into the deep end of American style hunting. And I’m greatly interested to know what the American Hunting community thinks of the Winchesters. So really, I think most of the good stuff wasn’t in this episode but lies somewhere ahead this season.

Until this two part opening is finished though, I can only give this one a C average. I do trust Andrew Dabb and I have tremendous faith he will deliver a good season, but this was a slower start than I’m used to.


12 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 12: Keep Calm and Carry On

  1. Liked the episode. It showed a tender side of Dean as his eyes seemed wet. Remember family is Dean’s achilles heal. Continuous cold water drenching is a form of outlawed torture by the Geneva convention and it is painful as the body temperature goes down. Jared’s acting was terrific as Jensen’s was subtle. The Crowley story is just starting so I hope it goes somewhere interesting. Cas did seem a bit too feisty but getting shout out of a canon ball blast might do that to angels. Again, not sure where we are going. The writers take such twists. I did not like the torturer as she seemed too Matrix like. The whole British Men of Letters just doesn’t add up yet. And somehow I felt that Toni and Sam are destined to have an affair- don’t ask me why- just that tingly feeling. His “screw you” lines were delivered with facial expressions that matched Dean’s pathos. Dean did seem a bit of a poor fighter against that torturer. She cheated with brass knuckles but where is Cas’ power? Will Mary sacrifice herself for Sammy as she can’t stick around forever. The expression on Dean’s face when he realizes that his Mom and Dad might have used the back seat just emphasized the Mom/son awkwardness. AND Baby gets hurt>>> Some reservations. But over all enjoyable. Glad they are back.

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    1. Okay, I totally don’t see that Sam and Toni having an affair thing, yet I wouldn’t be surprised. Sam has interesting taste in women.
      I did like that Impala scene between Dean and Mary. Like Dean it started to slowly dawn on me what she was thinking about, too.


    1. Oh yeah, those were okay, although I think Dean might have been in shock through the first 20 minutes of the episode. (He certainly looked like his gast had been flabbered.)

      I think part of it is that I’ve gotten used to Cas not being so violent on his own, so it kinda threw me to see him acting like his old more ruthless self. (I wasn’t ready!!!)
      Aaaah! I have to wait a whole other week! Aaaaah!


  2. “5.Both Dean and Cas getting their butts kicked had the unintended side effect of making Toni’s henchwoman look superhuman. In fact she was doing so well against the two of them, that I started to seriously question if she was human at all. Writers, don’t do that again! Bad writers! Luckily, Mary was there to save the two incompetent fighters.”
    The henchwoman was wearing special brass knuckles with sigils and stuff on them that were affecting both Dean AND Cas. There was a closeup at the beginning oif the fight and at the beginning of the coming attractions. I guess that’s how they will get around the all powerful Cas problem.

    I really liked the episode a lot. LOVED dean and Marys interactions. Jensen did a great job-he actually had me in tears a few times. I was worried about the Mary storyline but it looks like they are handling it very well.

    Loved MAry and Baby-omg was Dean conceived in that back seat? I cracked up!

    I agree that I was a little put out with Cas stealing that guys car-however he didn’t kill him just put him to sleep?

    Im not a big fan of torture scenes. Sams foot!!!!!!!! I assumed the water was a version of the Chinese water torture “Chinese water torture is a process in which water is slowly dripped onto a person’s forehead, allegedly driving the restrained victim insane.”

    I need to rewatch but I gave it a 9/10

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    1. All the things you liked, just annoyed me for some reason, although I’m glad someone got some joy out of this episode. I didn’t actually hate it and hey Wet!Sam is always good for a looksee.

      Okay, the henchwoman was mojo’ed up. I get it. I was a little confused by that part.

      That Dean was conceived in that backseat was my go-to, as well. (LOL) I don’t actually know if he was but I strongly suspect it.
      I’m gonna hold out til next week becasue the episode isn’t finished, and next week looks promising. At that time I may change my rating.


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