Do you feel that Crowley has lost his way?

I just think with him teaming up with Cas, and hanging around with humans isn’t doing much for his street cred? He seems to have lost his leadership skills a bit, and doesn’t appear as fearless as he once did. I know he can turn it on when he has too. But at one time Crowley was his own man, he worked alone, and did his own thing. Eventhough he had his flock of demons surrounding him. Rowena too coming in, has given Crowley less authority because she is older than him, and can boss him around and does. She is his mother after all! It appears Crowley has a soft nature which I never expected to see.

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Now he’s teamed up with Cas it’s like he’s loosing that spark what made him king of hell. He was aggresive at times and threw a punch when it was needed. He even let Lucifer beat him to a pulp. At one time he would have laid Lucifer flat on the floor. Lucifer is more powerful, we know this without a shadow of any doubts. But Crowley never seemed to raise a fist, he didn’t even struggle to defend himself. Has Crowley become weak in his old age, that he appears to like being beaten by the devil! Comic, Dog Crowley under Lucifer was degrading to watch. It made him appear weak, not in control and powerless to get out and away from his captivity.

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I felt the same way about Cas and his journey that the writers seem to enjoy putting these characters into different modes to see if they sink or swim. I think they need to slot them into a certain space and keep them there. Crowley is a King of his domain, and from where I am sitting that throne has lost its King.

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Crowley teaming up with humans isn’t helping his power of authority. Its making him look pale, and insignificant. Power is a path and where he shouldn’t stray from. Being a leader in his position he shouldn’t be so easily crossing paths with humans and softening his grip. Its a shame where Crowley has ended up in the grand scheme of things. A leader who knew what he wanted, and got it without hesitation. That spark has almost gone out, that once was so domenering, aggresive, powerful and even magestic. Crowley was reckless, and strove to get what ever it was he wanted. But now it feels like he’s the Winchesters lacky. When they say ‘JUMP’, Crowley says HOW HIGH! Has The King of HELL lost his way???

Thoughts …..

Written and Published By: Bella

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3 thoughts on “Do you feel that Crowley has lost his way?

  1. Crowley and Castiel both have the same goal: to ice Lucifer or at least get him back in the cage. The partnership provides lighter moments which are needed to balance some very dark, disturbing scenes of self-mutilation. This partnership lead to serious issues for Castiel in season 6, so you can’t be sure where showrunner Dabb is taking us or if it just comic relief.
    Never underestimate Crowley. His motivation to work with others is for his own purpose. I knows the Winchesters feel responsible for letting Lucifer out…again. He volunteers to buy them the 4th minute because giving to them, might help him. His bruises show that Lucifer is stronger than he is: angel outranks demon in powers any day. Clearly, Lucifer is stronger than Castiel as well.
    Last time Crowley got into it for a Winchester, it was with Cain and then he knew more than he was revealing and faked his part of the fight to entangle Dean. His minions in Hell are in disarray and it would be pointless for him to go up against Lucifer or to make an attempt at regaining the throne without allies. Saving all of Chuck’s creation from Lucifer’s non plan, would also save Hell for Crowley and wouldn’t it be grand for Crowley to have Lucy caged like a dog. Sweet revenge indeed.My hope would be that these two characters have a bit more to show us since they are absent for most of the first half of season 12. The show-runner has not yet revealed his plan to pull it all together: Mary, BMOL, Lucifer. Hope he has planned better than Lucifer’s random acts. In short, don’t think anyone has lost his way just yet.

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  2. Thats whats so interesting about him-you never know if hes really on your side or not. Right now he feels he cant move on with Hell because of Lucifer-he has no choice but to help TFW get rid of him so he can rule again.

    I love the Cas and Crowley show!


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