The British Invasion 12.16 second chances

Supernatural is taken over by the British in this episode for the most part and appears to be set up as the bigger bad facing the Winchesters as we head toward the end of the season . Yes, we do have updates on the nephilim, Dagon, Lucifer, and Aileen, the hunter who has so bonded with Sam, and Mary/Ketch pairing, but mainly the viewer sees the diabolic side of the BMOL.

The Harry Potter theme of a school for BMOL in Kendricks is fleshed out with  an evil headmistress , but mainly the back story of Mick is front and center. The BMOL code is not flexible. Alas, in the end one feels for poor Mick. If the viewer has not disliked the BMOL before,  when the Winchesters are labeled as “mangey colonists” and integrate or eliminate them, the big bad is revealed. Lady Blackwell is not a rogue, but rather a soldier who follows the code. This is not the only reveal of the episode, but it certainly sets up the challenge to all Supernatural stands for- the American way and pie and second chances.

Ms. Kline misses her second chance to do the right thing with the Winchesters.Ms. Kline forces her mentor, Dagon, to take her to a doctor as she is not feeling well. Of course, the ultrasound shows angelic features, but Dagon pulls off a cover up that reveals her true demonic nature and fealty to Lucifer. She too follows the code on which she was created. Ms. Kline comes to understand that the Winchesters’ attempt to protect her is the way to ensure her safety, but only once it is too late as Dagon’s connection to Lucifer has yet to be broken.

Lucifer feigns obedience to Crowley in a tongue an cheek set of scenes. Pelligrino is once again the center piece of these scenes as his character eagerly awaits fatherhood. His demons follow his code of deception. And while his vessel is repaired to its former self, the security system has yet to be broken so he remains stuck as Crowley’s puppy…but for how long? Parenthood is a strong drive, even for archangels. Do we believe Crowley believes what he sees?

Speaking of strong drives, Mary and Ketch fulfill their sexual needs as both indicate it has no meaning to either of them. Mary goes on about having it all- motherhood, hunting, etc. Talk about sleeping with the enemy as Ketch has been assigned to eliminate her boys. Deception, reveals, and heartache. Mary, what are you doing with your second chance to be with your sons?

The scenes with Sam and Dean are strong as usual although Dean being that hung over is not attractive and I am not sure why show had to go that far- oh wait-look at the duo at composed the piece- ah that explains it. Ackles carries it off but why is it necessary? Padalecki’s Sam shines in this episode as he emotes beautifully in several scenes. Sam’s connection with banshi hunter, Aileen, feels like there should be more to it, but she is now on the BMOL hit list as she makes a mistake with the colt and ganks an obnoxious BMOL who has been dispatched to keep Mick on code as she almost shoots Dagon- but then we would not have a few more episodes. She needs some away time in Ireland- close to the BMOL- anothe female on the not long to last list. I hope she survives as I rather enjoy her character and her connection to Sam.

One last note, Castiel is MIA.

The episode has some fairly solid acting, pushes some of the arcs closer to conclusion , and makes it clear that the BMOL are an existential threat to the Winchesters, it is a bridge episode to start to put all the season’s pieces on the board and connect the dots and about second chances that Winchesters give but not the BMOL. Not sure how to rate it at this moment. What do you think?


11 thoughts on “The British Invasion 12.16 second chances

  1. Good review thanks! I mostly enjoyed it, but I need to watch again w/o commercials. I was sad that Mick was killed, just when he was seeing the light-I was outraged and sad to see Mary with that psychopath Ketch (hasn’t she figured him out yet?) but I was thrilled to see Eileen (she looked beautiful with her hair all done up etc) I wouldn’t mind at all if she hooked up with Sam.

    So is Ketch going to try to kill Mary Dean and Sam? Will Mary realize you CAN’T have it all? The one truth her sons have figured out for sure.

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    1. Certainly when Ketch goes to kill her boys, Mary might take one for the team. Obviously, she is a one nighter for him, but I think she is not being honest with herself and saying that the night means nothing to her, well I think it is more delusion. She may see the light a bit too late as well. I did grow to like Mick and got his back story. It makes the BMOL all that much more evil.


      1. The important question is-did the schoolmaster not age?? It was 30 yrs ago when Mick killed his friend….she also called herself one of the elder-I think she said”I and the rest of the elders..” Is she a “monster”?


        1. Good pick up of a small line. Interesting possibility. That would justify much of the perversion of the MOL mission. Her calling hunters dogs is much in view of the generation of Henry Winchester and their view of hunters vs. mol. Interesting possibility,


            1. I hope this is where the Harry Potter theme starts and stops. It makes the SPN world a bit less real for me. Head mistress and Umbridge use the same seamstress.


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