Stuck in the Middle ( with you)

Davy Perez’s script and Richard Speight Jr.’s  2nd try atdirection bring an episode of Supernatural to the small screen in the style of Quentin Tarrentino’s “Reservoir Dogs”. Tarrentino’s love of spaghetti westerns seeps through in tone, cinematography, lighting, scenery, and music. The synchronized, slow motion of the Winchesters’ walk to a diner plays well.

Mr. Ketch, BMOL, requests to be “told a story” and we get a day/night of a hunt that goes terribly wrong. We are treated to mini- stories within the story being told as the script skips around various times of the day/night  with each piece given its own title,( so very  Tarrentino),so that the story unfolds from a variety of points of view from our characters. The camera coverage for each player must have taken hours to edit correctly and it works to create a fast paced episode.

Things we learn in this episode:( Here come spoilers if you do not want to know) Not necessarily in order of importance.

  • Lucifer created a level of demon prior to Lilith, not unlike knights of Hell like Abaddon and Cain. In fact, the resemblance to Cain in both physical features. abode, and wanting to be left alone are worth noting.
  • Ramiel, said demon, has yellow eyes. a brother and a sister(who keeps tabs on the nephilam issue)
  • Michael, yes that one, had a magical spear that sparks demons and kills angels slowly
  • The Winchesters are a modern family at dinner with Mom demanding that screens be put down and everyone look up
  • Mary has the traits of keeping secrets and getting in over her head and making wrong choices in collaborators. She can be sneaky.Remember she is a Campbell.
  • Waitresses smell like food-Dean sees this as an asset;Castiel is unaware, teachable moments
  • Castiel considers the Winchesters his family and expresses it so “in the pocket”
  • Black veins showing up from a wound is never a good thing
  • The Winchesters still have holy oil, warded brass knuckles. and the demon knife
  • Crowley’s ascension to the throne as the King of Hell- back story-opportunity knocked
  • Crowley’s fondness for feathers; Crowley has no friends just people with whom he makes deals and
  • Crowley has a new “dog” in a cage.
  • The Colt

There is much more that a viewer can learn,but watch for yourself. It is worth it. The hour flies by quickly.

Items to watch/listen for:

  • The Winchester  slow motion walk to the diner
  • Whistling and other musical selections
  • The ordering food scene at the diner-several times
  • Mary facing another demon with yellow eyes
  • Castiel in the diner, Castiel being fooled again when a female says she is urinating, Castiel professing his emotions*(my how he has changed).
  • Crowley. He is a curious fellow, n’est pas? How MS delivers a single line in his scene!

*Still not sure if this part of the script is over played but it does show the evolution of Castiel as well as letting Dean make it official that Castiel is family. The one part of the episode that confuses me is that Dean needs to check that the Michael lance, is “that Michael”. Not sure if it was the line of dialogue or Jensen’s interpretation, but is odd that he needs to check.(OK. Jensen had to leave after this scene because his wife went into labor).

All in all, this episode could become a classic for its style and tone. It also opens up future stories of Ramiel’s remaining siblings playing into the revenge thread and the nephilim line. Just seeing the Colt, which now glows, opens up possibilities for season 13 if not the end of 12. And of course, there is Mary, who is showing her imperfections as a human. And of course, the BMOL are sometimes not so expert as they present themselves to be. Caution viewers, there are more stories to tell. Interpret the title,”Stuck in the Middle”(with you) in a variety of ways: Mary and Mr. Ketch, the brothers and Castiel, Crowley and Ramiel, Crowley and Lucifer. I would not want to be any where else, but stuck in the middle of this clever episode. Hoping Mr. Speight gets to direct another one next year.


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