XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “Family hunting trip.”

In “The Foundry”, Sam, Dean and Mary work a case together. Mary still doesn’t feel like she belongs. It’s more than the Internet, the cell phones, the job, and the decades she missed. She had a life in Heaven that she still has to mourn.

Winchester recap: “I miss my boys.”


Sam can tell Mary’s struggling. She’s not sleeping. She’s withdrawn. Dean thinks she’s still adjusting but he wants to believe she’ll be fine with some “good family time”. When she finds a hunt, people dying after being lured to the abandoned Chamberlain house by the sound of a crying baby, Dean is enthusiastic at the prospect of a “family hunting trip”.

While the trio visits the house, Mary finds a room with a crib and a doll inside. She gets trapped in the room and a child grabs her by the arm,  leaving a red handprint on her skin. Back at the motel, she can’t shake the thought of the little boy who asked her, “help me”, and the memories of six-month old Sam, triggered by the sight of the crib. She feels a bit obsolete as her door-to-door approach seems to have been replaced by Internet searches and computer hacking but she trusts her instincts and finds information about the little ghost, Lucas,  using a good old fashion motel phone.

As they’re burning Lucas’ bones, Sam and Dean talk about Mary. Sam’s worried but Dean doesn’t want to dwell on it.  “Can we for once just not turn everything into a problem? Can we for once just have one good thing.” Meanwhile, Mary went back to the house to talk to Lucas on a hunch. In spite of the salt and burn, his spirit is still there. The reason? The skeleton in the basement. The spirit of Hugo Moriarty who killed himself in his house after his son’s death, has been killing the children of the subsequent owners of the house, Lucas included, binding their spirits to his. Sam and Dean arrive on time to find Mary possessed by Hugo. She attacks Dean but takes back control of her body, allowing Dean to break free and giving Sam time to dust the skeleton.

The spirits of the lost children weigh heavily on Mary. She’s not “home” as Dean would like to believe. She misses John, and her boys, the toddler and the four-year old she was with in Heaven, and every moment she spends with Sam and Dean, is a moment she “lost” with them. She has to go. She’s “so sorry” but she needs a little time. She steps towards Dean, he steps backwards, unable to look at her. She hugs Sam, tells them she loves them both and leaves the bunker. Sam flinches as the exit door opens and then slams shut.

Overall grade : 5 /10

“The Foundry” gave me two EMFs, one creepy doll and a haunted house, and if you know anything about me, you know I love nothing more than an old fashion Monster-of-the-week episode. I also especially love “Playthings” and I swear that doll, is the exact same Maggie doll from that episode.

Still the episode wasn’t really about the hunt. It was about Mary and her feeling out of place. Out of place in this smart phone, Internet and computer-obsessed world of 2016. Out of place in a world where hunting, an art she had mastered no matter how she felt about it, has evolved in such a way that asking for information by phone and going door-to-door is looked at as, “obsolete”. Out of place in the bunker, and especially near Sam and Dean who she has a hard time adjusting to, no matter how much she loves them, because she spent decades with the small children she was taking care of with John until Amara saw fit to yank her out of her heavenly cocoon without consulting her.

She’s not at “home”. Not in her world and not in her time. Her references for agents names are Shirley Partridge, David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce. Like Sam when he came back from Hell, she’ll probably ask “what was a Snooki” in a few episodes.

Sam knows something’s wrong with Mary. Dean does too. Only, he doesn’t want to believe what he already knows. He loves having Mary around. She gives his questionable snacks a try, doesn’t need her bacon heated (“it’s bacon”), and unlike Sam, she doesn’t turn down the volume when Steppenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild” comes on the radio. For once. Just once. He’d like for a gift to be just that. Why must everything be difficult, and this side of cursed? Even a gift from God’s sister has to come with a slice of pain attached. I’ll get back to that in a minute.

About the non-painful parts of the episode. I got a real kick out of Agents Beyoncé and Z (although it should have been Knowles and Carter, but Beyoncé and Z was a lot funnier). I  never, in a million years thought I’d see the day, where I’d enjoy Castiel of all people and Crowley hunting together more than whatever the CampbellWinchesters were doing this episode. It reminded me of “Weekend at Bobby’s”, the first episode I enjoyed in season 6 because Team Bofus saved Supernatural from the excruciating experiment that was Team Dean and up to no good Soulless!Sam, trying to fake it like he was the real deal. I have to love the irony of the show giving Castiel the name of my favorite earth-bound goddess of ALL TIMES (in Kanye’s voice, he loves Beyoncé as much as I do). I guess I’ll just be thankful they didn’t give Yoncé’s name to the Devil We Know. I’m a Crowley Crumpet through and through, but his Perverted Highness can never be the Queen Bee.

