XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “Whoa, that’s a beautiful mind.”

Supernatural: “The Future” (12.19) | air date April 27, 2017.
Sam thinks of a plan to turn the nephilim human. Castiel finds Kelly Klyne.

Overall grade : 5.5 /10

_sam and dean in front of the motel by weeklyspn

The episode centers around the nephilim. It shows us the power it already possesses, gives Kelly a chance to take control of her circumstances, and places Castiel at odds with the Winchesters.

Sam put his genius reseacher hat on and exhausted himself reading everything he could about their case. He calculated that they had less than a month before Lucifer’s child was born and he used is own experience with angel possession to come up with a plan to save Kelly and her child: for Castiel to remove the grace from the baby the same way he removed traces of Gadreel from Sam, an operation that would take away the nephilim’s powers and render him human.

I found Sam’s “Remember Gadreel?” question to Dean a bit strange considering how important the Gadreel arc was to both the brothers. I suppose it’s a good thing that Sam can speak about Gadreel casually since the whole ordeal traumatized him and resulted in a great deal of brangst (brother angst) in season 9. I do appreciate the moments where the show goes back to pivotal moments of the brother’s story. This season does a good job reminding us of Sam’s past as a psychic kid, and as an angel vessel. On the other hand, Princes of Hell are waltzing around with Lances of Michael but not of peep about the former Knight of Hell who’s also Michael’s True Vessel.

Castiel had quite a bit to do on the episode. Back from Heaven with a plan of his own. Just like in season 6 where he wanted to stop Raphael’s apocalypse without troubling Dean (who was raking leaves), Castiel decided to take care of the nephilim himself so the Winchesters wouldn’t have to. He stole the Colt from Dean (how very Bela Talbot), but was unable to shoot Kelly once he found her thanks to Joshua’s intel. He moved to Plan B, deciding the more humane thing to do is take Kelly alive to Heaven which would kill her and her child instantly and painlessly. Nevermind Kelly had a plan C.

Never had a problem with Miss Klyne but I was never particularly interested in her either. This episode made her a more active participant in her own story. To me, Kelly’s always seemed removed from the whole nephilim situation, which is strange since she’s the “container” as the late Dagon would say. All this changed when Kelly started connecting with the child after she killed herself and was saved by his power. Her resurrection gave certainty: her son was “good”, “pure”. It gave her hope: instead of bringing the universe to its knees like others believed, her child could “lift it to its feet.” It gave her the strength to fight, motivation, and a clear goal: keep the nephilim away from evil influences and entrust him to the one would take care of him after she died. When Castiel was himself saved by the power of the nephilim, he accepted his mission as Kelly’s protector, believing the nephilim had showed him “the future.”

Castiel started the episode “scamming” the Winchesters, to use Dean’s words, to protect them. At the end of the episode, he puts them to sleep and gets them out of the way to protect the nephilim’s powers. I’m one who believes this Soldier of the Lord should be more than the Winchesters “purse dog” and I don’t mind him having motivations that don’t align with the Winchesters wishes. Is it the Castiel from season 4 we were promised? Far from it. This is episode 19 and Castiel spent the better part of it getting his butt handed to him. He still got a semi-win with some serious nephilim help but I guess he is now on a path of his own choosing.

While I understand that “The Future” is a Castiel-centric episode, Kelly and Castiel’s journeys and newfound faith can’t save the episode for me in the grand scheme of a season that’s been mostly about neutering the Winchesters, sidelining them, dumbing them down and ya know, putting them to sleep on the side of the road of their own show.

To make matters worse, this episode reduced powerful Dagon, whom I initially mistook for a fierce soldier on a personal quest for power, to a “desperate” “clingy” “side piece” who was mainly motivated by a pitiful fantasy of being Lucifer’s wifey. And of course, “The Future” killed one of rare angels I’ve been interested in in years, Kelvin, and it also massacred the memory of one of my favorite angels ever, by name dropping Joshua, whom I remembered as the ethereal gardener of Heaven, then beaming him into an unfamiliar vessel and vaporizing him in minutes.

The Colt? Melted! And of course, Dean didn’t get to use it, just look pretty clutching his side while it was turned to ash. Now… he got to marvel at the weapon when it came back (a Best Dean moment from “The British Invasion”), make it a cozy holster right under the table close to his knee (a Best Dean moment from “The Memory Remains”), and even spend some quality time with it under his pillow, but use it? In this season? One Two? Ha!

And in the purest tradition of 12, Dean didn’t get to do too much. He was angry. A lot. Sure, they wouldn’t have been able to get to the sandbox on time to distract Dagon while she had Castiel by the throat without his mechanical expertise, but once they got there, he didn’t get to be a part of the action, just conveniently knocked down on his cute derrière.

Best Dean moments

“Hot damn.” Dean’s reaction to Sam’s brilliant idea. I really liked it for some reason.

Mechanic!Dean reminding us that he’s the man who rebuilt the Impala from scratch and always has the magic fingers when it comes to cars.

Best Sam moments

_sams beautiful mind by frozen-delight

Sam researching the nephilim. Always love to see research buff Sam and his beautiful mind in action.

Sam’s expression after he shared his grace extraction idea. He’s worked so hard to get there and after Dean’s gives him such positive feedback, he just looks happy. Humble and happy. Cutie pie.

Best broment

“Get some sleep, alright?” Dean checking on Sam to make sure he doesn’t stay up all night. My babies…

Final verdict

The episode moved the nephilim storyline forward and made us think that Lucifer’s child might not be evil, or, is cunning enough to pretend that he isn’t. Either way, as of now, the Winchesters have become too far removed from the story for me to care.

The symbolism of how obsolete they were in “The Future” was especially glaring when, instead of the Winchesters driving off in the Impala as they usually do, the actual star of the episode (Luci Jr.) rolled away in the night, driven by his “angelic protector” with his mother in the passenger seat, while the brothers were passed out in the dirt.

I want to say that I hope this isn’t the future of Supernatural but I already suspected, all the way back to the Summer of 2016 where the spoilers had nothing of substance to say about the brothers story and journey, that I would have a few issues with season 12.

I’ll end this by borrowing an expression from my friend Denese if she doesn’t mind and say, “at least the boys look good”.



Gif credits

The Winchester Brothers Report by Vee

Season 11: 11.01 to 11.23

Season 12
12.01: “If he is not in one piece I will take you apart.”
12.02: “The only thing we had was each other.”
12.03: “Family hunting trip.”
12.04: “I hate you so much right now.”
12.05: “What do you think this is? Tickle party?”
12.06: “Where is my brother?”
12.07: “The brothers that rock together.”
12.08: “Impeach LOTUS, find Rosemary’s baby.”
12.09: “We’re the guys who saved the world.”
12.10: “I can’t see, did you get a plate?”
12.11: “It was everything. It was us, it was what we do.”
12.12: “They got gear, but they tried to kill my brother.”
12.13: “Where does that leave us?”
12.14: “Sammy? Lucy, I’m―”
12.15: “We hate them. Us. Together.”
12.16: “Either you get good fast or you get dead faster.”
12.17: “Did you break into our house?”
12.18: “Leave our marks.”t


5 thoughts on “XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “Whoa, that’s a beautiful mind.”

  1. Vee I enjoyed the episode more than you did. I thought Dean had some of the best lines-hey beautiful mind, Team Free Will,its a present you keep it…. I give it 8/10

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