Supernatural Season 12: The Raid

This seems to be the season for movie related episodes. This episode seems like an homage to one of the greatest Action movies to come out of Korea in the past ten years: The Raid: Redemption.

Yeah, what you see in the trailer is pretty much the entire plot of the movie.

In this episode, its been changed around a bit but the plot is still very similar. After her revelation that she’s been working with the BMoL, Mary talks Sam into visiting their US Headquarters, and he agrees. He doesn’t tell Dean, but its not one of those big secrets that’s going to haunt the rest of the season.

For now anyway.

The BMoL and Mary have made plans to take out a vampire nest in a nearby city, but when the vampires get wind of it, they formulate a plan of their own, guided by the Vampire Alpha: Storming the BMoL headquarters! Sam, Mary and various members of the BMoL end up under siege from the vampires, with a traitor in their midst. And was anyone else totally not surprised to find out that the spare Hunter was working for the Alpha?

No. I thought not.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ketch visits with Dean to try to woo him to join the BMoL. For some reason, the leadership of the MoL is extremely interested in the Winchesters working for them. I still don’t trust the BMoL. I probably will never trust them.

I’m beginning to actively hate Mr. Ketch, but then, that’s not surprising either, as he was never introduced as a “good guy”. What he is, is a psychopath, who has manged to find an outlet for his violent tendencies, working for the Men of Letters, and the idea of him making kissy faces  to woo  Dean, makes me very uneasy. Why? Because Mr Ketch doesn’t seem like the kind of man who likes anyone. I think he barely feels emotions, really. He reminds me of a giant insect, like  a Praying Mantis.

I really enjoyed seeing the Alpha again. That actor is also starring in The Magicians as Dean Fogg, so he already has a nice paying gig, as that show seems to be doing well. The character is always so assured and dignified, its hard not to like him, and I  was sad to see him go. Its not often that Black men get to be vampires in genre shows. That’s a position usually reserved for skinny, young, White guys, so to see an older, more dignified character, who isn’t pining over an American teenage girl, was kinda different.

It was nice seeing The Colt in action again. I like that it was Sam who knows how to create the magical bullets to power it.

It will be interesting to see the brothers work with the BMoL, but only for a little while, before their eventual bad breakup.

I really liked this episode. This season has been very very good. I’m still not sure what its ultimate theme is so far, but I have liked most, if not all of the episodes, which have been tightly written and coherent. The season isn’t excellent. I won’t say yes or no about that, until we get closer to the finale, or I see Dean get to use that rocket launcher.  You can’t just introduce a rocket launcher into a show, and then not use it. Even Buffy the Vampire Slayer knew that. That’s just wrong. I do  wish there’d been a little more action and less talking  though, so this episode gets an 8.75/10. This may be revised up or down depending on how much I enjoy the season finale.

Maybe later I should do a post on the movie related themes in this season.

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  1. I loved it when both Sam and Mary took charge when the Vamps attacked the facility. But I didn’t like it when Sam decided to join the BMOL after initally telling Mary they were badies and then saying leave Dean up to me. Both guys keep saying they don’t like secrets between them or one making a decison that will affect both and not dicuss it. I can’t see Dean joining up as he has always been a hunter (exception duing the Lisa and Ben year) and always been in charge. He loves the hunt but on his terms. Sam has had times when he wasn’t a hunter and wants a normal life sinilar to what he had with Jess. Mary did say if she hadn’t been killed by Yellow Eyes, she wouldn’t have let the boys become hunters and live normal lives. To her the BMOL is a way out. It’s going to be interesting when Dean finds out, again, that Sam isn’t on his side.

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    1. Yeah, Dean is gaining to be ticked off about that. I can’t say I feel good about Sam joining the BMoL, either. don’t like it because I just know they’re gonna try to hurt my boys.


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