Season 12:Does the premiere work?

Season 12 begins where season 11 ended. Main story line: Mary Winchester appears and Dean says”Mom?”  Sam is shot by Toni, WOL, British chapter. Sam is missing and Mary, Dean, and Castiel set out to find him. B story line:Lucifer is on the loose and Crowley is tracking his whereabouts. Castiel is hurled through the air in a meteoric trip and crawls out of the crater.

Highlights of the episode: Dean’s eyes appear wet- ah the quietness of Ackles’ performance. The tender side of Dean. Who might he have become if not a hunter?

How the writers re-capped the entire Winchester story so tenderly, and quickly to catch Mary up on 30+ years of time and to initiate new fans. Fandom discovers how Mary and John met-chance or fate?

How the writers gave a bow to past episodes as well. Castiel bursting through the Mystery Spot sign and then crawling out of the earth. Echoes to season 3/4  when “Mystery Spot” showed us a fierce Sam once he is without Dean and an echo of Dean crawling out of the grave when Castiel emerges from the crater. Once again. Castiel’s entrance is superbly managed. And he seems more like the Castiel of earlier seasons. S 4 entrance still the best for Castiel. Re-set.

How Mary is both tender and bad ass hunter- Dean’s inheritance. He looks like a child who is having the crust cut off his PBJ at times, protective of Mary at other times, and bad-ass, cell phone crushing hunter when talking to Sam’s captor. “I will find you.!”(Hear it was a real cell phone!)

The use of Baby as a character: the connection to John and Mary and Dean. Take note of the quick scene when Mary and Dean are looking at the back seat with fond memories and then Dean’s awkwardness at the activities of the back seat. Fandom thinking, is this where Dean was conceived? How we all reacted to Baby being injured by that brass knuckle fighter who also got the better of Castiel and Dean until Mary steps in.

We see a tortured Sam: His body. His psyche. Writers let us into how Sam has not let go of his guilt over Jessica, Kevin, and Dean. Padalecki’s delivery of “Screw you” despite the pain is so passionate. This is the Sam we saw in “Mystery Spot” when he is without Dean, remember?  This is one of those lines, like “pudding” which will always have meaning to fans.

  • Favorite lines:
  • Dean to Mary after looking at the back seat.”we should go”
  • Castiel to Mary ” I don’t have a harp”.
  • Dean explaining to Mary that being a hunter isn’t what he would want for his kids if he had them, but this is his and Sam’s life and they do make a difference.”Saving lives, hunting things”
  • “screw you” the repetition and delivery. What inner strength.

Favorite pause: Dean introducing Mary to Castiel. ” This is Mary. Winchester. Pause…… Castiel: Mother.( paraphrased) I hear the actors changed the line and gave it to Misha to show his “slowness”.

Difficult but riveting moments:

  •  Cold water, hot torch, psychotic visions,broken mirror to neck moments

Not sure what to think moments:

  • The torturer looks like something out of the Matrix. How does she get it over on Dean and the angel? Cheats with Enochian inscribed brass knuckles. Is she totally human or something left from Nazi lore?
  • Who is Toni’s boss? And WTF about how MOL ganks monsters in Britain within 40 minutes and the Winchesters suck at the job? Morality of the Winchesters in play?
  • Does Toni have an attraction to Sam beyond her job? Stockholm Syndrome? Sam has had some doozy lovers- writers can she be forgiven?
  • Which  Castiel do we have this time? He seems to be fierce and awkward. He still cares for humanity. He still backs Dean as a brother in arms. He has a mission.

Then there is the B story-line. Crowley is tracking Lucifer by following the burned out vessels left behind and his former employees. The potential for Castiel and Crowley to team up is being set up, and although this distracted with Story A ,  it needed to be set up for the season and certainly kept the A story tense. And it dovetails into Castiel’s mission to seek revenge on his brother.

Most hauntingly beautiful and sad scene

  • Sam tortured, temporarily defeated, alone in his “cell” with only a chair, thinking Dean is gone. There is nobody to help him. Pull back camera. Fade to black. Black Sabbath music rocks us out.

So, the premiere does what it needs to do . Sets up the dynamics of the players, and moves us forward in the saga. Stays true to the canon of Winchesters. Pushes us further into the microcosm of hunters. And this is only the first part. So I forgive the Crowley interruptions for the most part. And if you are a toe fan, there is plenty of Padalecki’s to be seen.

Carver has left. He seems to have left our boys in Dabb’s good steerage. Hoping it continues through the season. The audience found our boys even with the move to Thursday night. Looks good in the ratings. I am staying calm and carrying on. The premiere for the most part works.

2 thoughts on “Season 12:Does the premiere work?

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  1. The part where they neatly recap Sam’s timeline in his flashbacks is kinda neat. I liked that. I still love Mary’s reaction to Castiel. I wasn’t ready for a semi return of season four hard charging Cas, I think.

    Yeah, when he doesn’t have Dean, Sam is completely out of f***s to give. I kinda like that version of Sam,as most of the time he’s pretty even tempered, as a foil for Deans emotionalism. Without Dean is our chance to see Padalecki go full out and show his acting chops.

    I’m definitely going to have more to say next week, though.

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  2. “Carver has left. He seems to have left our boys in Dabb’s good steerage. Hoping it continues through the season. The audience found our boys even with the move to Thursday night. Looks good in the ratings. I am staying calm and carrying on. The premiere for the most part works.”



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