XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “Impeach LOTUS, find Rosemary’s baby.”

In “LOTUS”, the season 12 midseason finale, Lucifer possesses the POTUS, Crowley kills Rowena’s fiancé, Castiel loses another girl at a diner and Sam and Dean decide that since their life isn’t exciting enough, they should try and get captured by the Secret Service! In a bid to save the Winchesters from extinction and save the episode from complete collapse, the mysterious Mister Ketch pops in with a magical egg to introduce himself.

Warning: high levels of sodium in some parts

Winchester recap: “We’ve done this dance so many times.”


Sam and Dean are on the trail of Lucifer’s latest vessel but they are too late. They arrive at the archdiocese of Saint Louis to find crosses flipped upside down and the archbishop and his entire staff slaughtered. Lucifer is moving on to “blue chips” : the billionaire philanthropist Wallace Parker, the archbishop of Saint Louis and now the so-called, Leader of the Free World. Jefferson Rooney, a devout widower also says yes, believing he’s talking to a power that will help bring a “true era of spirituality” and heal America’s wounds. President Rooney is at the Forester Estate where he resides while he is appearing at a series of fundraisers in the Midwest. His girlfriend Kelly is part of his team. When she talks about their future and the possibility of them having a child together, she doesn’t know she’s just given Lucifer an idea. Soon after Castiel receives news from Angel Radio that a nephilim has been conceived.

The Winchesters hit the road and are promptly stopped by the Secret Service agents Lucifer has sicced on them. The  agents are not impressed with the “toy badges” Sam and Dean made “in craft class in the psych ward” and they have guns trained on the Winchesters when Arthur Ketch makes his entrance to the sound of Dave Brubeck’s Take Five and blasts the agents’ car with a grenade launcher. Sam placed a call to Mick Davies, the British Man of Letters who reprimanded Toni Bevell and offered his collaboration to the Winchesters. While Sam hung up without leaving a message, Mick sent Ketch to rescue, believing the brothers were in trouble. Ketch reiterates the BMOL’s desire to collaborate, reminding the brothers that the British Order a centuries-old organization that can offer expertise, weaponry and skills. Their engineers spent years blending sorcery and technology to build powerful weapons, among which one that can drive a possessing demon out of a vessel. The device also works on angels and to earn the Winchesters’ trust, Ketch agrees to let them use it.

Crowley teleports Kelly away from the Forester mansion. Castiel informs her that the “thing” inside her is “unholy”, an “abomination” and he proves it by having her place her hand on top of a Bible that soon bursts into flames. She admits that the President knows of her pregnancy and is “thrilled”. She agrees to lure the POTUS away from his compound and Sam uses the device to draw Lucifer out of Jeff Rooney while Rowena casts the spell that will send Lucifer back to Hell. Rooney’s still alive and Castiel is sure he won’t remember anything. Rowena and Crowley disappear right after the spell and Castiel takes off with Kelly. Sam and Dean stay behind. “We got him. We got Lucifer.” They try to reassure the POTUS as he wakes up. Secret Service barges in and arrests the Winchesters for the attempted assassination of the President of the United States. Kelly slips Castiel at a diner and calls him to say that she can’t do it. “This is not a baby. This is the spawn of Lucifer.” “It’s my child.”



Overall grade : 6.75/10


At times, the midseason finale didn’t feel like Supernatural. I enjoyed David Chisum in the role of the POTUS. He was believable as the president, and had just the right amount of ‘wrong’, and contained evil to portray Lucifer. There was however an inordinate amount of time devoted his pillow-talk with girlfriend Kelly. I felt like I was watching Scandal again with none of the excitement Olivia Pope brings to the table.

I really enjoyed the opening scene (twisted Christian I am) and especially the moment where the red-robe clad archbishop is walking in slow motion while crosses flip upside down in his wake. It made me think of the solemn and eerie atmosphere of the “Lucifer Rising” church scenes. I thought Mike Querin (archbishop) nailed the role. He oozed a quiet kind of evil, in motion, and in print. His expression on the photo of his visit to the soup kitchen was all manners of creepy and it reminded me of a possessed Vince Vicente. On the subject of Lucifers, the massacre at the archdiocese reminded us of how scary Lucifer can, and is supposed to be.

I liked David Haydn-Jones as the pompous Mr. Ketch. Toni called him a “sociopath”, but so far, I like his style. Coming out of his car in a fog of jazz and sophistication and working a grenade launcher without getting a hair out of place. He said all the right things and had all the right weapons. It was nice to see someone demonstrate efficiency in this episode. More on that later.

I liked the way Castiel used his powers to trick the Secret Agents. “There’s no one in here but Kelly. Go wait in your car.” I’m unclear on whether his whammy was temporary or if the power of Rowena’s spell woke the agents because the moment they emerge from their daze seems to coincide the moment Rowena tosses magic dust in her bowl, a sign that the spell has been cast.

As always, a pleasure to see Crowley. The King really does have contacts everywhere. Inside the Church, in the entertainment business and of course! In the White House. He also had the best lines of the episode. “Can I get you without the flannel? No. Still I endure.” Naughty…


His scenes with Rowena, also a pleasure like the moment he finds her in the middle of a quarrel with the fiancé who’s leaving her for an heiress who has actual money, holdings and prestige and then vaporizes the fiancé, earning his mother’s gratitude. “The nicest thing” he ever did for her. Delivering Olivette wasn’t bad but Rowena’s right. The fiancé was laughing in her face and Crowley avenged her honor, if only to speed up the proceedings.

