Why Supernatural is One of the Most Innovative Shows on TV

The Supernatural Fox Sisters

changing channels pixlr Dean and Sam on a Japanese game show in “Changing Channels”

Sam and Dean Winchester have kept fans engaged through 12 seasons of Supernatural. The series’ passionate fanbase has helped ensure its continued renewal by the CW. It’s possible the series could persist as long as actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles want to keep playing the Winchester brothers. Supernatural keeps fans under its spell through creative storytelling and innovative ideas, grounded in emotional family moments. What other series could tell a story about two brothers hunting monsters from the perspective of a car called “Baby”? Their unconventional approach has helped Supernatural sustain its appeal, even after a dozen years.

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    1. Hi B!

      Yeah, I’m in it for the characters, and their adventures are still compelling for me. I love these characters and I’m grateful we got so many seasons. Like I said, I’m here until whenever it ends.

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      1. I am here until the end too. I want to find out what happens to the boys because I have watched the show for years. I can’t just give up. They’ve been through too much not to find out what happens to them and how they end it all if they end it all. I cannot see the Men of Letters thing working for the boys either. If they whipped out all monsters and went for the normal life, that would finish off the show… I know Mary is adamant that BMoL is a good idea, and can’t buy into Sam going in for the long haul. Will Dean?

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        1. Yeah. I don’t think thats gonna work out the way everyone plans. The BMoL has already proven themselves to be underhanded. I really don’t trust hem, although I wouldn’t mind watching the Winchesters work with them for a year and see where it goes.

          It’s interesting that the bosses of the BMOL are so interested in them too. It could be their way of trying to control an uncertain factor.

          I’m also interested in seeing where the show goes with the Alpha Vamp dead. I really liked that guy, both as an actor and the character. He was so suave and handsome.

          This is building to something interesting. They killed Death, broke a deal with a Reaper, and now killed an Alpha Vamp. Now I’m really getting intrigued.

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          1. Me too, nothing really happened after killing Death, that he was such a huge character, then killing Billie the reaper for no real effect. Poor Alpha Vamp is now in purgatory probably like you said, are they being daring in who they kill off. Is it leading somewhere or not? They sometimes miss good stories and they don’t lead anywhere. They have potential here to develop it into something very interesting.

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          2. “I’m also interested in seeing where the show goes with the Alpha Vamp dead. I really liked that guy, both as an actor and the character. He was so suave and handsome”
            I enjoy him on The magicians as well!

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            1. Yeah, as Dean Fogg he’s the best hinge on that show. But I stopped watching it because it’s become convoluted and I don’t like the tone of it. I may catch it again later.


                    1. PHEW! I had a bit of a meltdown there!! I’m not keen on the Magicians felt it was a bit slow, not much action going on. I like Timeless Eric’s new one better.


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