SPN Season 12: Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

This wasn’t a bad episode, but it was kind of forgettable, because its all things we’ve seen in other episodes. This is mostly because Sam and Dean felt more like an afterthought, to the real story, which is between Crowley and Lucifer. Sam babysits a victim, Crowley hangs out with Dean, and Sam finally gets around to telling Dean he’s working with the MoL.

The demons have discovered that Crowley is holding Lucifer hostage in a cell, and release his favorite Hellhound to distract him, while they try to free Lucifer. In the meantime, the Hellhound is running about attacking random teenagers, put it has a particular yen for the young woman who bopped it in the head with an ax, to protect her boyfriend.

I feel like this story was a vehicle to get two points out of the way. The first was Sam and Dean finally having that conversation. I’m glad the writers didn’t draw out Sam’s lie for the rest of the season. I am surprised how calm Dean was about the whole thing, but he has a point. They work with people they hate all the time. So why not the MoL. I still don’t trust them, and I just know its not going to end well, but this is what we’ve got right now.

The second thing the plot had to get out of the way was imparting to the audience just how much control Crowley has over Lucifer, what he did to gain it, and just how hopeless Lucifer’s situation is.

As the fifteenth episode in the season, we have finally finished turning in some kind of direction, and I expect that the rest of the season will involve Lucy’s baby, the new Nephilim, and what that means for the MoL, Crowley, and the Winchesters.

I did have some favorite moments and some takeaways, but the enthusiasm was a bit lacking, for me.

I think the conversation Sam had in the car with the young lady will have some bearing on things that happen later in the season. She expresses regret at not telling her boyfriend that she really didn’t love him that much. I wonder what that has to do with Sam and Dean and Mary.

Crowley’s increasing lack of interest in being the King of Hell is becoming obvious. He has really been neglecting his duties, and just really doesn’t care about them. At the first opportunity, he jumps at the chance, to help the Winchesters. I think he was just pretending to be mad at them, and I think its something he’s been doing a lot this season.

My favorite moment is the young lady hugging Crowley. I’m pretty sure no human has ever hugged the King of the Crossroads or Hell. Ever! The expression on his face is priceless. I also think something bigger will come from moments like that, so I’m paying close attention.

I liked Crowley’s ringtone. Not Moose!

Sam trying really hard to squeak out a “Thank You” to Crowley, for his help, even though Sam did all the work.

Another favorite moment, was seeing Lucifer in full manifestation, with wings and lights. We often forget that he is an Angel, and that informs  a lot of his snark, attitude, and humor.

I was pretty sure the two demons that set him free were gonna die. I don’t know why they expected him to go along with any deal he made with them. I mean he is The Father of Lies. So yeah, he’s gonna kill you!

I’m giving this one only about a five out of ten. it felt a little too much like filler without actually being filler for me to really like it. Like a lot of episodes through the years I’ll probably not watch this one again because I’ll just forget about it, not because its bad.

ETA: I’m sure I wasn’t the only Walking Dead fan who saw Dean drop that barb wire wrapped bat on the dining room table! Plus the mention of how much their dad would’ve loved that particular weapon. 

Yes, Negan does love that weapon!


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