Samuel Campbell sacrificing his own Grandsons?

I think it is going to be interesting when she finds out that Daddy Campbell was prepared to sacrifice both her children after using them to serve Crowley’s wishes to bring her back from the dead.

Thanks to ‘fishpan’ for reminding me of this thought that I so badly want to see Mary’s reaction to this one.

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This little topic reared its head on IMDb and its been bugging me ever since. I just wondered what your views are on the fact that Pappa Campbell sacrificed his OWN grandsons to bring his daughter back. How do you think Mary will react to this question. Its one snippet that I have been secretly hoping the writers will bring up and go there. Sam nearly went mental and swung for Samuel, but Dean stepped in. Eventually Sam did end Samuel, so he did get his comeuppance. But I am just interested in how Mary will react with this memory when it’s forced to come out of the Winchester closet? We know essentially how the boys feel about Samuel, and in family traditions if one relative isn’t liked we shun them and never talk to them again. But since Samuel has passed, and Mary cannot do much about it, what can be really done about this distasteful act? It really left a fowl taste in my mouth how about you?

You know the drill, it’s a short essay today but nevertheless, an interesting topic don’t ya think! Come on drop me a line!!

Written and Published by: Bella

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3 thoughts on “Samuel Campbell sacrificing his own Grandsons?

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  1. Sam was Souless and Dean was pulled back into the maelstrom of hunting to be near his brother who was hunting with their Grandfather Campbell.

    So extreme had Daddy Campbell become he was going to use the ancient First Vampire like an electrical outlet for his own goals. Dean knew this was hubris, driven by his grandfather who had lost touch with the limits of a human being trying to keep as a pet a First Demonic Force only questing angels dared to challenge and then at great peril.

    The Campbell clan was incapable of forming human bonds of compassion or any interest in anything that was not stained with the supernatural. No one read a novel or keep a pet or took a walk or tended a plant or had any hobby. Not even sports or female vanity with a little shopping spree interested them.

    Can you image living with such people? Such levels of narrowed ideology can be found among Nazis and Communist, who only make good neighbors during a purge.

    The Campbell Clan was named for Scottish clans violent, loyal, living in a cold barren land held by blood honed by near starvation, biting cold and thrusting their fellow Picts/Scots heads on pikes smeared with blue war-paint. They lived survival lives in a land saturated with ghosties and, goulies and long-leggings beasties. Cunning Fay raced rough throughout the supernatural landscape tricking humans, luring them to their death, stealing human infants from their cribs.

    Any and and all human desires were first dedicated to the welfare of their clan and self interest. Have you seen the TV series on their enemy to the North, the Vikings?

    Vengeance, blood feuds, burning captured enemies alive, honor before the notion of mercy, all of this Mary saw in her hunter father. This savagery was what consumed Mary about the fate of her children.

    What consumed Mary’s father was her with him forever.

    What Grandfather Campbell needed to achieve this was a human sacrifice to bribe the dark gods to raise his Mary from the dead and his two grandchildren were alone suitable blood offerings.

    Up until Christianity and outside of Judaism, children were for the needs of the Chief and welfare of the clan. Roman fathers killed their sons and daughters without thought until they had old enough for kindergarten. A Roman father could demand suicide of any adult child or any clan member and dissolve any marriage giving partners to whom he pleased.

    Then there was the matter of how John Campbell saw his grandsons. Soulless Sam was more a monster than any creature John had ever encountered. And then who had suddenly appeared? Dean Winchester, citizen of Hell. Dean could be kind, an odd trait, could out think and plan, and outdo any human or creature that walked any dimension, definitely a possible rival to Grandpa’s own authority proven by Dean challenging Grandfather over how to deal with the Alpha Vampire. Dean was tolorated by the clan unsure of where this Winchester fit in.

    Then there was the plain fact, Dean was there for Sam’s welfare and protection. The two could easily slip into a rival clan.

    Sam and Dean’s father, John Winchester, had been the deadliest Hunter Clan Chief John had ever know. And added to this, his grandsons were the adopted children of the most complicated, force to be reckoned with among hunters, Bobby Singer.

    These boys were a possible threat to Campbell’s rank. Dean had already taken action against his wishes over Alpha Vampire questioning John’s absolute authority.

    Then there was the question of his Mary.

    What John Campbell wanted above all, was to call his daughter back to him. Needed was a blood sacrifice powerful enough too bribe the dark gods. Sam and Dean were his only option.

    This was a sin and John Campbell knew this and he did not care.

    Father John would have Daughter Mary’s light for himself alone.

    Husband, father and son had all seen her light could not, in their own way, tolerate their life without her.

    The question may become will Mary’s light now consume her sons and that tragedy consume her?


  2. I think when it comes up, it will come up under the circumstances of Mary learning that Sam killed her father. She will be distraught about that and may react harshly, but then Dean will feel that he has to break it to her that her Daddy was threatening to kill his grandsons. Only thing is, Dean being so protective, he might just tell her that her father was taken over by the Khan worm and they were acting in self defense. Dean may even go so far as to let Mary believe they were hunting together as a family. Most likely if she learned the whole truth, it would be from a slip by Castiel or Crowley being Crowley. It will be interesting!


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