spn beauty appreciation: pilot

In case y’all want to see this.

Cobweb Queen

The first episode of our lovely beautiful show, directed by David Nutter. These posts will be my favourite images from each ep, basically.


So, I love that this is the first shot of the whole show; a shadow-branded house that’ll be destroyed five minutes in. It’s prophetic.


An iconic image. Horrifying.


I love how the colours from the burning-on-the-ceiling shot are echoed here. They’re hardly present at all through the rest of the episode (or even the rest of the season). And then that black cat, those pumpkins, that ghost. There’s so much detail. (Also,  how cute and lanky does Sam look.)


Our first shot of the boys together, and they’re in silhouette. We can’t even see them. Again: iconic. This is one of those scenes that makes it into every fanvid.


I like creepy staircases and I especially like how this one’s shot from below. That’s my only reason for…

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