12×2 Mama Mia: They did it!!

12×2 Mama Mia did what no other episode of Supernatural has done to me over twelve years! I had a wake me up in the middle of the night with a nightmare !

Sam and Toni’s bed scene would have given me the frights because of the quick turnabout in the relationship,but Sam figures out it is interrogation by sex spell in time for me to say,”Phew!”. Great lighting on Padalecki which quickly turns dark when reality crashes in on him in the torture chair. Dean spitting blood and hanging from his arms didn’t do it, although there was great dialogue for Ackles. Crowley as a  well dressed waiter would hardly give me bad dreams.Nor would Rowena’s attempt to scam a rich man and live a posh life cause me pain.

The British Men of Letters story still needs to unfold with a temporary truce with the Winchesters, but not all is positive. Clearly, the character of Toni is   has one solution:Kill the Winchesters. The hierarchy of the BMOL will be revealed. Mr. Catch might have to sanction the Winchesters’ demise. Not so interesting chatter in a car, but it is early in the season. Not worried. No nightmares.Blackmore slays the role as “the accent in a pants suit” Toni. Great acting=hated character. Will she develop into enemy or ally?

Whereas Crowley is into his own survival and displays shades of grey in his character, and previous portrayals of Lucifer have had humor, this Lucifer is dark to the core…so far. He takes Rowena captive to use as his tool as Crowley makes a hasty exit knowing he is out powered. Crowley’s plan is short sighted as Lucifer’s power is greater. This is a great set up for Crowley to team with our friendly angel, Castiel, in the future as they share a common goal: Put Lucifer in the cage….again. Wonky on the canon here?

No, no. It was the special effects team. They literally give Lucifer a new face. It is clear the writers are going with a less snarky and more fierce interpretation of this character. The change in actor makes good sense here, although I am not sure of Springfield’s depth without FX.Lucifer is deceitful as he gains access to his vessel by prying on a guilt ridden and depressed human in anguish over loss with cheery promises of reunification.We see a display of his angelic origins, wings and all as FX team works its magic. He has a plan. He is not a negotiator as he discounts Crowley’s division of realms. Acid and FX team-things of nightmares! They did it!

I thought I could put that scene behind me when re-thinking the episode. Focus more on Dean trying to figure out with Cas how to talk with Mary and then Dean being so tough as he suffers the brass knuckles of Toni. Mary’s awkwardness as she appears wearing Dean’s MOL robe.These scenes produce tears but not night tremors. Dean has always been John’s tool in the canon, but now we see him truly as Mary’s son even using the same catch phrases,”Good talk”to halt the conversation.These scenes are overshadowed by the heart wrenching scenes of Sam and Mary. Padalecki brings an emotion from Sam that is new for the character. He is so open and raw as he gives Mary the journal to fill in the missing pieces. Clearly, Sam’s willing to be open to her and she fills in a missing piece for him. His heart on his sleeve.Can he forgive her for the deal with YED as time goes on? Does he know the origin of his story?Again, not nightmarish.Jared’s acting is so honest as little boy lost and found.

Dean trying to deal with having his mom back as he sits looking through his photos of his childhood slogging down beer after beer, keeping it all inside. Dean’s childhood brings tears as the camera pulls back, but not the stuff of my nightmares. Maybe his.

The humor that balances out the darkness of the episode is ever present in this episode. There is an over the top pie eating scene, blueberry, as Mary admits she didn’t cook and bought the meat loaf at Piggly Wiggly’s. Once again, Dean is her “little boy” as Sam looks at his brother’s less than polite eating habits. Laughing. So why would I wake up in the middle of the night? Winchesters being Winchesters. Hunters, but family is always their vulnerability. Still this is what Supernatural is all about.

Thanks FX team!!!!  Dabb is going with an horrific Lucifer. The thing of nightmares!!!!

So individual scenes really got to my Winchester’s feel radar, but one gave me the nightmare. The script finishes setting up the arcs for the season. And yet there were times, the script felt heavy and not in a positive way. I suddenly remembered that this is the horror genre thanks to that haunting Lucifer while it is really about two brothers and the nightmare existence that is only made better because they have each other.

Andrew Dabb’s fingerprints as show runner are all over the Winchesters. The brothers start the season balanced in their relationship.Kudos for making Sam hold it together even when he thinks Dean is dead.Bravo for letting Dean show his softer side(little boy that was not allowed to have a childhood). He allows the inner workings of the “boys” that we have seen in earlier episodes,(After School Special etc.), to come out. He has also turned up the horror element.  Both of these elements have been in Dabb crafted episodes. He cares about the humanity within the Winchesters. So far, I like his steerage.

Trying to get the courage to re-watch. Fast forward will be used! Maybe.


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