XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “I can’t see, did you get a plate?”

In “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets” (12.10), Sam and Dean try to keep Lily, a woman hellbent on taking revenge on the group of angels who murdered her family, from killing Castiel.


Winchester recap

Sam and Dean are in the bunker discussing the recent developments. Dean is concerned Mary might be jumping back into hunting too soon and he’s angry at Castiel for breaking the deal because Billie said it would result in “cosmic consequences”. Sam believes that Mary has everything under control and that Castiel did what he did to save them.

The brothers follow Castiel when he receives news that Benjamin, a friend and an angel from his garrison has been killed. Castiel reunites with Isham and Mirabel, two other angels from the garrison, in order to investigate. The culprit is identified after she kills Mirabel, wounds Isham and attacks Castiel. It’s Lily Sunder. The angels killed her husband, a fellow angel who according to Isham disobeyed Heaven’s rules by laying with a human and producing a child with her, a nephilim, extremely dangerous species with the power to end entire worlds. A century later, Lily’s still alive, and now completely immune to angel powers.

Since she doesn’t hurt humans, Sam and Dean track her down and try and reason with her. They learn that Lily, a professor of apocalyptic literature who studied angels, found the way to summon one, Isham, who turned out to be a “monster”. He became obsessed with her, and killed the other angel she chose to marry, out of jealousy. He also killed her daughter Mae, whom he knew was fully human, to break Lily’s heart like she broke his. Lily used enochian magic in order to acquire powers and is losing her soul as a result, a fate Sam empathizes with.

The episode ends with Lily and Isham fighting, Sam and Dean lending a hand, and Castiel striking the final blow. Castiel also apologizes to Lily. Back in the bunker, Dean offers Castiel a beer as a sign of peace. He’s still worried, especially given his experience with “cosmic consequences” but Castiel doesn’t regret his choice, even if it ends up costing him his life. Sam hopes things don’t come to that.


Overall grade : 6.5/10


It was interesting to see Ian Tracey (Isham) again. In the beginning, I was a bit distracted by the fact that he also played Lee Chambers, Krissy’s father. We met Lee in “Adventures in Babysitting” when he was snatched up by a pair vetalas. I know Supernatural recycles actors a LOT. It’s actually a fun game for me to try to remember where I first saw a face when it reappears after a few seasons, and a treat to instantly recognize personal favorites like Kevin McNulty who played Roy Le Grange, the faith healer from “Faith”, before coming back as Bunny LaCroix’s butler Philip in “Ask Jeeves”. Somehow, Lee Chambers was still fresh in my mind and I kept coming back to him until the fight scene with Lily. Ian did a great job showing how different this character was. An undercover psycho who oozed menace and had a mean streak even his sweet tooth couldn’t hide (“some coffee with that sugar”). “No wings. No home. Just a ratty old coat.” Ouch.

I liked Alicia Witt as Lily. She was quite the troublemaker on the last season of Nashville so I immediately gave Lily the side eye but she quickly won me over. A single mother, and professor of literature at the beginning of the twentieth century who uses enochian magic to turn herself into a bionic woman capable of taking out the angelic beings who killed her daughter, I like. Plus the fiery red hair and all the witchery made me imagine her having tea with Rowena. Maybe Row can help Lily with that eye situation? I just want her to have a friend. Between the Lucifer issues, the fiancés who won’t behave, that slimy demon son of hers and the Mega Flop once known as the Mega Coven, it’s time my favorite priestess had something good in her life.

I was starting to wonder what powers Castiel had left. Good to see his Hand of Healing in action. I was amused that his female vessel was a brunette, like Zooey Deschanel and all the other actresses fans pick when they genderbend his character.

On to the Winchesters. You know I love me some Dean, but that doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to his… issues. I was rolling my eyes at the fact that he, who spent a good part of “LOTUS” ordering Castiel to stay back, stay behind, and stay in the car, decided to barge in on the angel summit when he was told to stay his human butt outside. He’s my lovable bull in a China shop wrecking antique ships like they’re Dollar Tree trinkets but I was this close to (fake)wacking him with a spoon, Missoury Moseley-style. Sam was being his polite self, greeting everybody, introducing himself, and just like in “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester” he received a lukewarm reception from the angel crew (this is the perfect time to scream from the rooftops how much I loved Uriel).

The deal Part II : HypocriticalChesters


The Winchesters each had their opinion about the breaking of the deal they made with Billie.

