Supernatural Season 12: Mamma Mia

Now this is what I’m talking about!

This episode definitely brought the feels. I told you guys there were going to be tears (mostly mine) when Sam and Mary met and I was not disappointed. This episode is why I wanted to wait to review both this and the season premiere together.

Its not that I didn’t like the premiere, I just wasn’t feeling the love, and parts of it I wasn’t happy with at all, (mostly watching Dean get his a** kicked all evening and Sam getting tortured, yet again.)

But when you put them both together, its a phenomenal two-parter, with all the action and feels you could hope for, so here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna recap/review the whole two episodes as one post because I really feel like I can’t flesh out my thoughts, unless I tie both episodes together, from the jump.

I hope to have this done this weekend.

Oh, and a big thank you to my SPN friends (you know who you be) who cleared up some “confusements” I had about that first episode.

3 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 12: Mamma Mia

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  1. It was a great episode. I was bummed when I found out that Carver was out as show runner, but I am pleasantly pleased and surprised by the quality of the first two episodes. Seems like the writers are listening to our feedback and are giving us the family that was lost so long ago. I hope they can convince JDM to make an appearance this season because I would love to see the boys with both parents in some fashion. Bringing Mary back was a stroke of genius and I hope that both Sam and Dean can find some peace and comfort in their mother”s presence.

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    1. Yes! I hope she sticks around for a good long while. I like the dynamic that’s been set up between her and her boys so far. I know that there will be some drama at some point because the situation is rife with to create that, but I still like it.


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