Supernatural Season 12 : First Blood

Hi! I’m back! Ive been away for a bit, what with the show being on hiatus and all, but I’m feeling some renewed passion for the show. Let’s talk about it!

I loved this episode of SPN. I’m still processing this because this episode is the reason I love this show, and I keep coming back to it. Every year there are fans who quit the show because it’s not doing what they want it to do, and that’s cool. If a show isn’t working for you, don’t waste your time hatewatching. There’s too much variety on TV to spend time doing that. But Supernatural just keeps giving me interesting stories with characters I love, and I want to see what happens to them and where it’s going.

Up til now, I’ve been a little lackluster in my interest in the show, (not really!). I missed Lotus, though. I didn’t review it but I got the lowdown from everyone’s recaps. I just wasn’t interested in Lucifer’s story that much. I like the character, and it was great seeing Rick Springfield, and the episodes were fine. I just wasn’t invested in Lucifer, and didn’t see where the season was headed with that storyline. But now I think I’m getting a feel for where we’re heading, and I hope it centers around Cas and Mary, because I really enjoyed their interactions this episode. I’m not getting too comfortable with their friendship, though. I’m sure the writers have something up their sleeve with that. Although it was a nice setup to Cas making his decision to save her life at the end of the episode. Apparently, the two of them hung out in the bunker together, for several weeks, while the brothers were missing.

I love Cas, but he’s such a sad sack. He’s so like a child, his emotions are so unfettered. When he’s happy, it’s the happiest he’s ever been, and when he’s depressed, it’s the worst time of his life. And it’s just nice to see him concerned for the brothers lives, and them trusting him, and treating him like he’s a Winchester. Bro-hugs!!!

Outside of Cas and Billy, there were no supernatural elements in this episode, which was very refreshing. The episode was gorgeously filmed, and showcased the brothers intelligence, and just their sheer competence. It’s not often we get to see them showcase their military skills, but I think that was my favorite part of the episode. Their military skills, and their dedication to not taking innocent human lives, is what stood out to me. As far as the brothers were concerned, the soldiers hunting them were just working men, doing their job. They took down their opponents,  and showed compassion afterwards, which is something which really appealed to me. Sam taking out one of the soldiers, handing him a first aid kit, and telling him he would live, just delighted me.

When our episode begins, Sam and Dean are being held in some unknown location, under guard, while Cas and Mary worry and work cases. We can see that their strengths are fieldwork and legwork, but investigation isn’t their strong suit. The only way they were going to find the brothers is with help. So Mary calls in the BMoL, who we have been shown, seem very eager to make inroads into the American Hunting community. I’m still suspicious of them. Most Hunters don’t trust them. I don’t trust them. I probably never will. I’m pretty sure the Winchesters don’t trust them either, even though Mary is willling to work with them. We know there will be a payoff for all this dealmaking, and breaking, later.

I like how they showed the brothers differing approaches to confinement. Dean was starting to lose it first, I think. They seemed so confident that they could withstand whatever physical torture the government would try, but they didn’t count on the psychological aspect of torture. They have no practice with emotional torture. I get the feeling that’s also something that’s gonna play out later. I love seeing their teamwork. This is how two people, who’ve worked together their whole lives, would actually work. That’s the Brothers strength and it was really showcased in their fight against the soldiers. When you consider that they fight monsters for a living, the soldiers never had a chance, so I was never really tense during those scenes, and unlike the BMOL, the brothers make distinctions between combatants and non-combatants. 

I got the distinct impression that this episode was meaningful for the rest of the season, though. Billy’s death, the cosmic bond that was broken when she died, Mary’s bargain with the BMoL, Cas decision to kill Billy to save Mary, this is all going to be important later.

  I love it when Cas makes speeches, too, and it was just nice to see him express his love for the Winchesters. He’s come a long, long way since that scarily indifferent angel, we first met. I like how the show has humanized him, while remembering that he isn’t human, and there’s all kinds of human things he doesn’t know. Like, when he said he tried to investigate a case, but he never solved it, because he didn’t ask the right questions, or the right people. You can tell the writers sit and discuss things like that. I only think this season is going to be Cas related somehow, but the show is really good at upending my expectations, so it’s best to take that with a grain of salt. 

I think the BMoL swanning in and killing everyone who knew about the Winchesters was kind of horrifying. I didn’t like that at all, and I know there’s going  to be repercussions from that, too. Now I can see this season building to…something very dark. I wonder if Lucifer’s child, the nephilim, will be involved. Will Lucifer be involved? Is he dead, now? Idk!

I think this is the first episode of the season I’m going on to give a 10/10, for plot, execution, intrigue. Up til now the episodes have been good but not standout great, and this is the first great episode, and it was great because it highlighted everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. The strengths of the BMoL is that they are extremely entrenched and connected. Their weakness is their utter lack of compassion, for human lives, and that’s going to reach a head by the end of the season. The show also showcased Mary’s and Cas’ strengths and weaknesses, and the brothers’, too. 

Okay, now I’m newly energized and excited for the rest of the season!


4 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 12 : First Blood

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  1. Sam leaving the first aid kit with the injured soldier was a great moment, and very much in character.

    “I’m not getting too comfortable with their friendship, though. I’m sure the writers have something up their sleeve with that”

    I’m intrigued. Maybe some division over the BMOLs?

    I think the BMOLs are the Big Bad based on what they did to the soldiers. They don’t care about monsters, which is expected, but they’ll get rid of a human just as fast.

    “They have no practice with emotional torture.”

    I think they do. Dean described some emotional torture in season 4 and season 7 Lucifer showed that Luci liked torturing Sam’s body as much as he liked to mess with his mind. He even tried to get Sam to commit suicide. Now Lucifer wasn’t really there, but I doubt the scenarios were manufactured by Sam, they seemed more like memories, and when Real Luci appeared in season 10, the first thin he did was mess with Sam’s head.


  2. I agree. As I said in my review of this episode Misha acted the hell out of the role and the episode is a re-set 4 characters. Glad you went into detail about the delineation between non combatants and the Winchester vs. Bmol solution. Dean seems most effected mentally by the confinement and isolation. Perhaps, Sam has always been a loner and handles it “better”. Yes, this feels renewed. Seeds have been planted. Perhaps, Dabb has found his way as show runner, let’s hope.


  3. “Their military skills, and their dedication to not taking innocent human lives, is what stood out to me”

    Loved that! I just hope Mary listening to Mick is part of a plan. I dont think she would go along with him for “real”

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