Sam: “Cas killed Billie but he saved us.”
And where was all that leniency for your brother the last time he did something stupid to save you? Have half the seats in the stadium, Samuel.

Dean: “This Benjamin seems like he’s pretty cool. Like he wouldn’t make half-cocked, knee jerk choices.”
Says the Undefeated, Intergalactic Champion of half-cocked, knee jerk choices. Have the other half of the stadium, Dean.

I swear, I would have knocked their foreheads together but they’re too tall so confiscated the rest of Dean’s pie and erased Sam’s jogging playlist from his phone. Sam hacked it back a second later but whatever, I made my point. Dean just bought another pie with Isham’s money. Sigh.


Best Dean moments


“Wrong answer. You’re done.”
“You’re bossy” (“Playthings”). Yes Sam, you would know. Little brothers, witches, monsters, archangels, horsemen, gods. Dean ‘I run this’ Winchester doesn’t give a damn who you are. He’s got something to say and everyone is entitled to his opinion (Madonna reference for the babies out there).


Isham throwing a bill at Dean saying “have a pie” and Dean considering it. That’s what I get for confiscating his. Son, where’s your pride, he basically called you an hairless ape three seconds ago!!!


“Leave you here with her? Are you kidding me?” Ah, Protective!Dean…

Best Sam moments


Sam describing how he tracked down Lily before Dean basically tells him to put a sock in it. Let him show off his hunting brain muscles, Dean. I for one, find his process riveting.


“You’re gonna storm in…” Sam letting us he knows his brother so well he can time his party-crashing entrances to the second.


“You won’t care about anything anymore.” Sam remembering being soulless.

Best broments


Dean clinging to Sam (and looking stinking cute doing it) and Sam being like, I can only half see but I got this. I got it!


The old ‘rush towards your injured/possibly injured brother’ thing. Yes.


Sam deciding to change plans because Lily got to him with these words: “But when your brother confronts Isham the angel will kill him.”


The sync for the win! Okay, we’ll just stick to winsync.



Final verdict


Angel-focused episodes that aren’t about Sam and Dean as True Vessels don’t tend to hold my attention. This episode had two extra things going for it, guest characters, Isham and Lily, both of whom I enjoyed thanks to their actor for the first one, and their story for the second one.

The episode also finally gave us Female Castiel who was everything I expected her to be based on fandom lore. The whole Benjamin, an angel with a ‘boy’s name’ inside a female vessel seemed to be a commentary on gender, especially since they had Dean stop and ask, “Wait. So Benjamin’s a woman.”


I was wondering if the “cosmic consequences” from “First Blood” could have been cancelled or possibly lessened by the fact that neither Sam nor Dean broke the deal themselves. The episode mentioned the deal quite a bit, and the possibility that Castiel might pay the price. I don’t believe he will so what’s left to do is wait and see what those consequences might be.

The other main arc is Lucifer and his child. Castiel mentioned he might have a hard time killing a child (it seems like he’s the one in charge of Kelly and her baby for now) and it brings me back to Isham’s comment about him being “weak”. All those human emotions do seem to weaken an angel. The Badass Castiel of old would have smited on sight.

“Look, let’s say you were cruising around in that car of yours and, uh, you had little Hitler riding shotgun, right? Back when he was just some goofy, crappy artist. But you knew what he was going to turn into someday. You’d take him out, no questions, am I right?” Gordon asked Dean that question in season 2. Let’s hope Badass Cas will be fully resuscitated and ready to reply “Yes, of course.” by the end of the season before we end up with a Satan Jr. as big as Amara in season 13.



Gif credits


The Winchester Brothers Report by Vee

Season 11: 11.01, 11.02 to 11.23

Season 12
12.01: “If he is not in one piece I will take you apart.”
12.02: “The only thing we had was each other.”
12.03: “Family hunting trip.”
12.04: “I hate you so much right now.”
12.05: “What do you think this is? Tickle party?”
12.06: “Where is my brother?”
12.07: “The brothers that rock together.”
12.08: “Impeach LOTUS, find Rosemary’s baby.”
12.09: “We’re the guys who saved the world.”


5 thoughts on “XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “I can’t see, did you get a plate?”

  1. I really enjoyed the episode. I give it 8.5/10. Loved the silent treatment like little kids. lol Glad that Cas is till glad he saved the boys. Dean is so cute when hes protecting Cas. I just liked how everyone interacted.

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