FBI AngelBee and DevilZ saved The Floundry for me. The episode gets a 5 because after 11 years, and one of the worst cases of abandonment issues I’ve seen on TV, I am fresh out of patience for anyone who  abandons Dean AGAIN, and the fact that his MOTHER saw fit to do it, sank this episode to the lowest grade I’ve given since I started the Winchester Brothers Report back in season 11. It’s exhausting, and frankly sickening, to see Dean’s very simple dream of family and a home, constantly challenged, betrayed, mocked, taken away from him or thrown back in his face.


A word on Rowena. Usually, she’s an episode-saver for me. Not this time. She’s been chained and threatened before and she held her own like a mini red tornado (Big Red Tornado will forever be Empress Abaddon), but she seems to have lost some of her spark. Must be all that Book of the Damned and unleashing Lucifer business. And also the new look. It washes her out and completely dulls her shine. Which is why my ears perked up, when Rowena rebuked her pantsuit. I pray she goes back to her previous incarnation. It’s part of the personnage and that ghastly black and white ensemble is an insult to the gowns the High Priestess of Mega Coven That Never Was, used to pour herself into. Abandoning witchery shouldn’t mean abandoning the style that made you stand out. Burn those ugly pants, girl! …Or turn them into a frog, your call.

On the topic of things that weren’t horrible in “The Foundry”, I mentioned the throwback to the “Playthings” doll, and I also liked to see the tradition of Dean’s loved ones attacking him while possessed and breaking the spell to save him, continue.

Best quote

Why give the bad guys the advantage of long, pullable hair?
“Been trying to tell Sam that for years.”

Such a Dean thing to say and I knew he would say it the second Sam mentioned Mary’s new haircut. You walked right into that one, Samuel.

Best Dean moments

Dean leaning away from Mary. I understand him so much, probably because I’d do the same. I get this man on a molecular level and I never feel so murderous as when someone breaks his heart.


Dean’s reaction to Mary’s love ya but gotta go. How long has she been in the bunker again? She toughed it out like a week?


Best Sam moments

Sam hugging Mary in spite of his hurt.


Sam flinching as Mary exits the bunker. Good job, Mom. Not even Sergeant Sir Yes Sir! could make him do that.


Juicy bit

“Nice bike.”


In “Keep Calm and Carry On”, I noticed a teeny weeny possible parallel between Mary saying “And then I burned”, and Sam burning soon after. What caught my eye in this episode was a bit of a reach, I’ll admit it, but it stuck with me. It’s not actually canon, but Jensen mentioned Dean trading in the Impala for a bike if Sam died because he would have no one in the passenger seat anymore, during the J2 Panel at the 2013 Toronto Convention. Why put a random bike there for Dean to comment on if it doesn’t mean anything? I’m probably overthinking it but it’s fun!

Final verdict: “Can we for once just have one good thing?“


Supernatural is about the magical, the evil, the otherworldly and the impossible. Interestingly enough, one thing I’ve always had a hard time with on this show is some of its realism. Nothing breaks my Supernatural-loving spirit more than having to watch Sam struggle with his desire for normalcy and his desire to remain loyal to his brother and/or the family business. I have the same issue with Mary’s realistic need to mourn the life she knew.

I’m consistently dismayed at Sam’s attempts to flee the family business and I’ve finally come down to earth after worshipping the ghost of perfect Mary for more than a decade to see the woman who didn’t know when to stop before she hurt her children needlessly by basically telling them, they didn’t quite measure up (YET) to the memory of those never-growing ghosts she was rocking to sleep in Heaven all those years.

“Can we for once just have one good thing?“

We know from “What Is And What Should Never Be” how much Dean yearns to be close to his mother and loved by her. I never saw Dean as being in denial about Mary’s internal battle. He was scared. He could tell she was slipping through their fingers and he didn’t want for yet another bad thing he could see coming to actually come true.

Dean’s Theme started playing when Mary said, “That little boy who grabbed me? He didn’t want to hurt me. He was scared.”

Well your little boys, Mary, the ones you’re leaving right now (for a while, I know, but she still left), they’re scared too. But by all means, go mourn their shadows while their real mother walks out on them again, and the kicker is, this time? No one even forced her hand! Third episode and you’re already acting like John, chasing ghosts, while your real flesh and blood children are left with their frozen hearts in the cold. They buried you once, they got through it and trust me, they’ll survive you going ghost on them one more time. After all, the one who’s not quite a four year old anymore, although he hurts just as bad, told you already. He and Sam have each other. Go find your ghosts, Mary, and stay with them if you choose.

“We’re right here, mom.”

