Supernatural Season 12: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

As you can see, I’ve changed up my format a bit, to omit the recap. Recaps can be found all over the internet so, I thought I could maybe skip that and go right to my thoughts and feelings during certain moments. Also doing a recap takes longer than just writing a review.

Okay, there’s a lot to unpack in this particular episode, about Mary, how the hunting community operates, and some feelings and confessions that get tossed about. I liked all the subtle layering that went into the writing of this one.Steve Yockey was the writer on this one. I’ve never heard of him, (so maybe he is new?) but I hope to hear more from him this season, as he did a wonderful job of writing Jodi and Mary.

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It would’ve been kinda nice, I think to have a show about Asa Fox. What little we manged to find out about him was intriguing, most  especially his relationship to Mary, who he came in contact with when she saved his life from werewolves, when he was a child. It was Mary’s heroics that influenced him to become a Hunter, and it is Mary that Asa’s mother blames for her son never choosing to have a normal life and family.

Asa Fox gets killed on a hunt, supposedly by a demon. I was eagerly anticipating this episode, because it was a chance to watch the brothers mingle with others in the community, and get some idea of what other hunters thought of them, and the brother’s reactions. I think I squeed, just a tiny bit at Elvis’, reaction  that the Winchesters had come to the party. I knew that other Hunters talked about them, and I was hoping it was positive because we’ve already seen some of the negative reactions the brothers have gotten throughout the years, (starting with Gordon.)

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This episode had some great characters in it, even if I was missing Donna. I’d love to see Jodi and Donna team-up at least once per season, but it wasn’t  this episode, I guess. This episode had a lot of women in it and they were all very well written.

My other favorite characters were the Wonder Twins, with their Witchy powers. They were raised by witches, so they  have no problem using their occult powers for hunting. I also loved that the brother was just unabashedly, openly gay, and how it was just thrown into the conversation they were having with Sam, without missing a beat, or turning it into an Afterschool Special about diversity. Sam with his big openhearted self, just takes it in stride. Sam ain’t got time for petty.

Even Asa’s Mom was not unlikable, which is a testament not just to the writing but the acting as well. She is the perfect aggrieved mother, who is just not dealing well with her son’s death, and all that could have been, but she is open to change too, as we see her accept  that the twins are her grandchildren, and says she’s ready to get to know them. I had feels about that moment.

I enjoy most of the episodes in which Jodi Mills appears. Kim Rhodes knocks it out of the park every time. She is a phenomenal actress that I wouldn’t mind seeing her in her own show. She makes watching Jodi a real joy, managing to capture all of Jodi’s vulnerability, toughness, and snarky wit. I love her relationship with the brothers ,who are as comfortable around her as they were with Bobby, just settling in to watch movies and eat popcorn, as if they were at home, which is kinda cool.

When she meets Mary Jodi is understandably flabbergasted, but she gives Mary a great hug, which was great, even though Mary looks baffled. That moment made me think about just how much Jodi loves the Winchesters, and how, just like for her adopted daughters, she’s taken over Bobby’s role as a stabilizing influence in their lives.

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This episode contained another favorite character, Billy the Reaper. I love her no-nonsense approach to the brothers, and that leather jacket. She’s not like any of the other Reapers we’ve met, although her practicality seems to be something most Reapers possess. I get it. She’s a real stickler for her job. I know there are fans who just want to think she hates the brothers, and is picking on them, but Billy is much more complicated than simply hating on the Winchesters. She follows the rules, but she isn’t entirely without compassion.

Dean made a deal with Billy to get into the warded house, and technically she could have taken her due, as Dean did owe her one, but she took the time to try to persuade Mary to come with her. Billy can’t kill Mary herself, but she can talk Mary into consenting to come with her, and she showed a certain amount of empathy and understanding for Mary’s state of mind. This is how you write nuanced and complex female characters. You don’t just make them villains without a reason, and if Billy is a villain, she is at least as nuanced as Crowley, and I can accept that.You give them traits that are not far removed from how they would generally be expected to behave, and then elaborate on that.

I liked all the characterization,  but  I could’ve done without the Crossroads demon, Jael. Once again we’ve got this jovial villain, and I’m getting kinda tired of all these happy villains we’ve been seeing lately, all of whom keep reminding me of Negan from The Walking Dead. Also these are not very scary villains when they grin so much. I get it. They are just happy to be evil, and just love doing bad, but its starting to get a little weird when it happens in almost every show.

Also, notice the contrast between Billy and Jael. Billy is a complex and understandable character. Jael (and Lucifer) are  straight up villains. So for those of you who are equating Billy with the crossroads demon, you need to evaluate why you’re doing that, because they are not the same thing. Billy isn’t a villain just to be villainous. She actually has been given reasons for what she does, and thinks, and Jael and Lucifer, not so much. Billy is someone who is frustrated at being unable to do her job properly, (and the the brothers killed her boss.)

Favorite moments:

Sam and Dean making themselves comfortable on Jodi’s sofa and Dean teasing her about watching chick flicks.

Sam is so laid back for the first fifteen minutes of this episode, he seems almost asleep. For some reason, I found this deeply, deeply funny. Has he been doing some recreational smoking? And if so, where can I get some of that good s**t?

Jodi’s usual snarkiness.

Mary returning. At least she’s making friendly overtures to her boys. Breakfast is always  a good start.

Elvis’ giddy schoolgirl reaction to meeting Sam Winchester. This just made me giggle.

The first thing Dean tells Jodi is that he killed Hitler. Also, Jodi’s baffled thanks and Dean’s smug ,”You’re welcome”. Its not like he explained it or anything.

Later, Jodi got on Dean’s case for not telling her about Mary, which is a pretty big f***ing deal to not tell someone.

Alicia’s twin brother, who doesn’t get a name I guess, just casually mentioning how he loves to charm men.

Asa’s Mom, and how, as the evening progresses, and she gets more in her cups, she gets more and more angry. I know a lot of these episodes can be shot out of sequence, so keeping her emotional levels consistent shows some real acting talent.

I’m definitely going to watch this episode again. I’m not going to give it an A just yet. I still have the mid-season hiatus episode to look forward to.  I hope that one is impressive, and I don’t want to get ahead of myself, so early in the season. The episodes, this  season, have been consistently good, watchable, well written, with lots of feels, and brother moments, but they haven’t reached Fan Fiction or Baby levels of good, yet. They’ve come very close, but not quite.

The show is making very good efforts at writing strong and complex women. The only drawback is there aren’t enough WoC in the series, as guests. I’d like to see more Asians and Latinas as Hunters, and what unique gifts they bring to the community. Outside of Billy, most of the WoC, are pretty generic, which is okay, but there are some unique cultural things that can be done in the Hunting community, giving the show the kind of  global depth it seems to be attempting this season.

All in all, not bad.

Not bad.


5 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 12: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

    1. I really enjoyed the episode too. I give it an 8.5/10. On rewtachits even better. Jodi is a treasure. They better never…..I won’t say it out loud 🙂 Her relationship with the boys is so natural it gave me feels. Thats not a demon its Jodi!

      Not loving Mary and thats ok. But she needs to stay or go…this angsty I need more time bull isn’t going to fly with me much longer. Mary, did you hear how those hunters were in awe of your sons? Did you hear Jodi tell you what great men they are? Get with the program. Ask them about their lives…give yourself a chance to fall in love with them.

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