spn beauty appreciation: wendigo

Cobweb Queen

Wendigo has a very stark look, blacks & greens mostly. There aren’t many sources of warmth, so when they’re there they stand out. Like the Pilot, it’s directed by David Nutter. Guy clearly had a strong sense of Mood. Obviously both episodes- his only work on the show- have stuff in common (shadows, the Gaping Maw of Darkness, etc etc), but despite this thing taking place in a forest, there’s no twisty branches thing going on here, like in the Pilot. Whereas that was about images- ladies burning on ceilings, the boys silhouetted on that bridge- Wendigo seems to be more about movement, how people are placed in relation to one another, all that. That’s my takeaway, anyway. The movement thing would certainly account for how blurry most of the screencaps were.


Nice cheekbone-shadows. (Also, remember the days of the DS?)


The colours here- all soft & dreamy- are a tipoff.

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