XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “What do you think this is? Tickle party?.”

In “The One You’ve Been Waiting For”, an antique shop dealer and a potential buyer burst into flames when they touch an old pocket watch engraved with a swastika. The Winchesters are on the case.

Winchester recap: “Sublimation.”

Sam knows something’s wrong when Dean turns down pie. Dean’s also not talking about Mom, but he’s found them a case : an antique dealer and a wealthy lady Dean nicknames “Scrooge McDuck”, spontaneously combusted in an antique shop. Sam has one word to describe Dean’s decision to channel his negative emotions into work: “Sublimation”. Dean’s fine with it. It is after all, kind of his thing.

At the antique shop, Dean visits the first floor and manages to break a model sailboat in a matter of seconds. “Don’t say it”, he looks contrite when Sam reminds him not to touch anything until they identify the cursed object. Dean continues his inspection, but he steers clear of other model boats. He finds a secret room filled with Nazi memorabilia, and Sam finds from the shop’s computer that the dealer, who had an underground business catering to “Nazi nutjobs ”, met “Scrooge McDuck” about a pocket watch that belonged to a member of Hitler’s inner circle.

Following the trail of a third victim, they find Ellie, who’s been kidnapped by Christoph. He’s the son of the owner of the watch. The Nazi necromancer who saved Hitler’s life by capturing his soul into the artifact. The Thule had lost track of the watch until it reappeared at the antique shop and the members are now ready to resuscitate Hitler by transferring his soul into a body that possesses his blood.  Ellie doesn’t take the news that she’s related to Hitler well. Nice Cop Sam shares his Lucifer vessel experience to give her some perspective while Firm Cop Dean tells her “meltdown time is over”. Time to stand and fight.

A struggle ensues when men from the Thule burst in. Outnumbered, Sam and Dean hold their own but lose Ellie. The necromancer brings her to a locale where all the high commanders of the Thule are gathered to see their “Führer” resurrected. Christoph decides to help Sam and Dean after his dad orders him dead for being a disappointment of a son. Dean’s ready for a fight. He grabs the grenade launcher but Sam intervenes. They need to “be stealth” and do this quietly. To a visibly disappointed Dean, Sam promises they’ll get a chance to use the weapon another time.

Ellie’s being drained of her blood as it’s being transferred to the body of the necromancer. He will be the host. Sam and Dean get captured and come face to face with Hitler in his new suit, surrounded by his men. Weak but determined, Ellie reaches for one of the guns confiscated from the brothers and shoots an officer dead. Taking advantage of the confusion, Dean shoots and kills the “Führer”’s new vessel. His action only sinks it after an astonished Sam says, “Dude, you killed Hitler”. Very happy with himself for killing Hitler, something he repeats half a dozen times, Dean declares that he deserves free drinks for the rest of his life, t-shirts made for the occasion and one of his favorite things to celebrate. After they drop Ellie off, Dean tells Sam he spotted a bakery on the way into town with a sign that said, “Best Pies For A 1000 Miles”.

Overall grade : 7.5/10


From the beginning, the episode had a pleasant, energetic and promising tone that has, in my opinion,  been missing since the premiere. I loved the intro. An antique shop, an old artifact, two people spontaneously combusting after touching it? That’s the Supernatural I like. The antique shop reminded me of two episodes I considered masterpieces of this series; “Provenance” for the shop and the object that turns on its owner (and potential owner), and “Playthings”. I kept seeing Susan (the “Playthings” hotel owner) asking “Antiquers?” to Sam and Dean. Another blast from the past was “Jump the Shark” for the moment Dean points his gun at Christoph under the table like he did at the diner when he met Faux!Adam.


The episode also reminded me of “Dark Dynasty”. Ellie hiding in her bathroom while the Nazis where at the door reminded me of Charlie being chased by the Frankensteins, stuck in a bathroom with a window that led to the outside. Only, while Ellie reached the window, Charlie never did.

I loved every moment of the antique shop scene, especially the one featuring Dean and the model sailboat. I got a kick out of seeing Dean break the ship. The scene works for me, in text, and SubtEXt (“Fan Fiction” “can’t spell subtext without S-E-X” reference). The ship crumbled with a single touch, and in the end, Dean decided it was best to leave it alone.

