Btwn Heaven and Hell

Usually I remember an episode down to the dialogue after 2 viewings, but not all of this episode. These are the highlights I remember from Between Heaven and Hell.

The shout out to Walking Dead and JDM when Dean puts down the “negan bat” and references it as one of Dad’s favorite weapons.

Dean wears boxer shorts and turns them inside out to prolong usage.

Sam once again reminds Dean to shower as he is covered with monster guck  while Sam appears to be spotless from the hunt. Dean is comfortable covered in monster guck. Dean keeps baby wipes in the car. Dean teases Sam about how he(Dean) does the heavy lifting in the hunt( shout out to critics who search for a stronger Sam arc).

Sam uses special shampoo that he hides from Dean, but Dean uses it anyway. Echo of childhood pranks- Nair shampoo for Sam.

The Winchesters kept the holy oil forged glasses from several seasons ago in order to see Hell hounds. J2 sport them well.

The escaped Hell hound’s name is Ramsey. A shout out to Game of Thrones character who fed his enemies to hounds only to be consumed by one or two.

Crowley and Dean share a buddy moment in the woods which Crowley turns into inuendo gold. An uneasy peace. Reference to working together etc.

Dean refers to the “victim” as girl of the week. Cutting into that 4th wall again.

Dagon is now the protector of the Ms. Kline as her spawn can be the solution to Dagon’s and everyone’s problems. She is killing angels to protect that spawn.

Crowley’s demon employees are still bafoons.

Mark Pelligrino’s portrayal of Lucifer still outshines other valid attempts by skilled actors.

The scenes between Crowley and Lucifer are brilliant, brilliant. Dialogue and acting. Didn’t see that one coming from Crowley, did you? Deserves its own paragraph.

The special effects of the Hell hound are wonderful.

The “girl of the week”  teaches Sam a lesson about being truthful.

Dean has good reason to worry about Baby when Sam drives. Dean does project personification onto Baby. Dean can fix Baby during the mini hiatus I suppose.

Sam is still skilled at stabbing Hell Hounds.

Castiel longs for home. Is his naivite going to lead him into heavenly court for justice or are the angels being up front with him? Like their counter parts in Hell, there is no trust to be had with them. Douchery  afoot? Heaven’s door is still in a play ground.

Sam comes clean about the BMOL feeding cases to him and his involvement. Dean says okay to it as he has no plan of his own and he does get to kill monsters. Dean is careful to put caveats into his agreement with Sam about bailing if the BMOL goes sideways.

Castiel is not truthful when he calls Dean. Lying to a Winchester never forbodes good times.

Yes, some of the devises to push the story along are corny. Yes demons are suck ups and not to be trusted- but that is their nature. Yes, the girl of the week is so easily accepting of the truth about hell hounds.

Crowley and Lucifer- 10 steps ahead. That’s all one needs to know.

Good direction. Good lighting. Good special effects. Some smart dialogue. Decent episode putting into place tid bits that are sure to culminate in a big blow out.

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