Supernatural Season 12: The One You’ve Been Waiting For

Well, I wasn’t exactly waiting for this,  but I don’t mind seeing the Thule Society again. Every time Sam and Dean get to kick some Nazi butt is always fun for the viewer, and Dean seems to have a swell time too. 

So, the plot sounds like some kind of zaniness from Ash vs. the Evil Dead. A pocket watch, containing the soul of Hitler, and the blood of Hitler’s great-grandniece, are the McGuffins the Thule Society need to bring Hitler back to life. Why, is anyone’s guess. Guys! there’s never gonna be another Third Reich! There couldn’t be a more appropriate time to air this particular episode though,  considering what happened in last week’s American election. (But I’m not talking about that. )

This is a fairly straightforward MotW. I didn’t see any ties to the larger narrative. Those are usually my favorite episodes. I kinda enjoyed this episode. The Thule can give the brothers a real run for their money, and it was nice to see what Aaron has been getting up to in the past year, although I did miss The Golem. I would’ve liked to have seen him kicking some Thule ass, but this episode was still lots of fun. It won’t end up on my “best of” list, but it’s a very solid episode. 

I could’ve done without this:

The depiction of Hitler as a grinning, dancing ninny, was a bit discombobulating. He reminded me too much of Negan from The Walking Dead, and I’ve been having trouble watching that show since it’s premiere. There’s something about Negan I find particularly upsetting and I didn’t like being reminded of him in this show. On the other hand,  the reactions from his followers was hilarious. You could almost feel the looks of distaste on their faces as they thought to themselves, “This is what I’ve been fighting for?” Why they didn’t believe their colleague had simply gone insane is a puzzle to me.

I initially hated Ellie. I hate that whole twitchy, flighty, stuttering, over-talkative, character traits, that White female writers give to very young White female characters on TV. I think they think it’s cute, or endearing, but it’s mostly screamingly annoying, and I mostly feel a strong urge to slap the skin off such characters. The problem could also have been that that actress was just trying too hard.  I have never met any White woman, of any age,  who acted like that in real life. Fortunately, she calmed down during the rest of the episode, and I was able to get to know and like her. 

The turnabout of whathisname? Matthew. That really pretty Thule kid who hated his dad. I felt kind of sudden to me, although I realize, in their clumsy way, the writers were trying to give us a heads up about the contentious relationship between him and his father, so that his turning against the Thule wasn’t completely out of left field. It did feel a little like the writers had written themselves into a corner, and then had to backtrack so they could turn him into a deus ex machina, later. He wasn’t developed enough as a character for us to buy his sudden change of heart. He sure was cute though.

It’s kind of pointless for the Thule to save Ellie’s blood and kill her. Saved blood only lasts a little while before you need to throw it away. Keeping Ellie alive, just in case the Thule ever needed her blood again, would be a much better plan. On the other hand, they’d need to keep her captive for the rest of her life, and maybe that’s too difficult for them. Who knows?
Things I loved:

Sam promising Dean that he will get his chance to use the bazooka gun (from now on I’m calling it the “Blunderbuss”). Sam knows his brother so well, and I like these little moments between them that are a testament to their longevity. Little things like buying Dean some pie, and being appalled that Dean didn’t want it. If Sam wore pearls they would’ve been clutched. 

Dean wanting to use a bazooka on the Nazis.

That fight scene in the warehouse. Wow! The brothers are really getting their asses kicked this season. It’s episode five and we’ve already lost count of how many times Sam has been hit in the head.

Dean being so happy about killing Hitler, that he should celebrate with pie.

Dean killing Hitler. Well.. Hitler’s ghost, I guess.

I’m glad the writers didn’t try to force a relationship between Ellie and the cute little  Thule boy who kidnapped her. That would’ve been too much, and considering it’s TV, I was kind of expecting it.

Hearing from Aaron and what he’s been doing since he left the brothers. 

I like how much Ellie matured as the episode moved forward. She was  annoyingly juvenile when the episode began, and seemed to grow up right before our eyes, and I liked her a whole lot more, at the end. 

Next week’s previews of the return of Sheriff Mills. I’ve liked almost every episode with her, so I expect to like that one too.


4 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 12: The One You’ve Been Waiting For

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  1. My first viewing of this episode was over shadowed by the results of the election for President here in the States so I kept reading political satire into the script. Let’s face it, writers have previously made social comment through this show. When I put aside the political shadow, the episode was decent but I find it hard to find humor in anything Hitler related, so even the over the top portrayal of one of history’s most fanatical dictators didn’t hit home for me. I also found social commentary about mileniums with Ellie and Mathew, and how they have to enter the adult world of making their own decisions and facing who they are. Again, the political climate here.

    For me, the theme of the show was about running away from things: medical school, parental disapproval, an absent Mom, one’s heritage. When it comes to running from the life, Sam is an expert. He does guide Ellie back to finish her education as she cannot out run her life’s disappointments nor her genetic link to Hitler. She can live her best life which is something I think Sam has accepted about himself. Both Winchesters have experienced parental disapproval/control so Dean’s decision to let Mathew run to Buffalo(’cause nobody goes there), makes sense. He allows Mathew to live his best life, despite his genetics. Did the Winchesters not do the same for Aaron Bass and his Golem? Nice to see what he has been up to since meeting the boys. I wish the story had more Aaron related but the season has been one of containment of smaller, more intimate one of two brothers saving people, hunting things.
    Sam also tries to help Dean face Mary’s absence, but this process takes time. His offer of pie and Dean’s rejection not only gave us a “bro-ment”, but allowed Dean to admit he is an expert at sublimation and work is his best remedy. That pie looked so edible.
    Sam also holds Dean back from using the grenade launcher which gives us a glimpse into the boyish enthusiasm Dean has for the job. Sam’s focus is on stealth while Dean’s is full frontal attack. This bit made me laugh out loud as I think the writer was trying to address Jensen’s comment about the weapon’s presence in the trunk.
    Of course, the Winchesters get caught while Ellie is strapped to a table. The scene reminds me of the Meg torture scene when Crowley is working with Grandpa Campbell. It is nice to see Ellie become empowered and enable her own rescue.
    While as a fan, I appreciated Dean, the hero, killing the re-incarnation of Hitler. Like Sam. I just wanted it to stop. Dean enjoyed it a bit too much but it shows he does embrace his job. He has come a long way from that tired hunter in season 7(the put a smile and do your job conversation with paranoid(rightly so) Frank). Dean’s willingness to eat pie again let’s us know he is embracing his now. Or is it more sublimation? I still feel that something life changing brewing for Dean.
    And yes, it took me a second watch to laugh a bit more at the funny. Maybe some pie will help with the political reality of the election.


    1. Of course, I found the outtake of the interrogation of Ellie and too much Espresso more hysterical than the over the top Hitler reincarnation. Could not stop hearing that scene.

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    2. I don’t know if pie will help but it sure can’t hurt ya’! Pie loves us all.

      I too feel like there’s some big emotional event coming for Dean, and I like how the show has opened this season as a more Bi-bro dynamic, rather than focusing more on one than another, with both Sam and Dean getting to have emotional interactions with the people they save.

      Twice now Sam seems to have developed a connection to female victims of the Supernatural, and I find that interesting.
      I wasn’t enthused about the Hitler angle either. That was kind of meh for me.

      I didn’t see the parallels between Ellie and Matthew and their bad parentage, and how both of them chose to walk away from any obligations to their “bad blood”.


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