The episode had a fair amount of action, and some great team work by the HunterChesters, which I always enjoy. The guys fighting in their classy suits was a nice touch. I especially love watching Dean kicking butt. If he’s kicking it to get to and rescue Sam, all the better!


Dr. Sexy (Sam is totally Dr. Sexy in “Changing Channels”) has been on a journey to self-therapy this season. He expresses his feelings about dark and painful moments of his past with serenity and shares them with one-offs in turmoil to impart wisdom and bring comfort. He talked about his powers with Magda in “American Nightmare” and now about his destiny as Lucifer’s vessel in “The One You’ve Been Waiting For”. He also offers his services as at-home shrink to Dean, putting a name on Dean’s feelings and coping mechanisms, and frequently inviting his brother to unburden his soul. Just don’t expect to be paid, Samuel. Mmmaybe in salad shakes…

As for our burdened Dean, he’s moved past the anger stage it seems, but  hasn’t yet reached acceptance. While I like that he’s not slapping on a fake smile and claiming he’s completely over it, because why should he be, Mary failed him big time, I’m still unhappy Dean has to deal with this angst at all. I know Mary’s coming back. Eh, is my answer to it. I’m in this conundrum where I don’t want her dead, yet don’t want her in Dean’s universe if she’s going to continue being a disappointment. “Family drama’s a bitch, ain’t it?” You said it, brother.

As for the other characters, I liked Ellie. Didn’t think I would when I heard her nervous, fast-paced, empty monologue with that Tinder dude with blond hair, brown eyebrows and a red beard (he had a rainbow of colors going on) but she redeemed herself during the course of the episode.

When I heard about that episode while I was tracking every droplet of spoilers during Summer hiatus with a coffee spoon and a flashlight, I was displeased to hear that Aaron would be making an appearance. In the end, he was barely there and didn’t spend enough time on screen to bother me one bit. Grateful for that. I also cringed when Andrew Dabb described Hitler as a “psychotic Richard Simmons” and this episode lost points for the Hitler impersonation/vessel animation/ remix, whatever that was. My pleasure quotient plummeted when Hitler started animating his vessel. I usually don’t think recreating Hitler in fiction is a great idea or that there are lot of ways to do it in a way that’s appropriate, and ‘The One You’ve Been Waiting For” is another example of that.

On the bright side, Killing him sure did put a spring in Dean’s steps. Like I said last week, an episode where Dean is feeling off is always a bit difficult for me because I miss his vibrant personality and energy, and those few seconds of him being so joyful and back to his cheerful self again, completely saved the end of the episode for me.


Best Dean moments

The entire boat situation.

Dean, ‘inspecting’. It’s the body language. Gotta love the guy. He’s modelling and being funny at the same time.


Dean knowing when to quit. As Bobby’s favorite song says, “You got to know when to fold’ em”.


Dean and his grenade launcher. My boyish hero. He went from bliss to despair. Sam, you dream crusher, let your brother play with his weapon. He “deserves something good in his life” (“Slash Fiction” reference).



Best Sam moments

Sam offering Dean some pie. He has that confident, ‘I dare you to resist’ look on his face. Bringing out the big guns eh, Samuel?


Sam telling Dean not to touch anything. I love Jared’s facial expression there, and the way he reacted to the entire boat saga. How he kept a straight face, I’ll never know.
Sam’s reaction to Dean ‘sublimating’ his pain through work. He’s worried, and he doesn’t want to push, but he wants Dean to be okay, and doesn’t believe he will be unless he talks. There was a lot going on in Sam’s head, and on his face at that moment.


Sam after winning the battle of wills with Dean about that grenade launcher. He has that conflicted ‘I’m the parent and I know what’s best’, ‘maybe I was a bit hard on you but it needed to be said’,  ‘please don’t start pouting so we can move on from this’, ‘don’t cave, don’t cave, don’t cave’ face going on.



Funniest moment

Dean throwing in the towel with the ship. Stay down I’m done with you. That hand movement is killer.


