Supernatural Season 12: The Future

I’ve been away for awhile and hope you guys haven’t forgotten I exist. I skipped the last original episode because…life! It’s still sitting on my DVR, ready for playback, and I’ve heard good things about it, but I keep getting distracted by other shows and movies, and haven’t even glanced at it.  Well, I’m back for a bit, with something to say about this particular episode, because we’re in the end days,and this is when the plot starts  to get to the juicy bits.

Now this is the kind of episode I like, where the plot flies fast and furious, and where everyone ends up, nobody knows. A lot of interesting questions and plot points have been introduced, we get a lot of Castiel action, and we  get the to see the final death of the Colt.

Have you ever watched an episode and identified so strongly with a character that you were just totally feeling what they were feeling, anticipating their moves, and just completely understanding them. That’s how I felt with Castiel this episode. Sometimes he’s so well written, it’s eerie. He’s come so far since that terrifying, all business, no-nonsense angel, we met in season four. I kept watching all these people making plans to kill the nephilim, and I kept thinking everybody’s wrong. There’s always some third or even fourth option that no one is considering. Let’s all thank Smart!Sam for thinking outside the box. Removing the grace from the baby is a solid idea.

I just liked the episode. Kelly trying to kill herself, I didn’t see coming, but I did know that the baby wouldn’t let her die. I was inclined not to believe anything about the baby that came out of Dagon’s mouth, because we’ve met a nephilim before. Jane had  been leading a perfectly normal life as a waitress, and wasn’t evil. Now, it’s true she wasn’t the daughter of Lucifer, but she seemed okay, before Metatron killed her. I want to believe that this baby isn’t evil either, but it’s hard to tell now, because everything he’s doing is self serving, and he could just be manipulating his mother, and now Castiel.

Initially, I didn’t appreciate Dean giving Cas what for, but I understand. Dean likes to dress down the love ones who hurt him. He did the same thing to Mary, and he does it to Sam all the time. Sam, used to it, just overlooks his attitude, which I know from experience, is exactly what you do in that situation, if you can’t get the person to admit their “real” feelings. Thankfully, Dean is getting better at adulting in this manner, even if I did want to punch him in the throat, for yelling at my precious cinnamon roll. I know it can sometimes take longer for men to get it. He does need to work on his dismount though, because he needs to give a person a chance to ‘splain, before jumping down their throat.

I’m not sure where the plot is going, but I’m reasonably sure that it’s not Lucifer’s plan. His plan involved some promises to Dagon about her future, not her death. If the child is exerting his own will, and his plans deviate from his father’s, well …that’s going to be very interesting. I also wonder if that other powerchild, that the brothers met in season five, the one born of a demon and a human, will be making a return. He’d be an adult now, though. I’d love to see that, and I hope the writers haven’t forgotten he exists.

Although I paid attention to the plot this time, I kept getting distracted by petty things like: the wallpaper in Kelly and Cas’ motel room, which was hideous, and Dean’s perfectly coiffed hair (what product is he using!), and cheering for Smart!Sam. Cas has his own room, which is just deeply funny, on some level I can’t explain. And I think Sam’s due date for the baby is probably the season finale on May 18th, which I also find deeply funny, for reasons I can’t explain. I have weird humor.

Next week’s episode looks like more filler, but very interesting filler,  with things about  to reach a head between Mary and the BMoL. If Mary dies, I don’t think this is the episode for it, so I need to be on this one to see how she gets out of her situation, and see  if she learns her lesson about cozying up to monsters. Will this mean the end for Psycho!Ketch!? If he kills Mary, will we get to see the brothers pull out a can of whoop-ass on him?   I certainly hope so. I’ have definitely reached Peak!Ketch. I know I lauded him as a badass, who would be a real challenge for the brothers, at the beginning of the season, but goodness! He sure wore out his welcome extraordinarily fast!

Okay, that “beautiful mind” comment was really funny, and probably pretty ableist, too.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode., though. I don’t know that I’ll rewatch, but it wasn’t too bad. I’m not giving this one a rating because I want to see how it fits with the finale.


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  1. I really liked this episode. Hated the colt being destroyed-would the special bullets work in a regular gun? WE assume its the colt that’s magical but maybe just the bullets? I loved Dean Saying to Cas that it Team Free Will together. Haven’t heard that in a while. And Dean sleeps with the colt lol Loved that he mad a mix tape for Cas-its a a present-keep it. Is the fact that its Zeppelin a callout to new baby Zepp?

    I loved that Sam was smart (beautiful mind) and that they and Cas really dont want to kill Kelly and want to come up with something that spares the baby too.

    Boo to killing off Joshua and not even using the original actor. Im thinking these writers forgot about Joshua in the garden of eden

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    1. OMG! That was my first thought too. Joshua is an older black man, and that was who I was expecting. I mean, technically there could be more than one ,I guess, but in my mind Joshua was the guy who was helping them look for God.

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