Breaking News: Gen and Jared…

Beyond Supernatural, the show, many folks have grown fond of Jensen and Jared. While we all know that Jensen and Daneel are expecting twins early this winter, Jared Padalecki just announced that he and Gen are expecting # 3 in March. He made this revelation on early morning T.V. talk show, Live with Kelly, here in the states. Gen was on the sidelines and appeared to glow and looked a bit pregnant(but beautiful) under a heavy sweater. The announcer finally got Padalecki pronounced correctly on the third try. Jared as usual, was well coiffed and appeared relaxed. He might have been wearing one of his Sam jackets with his infinity scarf nicely placed. The host, Kelly Ripa is so petite, that he had to bend down to hug her, which I am sure he is used to doing with Gen. I thought he would be plugging GG, but it was Supernatural that took the conversation. The audience seemed to know who he is despite the host not being terribly in the know about anything that was not in her notes. The co-host, a media teacher, Richard Curtis appeared to know the show and was more natural as a host with Jared. It was a short two-part interview. Just enough to get me going for the day.  So, if you are following the lives of Jared and Jensen, just passing this bit of information on to you. Later, Jared is supposed to be live streaming on facebook.

In the midst of a vitriolic presidential campaign, and with the election taking place tomorrow here, this interview was a delightful slice of americana.

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