Best broment

It’s all in the body language. You can see the exact moment Dean’s ‘Sam-in-trouble-alarm’ activates; and it’s a beautiful thing.




Final verdict: “I think I deserve some pie.”


Save for the Hitler impersonation, I found “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” to be a generally pleasant episode. I loved the whole antique shop and curse object vibe that gave me flashbacks of “Provenance” and “Playthings” two of my favorite titles of the entire series.

The scene with Dean and the ship will go down as one of my favorites as well. “Don’t say it.” He has that child-like quality about him sometimes, and we saw it again when Sam vetoed the grenade launcher. Boyish as he may be, Dean’s a warrior. He loves to wreck shop (litteraly a bull in a China shop) and I hope he gets to use his big bad gun at some point. Let the boy have some fun and blow stuff up.

Excellent team work by the Hunter Winchesters and some serious (what is in slo mo?) butt kicking by the brothers in their nice FED suits.

Since the beginning of the season, I’ve had this sluggish feeling about the show. My excitement levels took a major hit with “Alpha & Omega” and while I didn’t hate the majority of the episodes that have aired thus far, I was a bit bored with all of them for different reasons. I’m still light years from my seasons 10 and 11 level of enjoyment, but save for the questionable Hitler cameo, “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” has been the first time I was really entertained by a season 12 episode. It still doesn’t match the best grade I’ve given, an 8 for the premiere (which, in spite of its lack of spice, had pivotal scenes, defining moments and deeply emotional acting), but it’s the one I can rewatch that won’t leave me feeling disappointed, bored or blue. Here’s to hoping things pick up from here… In the meantime, I will cling to my boys and things will be alright. They’re a bit season 7 flat but at least they’re not season 8 horrible. I’ll put that in the win column!




Gif credits

The Winchester Brothers Report by Vee
Season 11: 11.01, 11.02 to 11.23

Season 12
12.01: “If he is not in one piece I will take you apart.”
12.02: “The only thing we had was each other.”
12.03: “Family hunting trip.”
12.04: “I hate you so much right now.”


9 thoughts on “XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “What do you think this is? Tickle party?.”

  1. Had to go to X Files rerun. I know too much about WWII to be stoked about chasing some National Socialist through time when real monsters prevailed. This season just isn’t clicking, may be the swan song for the series. I hope not.


    1. I don’t think it will be the Swan Song of the series. The president of the CW has said countless times he,s not cancelling the show until Jared and Jensen want out and they keep saying they’re not going anywhere. I agree however that season 12 is not clicking. The show hasn’t been great since Andre Dabb officially took over with the season 11 finale.


  2. Hi Vee, great recap as always. I enjoyed the episode but so far I don’t feel love for it. I need to rewatch tonight (sometimes the 1st time watching I spend too much time looking at Dean instead of following the plot LOL) My feelings are usually cemented on the rewatch.

    Is this a new writer? I felt like the writing was TOO Sam and Dean if that makes any sense? I will say more tonight!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Barb. I really appreciate it. I agree that the episode was enjoyable but I’m not feeling the ‘love’ for the season as of yet. Hehe, I understand spending too much time watching Dean. I used to pause the show and rewind just to stare at him in the beginning lol.

      By “TOO Sam and Dean” do you mean too stereotypical? I thought the boat thing was very Dean. He’s not very delicate with shishi poopoo things. He loves his pie, loves to have a corny catchphrase when he shoots the monster “Heil this”, loves his guns and does have a child-like quality about him where he ends up pouting, for a very short amount of time, when Sam tries to keep him from having fun.

      I also thought Sam was in character trying to curb his brother’s over-the-top personality. We’ve seen him slap Dean’s hand away to keep him from getting food, grab him to keep him from knocking doors down and that’s what he was doing with the grenade launcher. He’s also always trying to get Dean to behave lol, like he did in the antiques shop.

      How did you like the rewatch?


      1. I liked it more on rewatch. I just felt like the writer threw in every “brother cliche” to show they understood the brothers. Not a bad thing but like the scene with the boat-dropping it twice was funny but 3 times…I felt it made Dean look foolish not funny.

        I too kept thinking of the election 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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