Sam my dear, I guess she really can’t face you, now that that baby in the clouds has turned into a man scarred yet still capable of compassion, in spite of the devils the deal she made invited into his life.

Dean my dear, it’s not you, and they don’t all leave because you’re “crap”. I am sad, that not even your mother, the one person in this world that should give you one last shred of hope that someone will stick around, for YOU, was worthy of your trust. Keep your head up. Maybe deep down you knew, when you told her all you ever had outside of that car was Sam. Well Sam’s still there. Get a burger, a good hunt and keep swinging. And for once my child, screw that pie!

One good thing. I guess that was too much to ask.



Gif credits

The Winchester Brother Report by Vee
Season 11: 11.01, 11.02 to 11.23

Season 12
12.01: “If he is not in one piece I will take you apart.”
12.02: “The only thing we had was each other.”


18 thoughts on “XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “Family hunting trip.”

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  1. This is a very peculiar episode. You know at first I thought she was going to suggest finding John and bringing him back. But then to say she was leaving after that story and being possessed, lol, I don’t know if she isn’t fully cleansed. Maybe some of the spirit lingered. I would have kept her under surveillance. I mean does she even sit down after all this goes down, seriously? The car ride back and then full of energy out of there. Pretty crazy.

    On a side note of drama though. (first backdrop) I am adopted and recently met up with my biological mother. Now that didn’t go well with my adoptive mother. Even though being biological and what I thought “blood” family, it didn’t work living with my biological mother in similar fashion as in the show. Then she leaves and my adoptive mother wants to be part of my life again. Funny thing is my adoptive mother blocked me on her phone carrier and when things didn’t work with my biological mother, my adoptive mother unblocks me and my biological mother DE-friends me from Facebook and blocks me. WTF, cursed with only being allowed one mother at a time or something?? Seriously…

    See my biological mother gave me up when I was a baby, but those few months meant a lot to her, I guess. And it was as if I was not the same person, just like how in at the end of this show the mom keeps associating her babies not as Sam or Dean. Crazy, because her babies were right freaking there and she kept saying “them” when referring to her babies as if Sam and Dean aren’t even her kids.

    I totally relate to that, is what I am getting at, and the timing is impeccable. Like all of this has just now been happening to me, with all this crazy mother stuff. Crazy mother drama in any form of the description is a spider web of crazy, of the worse kind lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing such a personal story :). I’m sorry you went through all this.
      Your insight definitely sheds a new light on the mother drama in this episode. It’s a reality that the family reunion doesn’t always go the way we planned. What I was unfamiliar with, was the situation you described where the mother doesn’t always automatically connect to the grown version of the small child she remembers, to the point of completely disassociating the two as if they’re different people. Gave me something to think about. Still mad at Mary though lol!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’d give this episode a 6.5 out of 10. Too much soap opera. Switched to an X Files rerun. I guess following up on God’s return (which was anti climatic) is challenging the writers. Next the brothers will be going back in time to do a “Inglorious Basterds” routine. More X file reruns coming up. I mean, there is a lot you can do with going back or forward in time that could be entertaining, but I guess certain ((( writers))) just have to beat some subjects to death.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Some things in this episode definitely felt “unnecessary”. They go overboard with the doom, gloom and hopelessness sometimes. Sam and Dean’s life is already “a river of crap that would send most people howling to the nut house” (“Sam Interrupted”). I don’t really see the point of all the mommy drama at this point in the game. I tell you what. The writing for Mary definitely cured me from desire to see JD Morgan return for a cameo. The writers would probably make it as unpleasant as humanly possible so as far as I’m concerned, John can stay wherever the heck he is.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. One scene set my teeth above Mary walking out.

    Mary was riding in Sam’s seat as it she owned it, and as John’s wife, riding shot gun is her right.

    Now, in the current time where is her place? In Sam’s seat he has fought beyond even knowing to have?

    In the hotel room there was a roll-away bed. How do two grown men function freely in a room with their mother?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to say, it was very strange and very awkward to see Sam in the backseat like a six year old. I still think Mary could have put a little bit of effort into her stay and made sure not to completely devastate her boys as she decided to move out (temporarily). Sure she was uncomfortable but her actions are that of a mother who’s weak, and a lightweight. Sam and Dean definitely get their strength and heart from somebody else.


  4. “Dean leaning away from Mary. I understand him so much, probably because I’d do the same. I get this man on a molecular level and I never feel so murderous as when someone breaks his heart.”

    I am still feeling so sad for Sam and Dean-especially Dean. His face and body language when she said she had to go was so real it touched me.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I rewatched tonight and really focused on Dean in that last scene. Jensen broke my heart. When he stepped back and then hung his head like he was still 4…..

        Liked by 1 person

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