Supernatural Season 12: The Foundry

My review of The Foundry is going to be a bit short this week. I did enjoy it but for me it was the standard monster of the week episode. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great, although it did have some stand out Cas and Crowley moments. It was good to see them team up again.

The showwriters have gotten really good at tying the monster of the week into the episodes emotional theme. In this case, its children trapped by a predator, who won’t let them go, and no doubt this is a thought echoing in Mary’s mind as her two children are trapped by her and John’s past actions, into a life she didn’t want for them.

I didn’t see her departure coming but I’m not surprised by it. Mary has a lot of mental adjustments to make, not just for herself, but for her boys. Of course this was devastating for Dean. He had the band back together again and was in seventh Heaven, although I think there was a part of him that knew that amount of happiness couldn’t last.

I liked the Cas/Crowley team-up, and the fact that their plans were thwarted by Rowena being her usual slippery self. I love this character, and I’m really rooting for her to keep weaseling her way out of all these desperate situations.

I didn’t really have a lot to say about this episode really. It was okay. Once again I have to mention the special effects were splendid, especially when the children disintegrated at the end. That was a nice touch.

Well done, but I’m holding out for the apex episode around which all the others will be judged this season.

My review is a bit truncated this week because I’m working on some other, longer posts on my blog, but I’m still watching the show, and who knows, something from this episode may play out later in the season


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  1. the writers do not usually throw in gratuitous lines or scenes( except for a shirtless one now ant then-no complaints, I can objectify with the rest of fandom) so, keep an eye out for that motorcycle. Dean noticing it and the use of “born to be wild” as a theme( Mary’s perhaps), might just re-surface,

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  2. I liked it but I didn’t love it. I felt Mary was a little harsh in her explanation of why she had to leave-I guess that shows she really doesn’t think of them as her sons. I am so sad for Sam and Dean-especially Dean, because he remembers Mary just as she is. There was no way anyone could live up to his expectations, but this was devastating.

    Although I liked the Crowley/Cas storyline, a few times it seemed that Cas sounded like Casifer. On purpose or a slip by Misha?

    I’m looking forward to an episode w/o Mary and all her baggage. The boys have enough baggage of their own!

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