Asa Fox’s life and death: Supernatural

At first impression this episode feels like a glimpse inside the hunter’s life and inevitable death at the losing end of a hunt. Look more closely and one sees the inside life of the Winchesters who rarely interact with others unless they are working a job. Both Dean and Sam react to other folk’s perception of the Winchesters, something one hardly ever sees. The writers allow each brother to react from within his own psyche whether it comes to each other, the world of hunters, a friend, or Mom. And it all ends with bacon.

Kudos to Kim Rhodes who shows breath as hunter Jodi Mills. Her solitary life when her surrogate girls are out of town echos the hunters’ seeming lack of attachment only to be thrust into the middle of love both from the Winchesters and her talked about attempt at a relationship with Asa that crashed on a hunter’s rock somewhere. Her mothering instincts give good advice to Mary as well as remind us that the Winchesters are good men. Kim’s acting is on high gear when she shifts to a possessed Jodi and takes the story to another level as we see that the Winchesters are cognizant that there is a human involved. They have evolved as hunters and are a cut above the average plaid shirted demon chaser.

The attachment angle is underscored by Asa’s mom shrieking out her anger at the life and then learning that Asa did have attachments. Her grandchildren prove to be interesting characters and one hopes to see them again.  And even demons form attachments( remember Meg?). Well this demon had his eyes on Asa and seeks revenge on the hunter who took Asa out first. Again, the rules of hunters and monsters challenges the current beliefs of hunters as well as the myths they create about themselves and others that have particles of truth, but the Winchester legacy is mostly truthful. And therein lies the contrast.

The episode is once again really about the Winchesters. It opens up the world of hunters a bit and the possibilities that there are many roads from which to choose. Fine acting moments from our J’s as well as supporting cast. And as a MOW it works, but the continuing season arc into the Winchesters beyond the hunting skills is eye opening.


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