“The Raid”- take a side- be careful what you ask for, Dean!

“The Raid” offers a Sam centric episode where he is forced to pair up with his mother and the BMOL, not really behind Dean’s back but circumstances force the issue. Before all that goes down, Sam and Dean have a “talk” of sorts about Mary’s decision to work with the BMol. Both brothers kick her out of the bunker, Dean reacting as a hurt child and Sam agreeing but still attempting a resolution for the sake of family. Dean desperately needs to kill something and Sam searches for a case. Dean resolves to go drink and Sam goes to talk to Mary, so we have a bit of a split. Okay, Jensen needed to be written light so he could be with his new babies and family. The episode gives Sam an opportunity to show just how smart, brave, and tricky he has become over the past years. Yes, it involves hunting and vampires, but there is a twist as to who is hunted, the colt, and screw ups. Add in the Alpha Vamp and a bit of Dean and Mr. Ketch being more similar than different,(although Mr. Ketch’s characterization of their similarities as killers is questionable), and you have an entertaining episodes with a few reveals.

Dean admonishes Sam for not taking a side in the choice Mary makes. Although Sam has agreed to kick Mary out of the bunker because she chooses the BMOL as partners, his continued attempts to find peace with her annoy Dean. He states it simply that Sam has to “take a side”. During his attempt at a truce, Sam sees how awesome his Mom is, how the BMOL have a larger goal of ridding the world of monsters, and how he is more savvy than the BMOL about American monsters. Sam saves the Bmol’s bacon with Mary’s help as Mr. Ketch and Dean go on there own to raid a vampire nest only to find it empty-save one.

Just as Sam is better than the BMOL at “figuring it out”, Dean is better at interrogation of a vampire than Mr. Ketch. The brothers are on the same mission but we see the split again in tone and reaction. Both are fierce. Sam gets to shine more in this one.

Things to remember:

Dean is merciful in his killing of a snitch vampire”I’ll be quick.”

The Winchesters only go after vampires when they step out of line.

The Alpha vamp has been living a somewhat quiet life and would have stayed on the down-low if the BMOL had not upset the balance.

The BMOL may have the “toys” but an old fashioned weapon such as a machete and a Winchester are all you need to survive a raid.

Dean admits he never had a childhood, calls his mother Mary when he is angry with her, and cannot refuse distilled beverages, even from Mr. Ketch.

Sam says he chose this life, but the thought of going to normal when all the monsters are gone is more than he can ignore….if that is his motivation.

The BMOL think Mary is the best Winchester but need Sam and Dean to pull in other hunters.

The BMOL are far from infallible and are more like their preceptor ancestors than hunters.

What BMOL do to traitors is not pretty and hunters are not immune from douchery.

Dean is mature enough to admit that he is an adult, doesn’t need to be mothered as a child would,and that he doesn’t have to like everything Mary decides.

Sam still leaves short notes for Dean: “Gone out, Back later”

Sam still keeps secrets from Dean. Oh no! When have  Supernatural writers ever let Sam’s decisions lead to a positive outcome? Remember Ruby?

The thought of a normal life seems to be attractive to Sam or is it a cover?

“Give me time” —to convince Dean to join the BMOL? Sam, they tortured you- do you really think this can end well? When has keeping your motivation from Dean ever been a good thing? Good intentions…..

Dean’s admiration for that motorcycle earlier this season, was a clue he would team up with Mr. Ketch at some point. Well, we are at that point. A drink, a hunt, but a friendship? Since when does a choice of an outside friend end happy for Dean? Ah, Benny.

There are 5 things the Colt cannot kill, however, The Alpha Vamp is not one of the five. In a way so nice to see Rick Worthy guest star, but the death is so good.

Mary and Sam work well to do some slight of hand with bullets. Speaking of bullets- Sam remembers what Bobby Singer taught him(nice reference to Bobby and Rufus this episode).

Okay no Crowley or Cas or Lucifer this episode, but truly not mentioned or required to send out an awesome, dramatic, and action packed episode. This episode is starting to build toward something big,perhaps between Sam and Dean. After all, they have been on the same page for a couple of seasons so….. Sam made a choice- let’s see where it takes us.

What do you think? Predictions anyone?


4 thoughts on ““The Raid”- take a side- be careful what you ask for, Dean!

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  1. My friend’s son( who is now 39oyo) calls his Mom by her first name when he is vexed as well. He has done this he found out her name was other than Mom. She too cut the crust off his PBJ’s but also had divergent ideas from his as he matured. He is now married with a family and it is interesting to watch his children do the same to him. Yes, that moment struck me as well. Tissue, please.

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  2. I loved when he called her Mary. My husband and I were all oh wow snap! Seriously, he hasn’t demanded ANYTHING of her. Just that she pay attention to them once in a while. I didn’t love him going off with Ktch-and no Dean you are NOTHING like him…


  3. Thanks for the recap! Great as always. I need to watch again without commercials tonight. I will say I got something in my eye when Dean says he was never a child. More after rewatch


    1. I know I got something in my eye too. I loved that scene. I like how the showrunners are writing these heartfelt scenes where people really say what they feel, instead of holding it in, and never saying stuff. First Cas, now Dean.

      Waiting on Sam’s moment this season as he’s been pretty calm, so far.

      Wow! Dean is unforgiving when he’s vexed, huh?

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