That part was for the good things. You’ll notice the Winchesters aren’t part of it. They were barely in the midseason finale and when they were, the writing for them made little sense. Dean was over-the-top unpleasant and grumpy for no reason whatsoever. His irritation with Crowley and Castiel felt overdone. It also made zero sense that he was constantly telling Castiel, the actual bullet-proof Angel of the Lord in their midst to stay in the car or not get involved. Just silly. As for Sam, he came across shady for calling Davies. Sure he didn’t exactly go through with it and it was actually a very good idea but why go back to the secrets and dissimulation about something so trivial?

Outside of Sam holding the egg, the brothers, for the few times they had something to do, came across inefficient. Castiel, who’s supposed to be more of a badass this season was also hit with the underachieving stick, losing yet another girl at a diner (did Claire teach you nothing?) and missing opportunities to intervene, left, right and center. I guess being told to stay back several times took its toll and he said : I’m minding my business.

Inefficient is bad. Turning into complete airheads out of the blue is just terrible. Getting the Winchesters in real trouble with the law is an interesting twist that could have been achieved with a high-speed chase or with Secret Service trailing the Impala and circling the brothers as they tried to flee. But no! Why give your co-leads a chance to go out like heroes when they can down like suckers. So Dumb and Dumber stay behind to babysit the POTUS after Castiel said he was going to be alright and they sit around like a pair of dummy ducks just waiting to be arrested. I hear Catherine Zeta-Jones in my head, and she’s singing.

They had it coming!
They had it coming!
They only have themselves to blame…

The BuckLeming


I created this category a few weeks ago for the egregious moments of canon destruction from notorious and repeat offenders Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner. I spoke about one of those moments at length in the “Mamma Mia” Report and in “LOTUS”, it happened again.

“Lucifer can’t be returned to the Cage inside his vessel.”

They tried it in “Mama Mia” and they’re trying it “LOTUS”.
To which I reply” Oh really??? Could have fooled me: cue the image of Sam diving into the Cage WHILE possessed by Lucifer in “Swan Song”.





Winchester moments

There are no Best Dean, Sam, Bro moments this week because the Winchesters were as far from their best as they’ve been in a good while but they did make a cameo and they did a few things. Case in point.


They looked fantastic, winsynching in their FBI suits!


Sam got to tell Lucifer to go to Hell, and send him there, which I’m sure was very cathartic for him.


The grenade launcher returned, and Dean was looking like “See? I told you grenade launchers are awesome.” while Sam looked like, “Don’t say it”.


There was this shot of Jensen Shackles for those of us with a tied up!Winchester kink. Safe place…


There was that other shot of Sam looking really cute in a we-are-so-screwed-dean-I-can’t-go-back-to-jail way. Silver lining Samuel. At least, it’s not the Cage…


The boys took a moment to marvel at the fact that they got Lucifer. All I could think was “Why are you hanging around there with your mouths open like a couple of buttheads? Scram! Everybody else has…” but this looks like a big moment for them so I’m gonna let them have it. A nice memory to relive while they’re sitting in jail *sips lemonade*


At least they looked good huddled together behind Baby during the explosion. Yeah, I liked that.


And there was Dean screaming out Sam’s name which is always nice.




Final verdict


The best lines, quotes, best moments, scenes, mostly belonged to Crowley, Mister Ketch, Lucifer and Castiel (the closet whammy and the return of “this is an abomination” Castiel). This is what happens when the Winchesters are boring, ineffectual, barely likable guest stars in their own show. I found myself rooting for Lucifer, that’s how bad they were.

I tried to give season 12A a chance, holding on to every bit of goodness to forget the boring, the dull, the uninspired and the dry that has been the writing and direction of this season so far. Sam and Dean are not the emotional focus of the show. I saw it coming when spoiler after spoiler focused on Lucifer, Castiel, Rowena, Hitler, the British MOL with nary a word about the actual co-leads. I kept asking on IMDb, what about the boys, what is their story this season, aside from Sam getting tortured and some Mary-related angst? I now have my answer. They don’t have much of one and I see I wasn’t wrong to be worried about season 12 before it started.

Spoilers paint a picture and just like they told me I wouldn’t like season 8 and would love season 10 and 11, they told me there was a problem with season 12, before it aired. I have looked around, read, exchanged and talked about the season and have come to the conclusion that I am not alone with the opinion that it’s one of the worst we’ve had in a while. I tried not to let the season 11 finale demoralize me but the writing was on the wall. Take Five indeed. Here’s to hoping Team Dabb-Singer comes back with something different in January and gives their co-leads which they love to call the “heart and soul of the show” something significant to do because as of now, the series lacks in both.



Gif credits

The Winchester Brothers Report by Vee

Season 11: 11.01, 11.02 to 11.23

Season 12
12.01: “If he is not in one piece I will take you apart.”
12.02: “The only thing we had was each other.”
12.03: “Family hunting trip.”
12.04: “I hate you so much right now.”
12.05: “What do you think this is? Tickle party?”
12.06: “Where is my brother?”
12.07: “The brothers that rock together.”


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